10 Essential Items for Teaching English Online with DaDaABC

Teaching English online with DaDaABC can be as effortless and enjoyable as you want it to be…with the right tools!

There are of course some items that are essential if you want to actually perform the job…and keep it.

And there are also many tools that will make your job a lot easier, as well as make your life a lot more chilled.

So don’t you worry if you’re wondering – ‘What items do I need to be a teacher for DaDaABC?’ I’m going to run through all of these things right now.

Below are DigiNo’s…

10 Essential Items for Teaching English Online with DaDaABC:

1) Background

When teaching for DaDaABC, you’ll need a background to make your classroom look more fun to the student.

(I have a blank background in my YouTube videos because I like the thumbnail backgrounds to be white…can’t be dealing with making transparent images in Photoshop!)

So an example of a good background would be something like a map, animal pictures or even something like an alphabet poster, like this one below:

Click the image to find it on Amazon!

As long as it’s fun and colourful, you should be fine!

2) Uniform

The DaDaABC uniform is a blue t-shirt. Preferably sky blue, but you can get away with royal blue…but not navy.

When it gets a bit colder (I have taught in Scottish winters) you’ll be needing a sky blue jumper…unless you love paying for central heating bills and just want to t-shirt it.

The best thing is, this uniform doesn’t have to have a DaDaABC logo on it, so you can just find any old plain t-shirt and jumper to wear.

Check out the DigiNo shop where I’ve had a look for some cheap and cheerful ones on Amazon so that you don’t have to:

DaDaABC Essential Items

Click the image to go to the shop!

3) Headphones with Microphone

You’ll need a pair of headphones with a microphone attached whilst teaching online. DaDaABC recommends a USB microphone, but I use ones with a mini-jack input and it’s all good!

I personally don’t like having a microphone hanging in front of my face like I’m piloting a helicopter, so I use my Sony headphones with the microphone attached to the wire.

These are great because they are over-ear headphones so you can wear them for class after class and they will always feel comfortable. I can’t be dealing with ear pain from on-ear headphones.

Here they are on Amazon:


4) A Laptop

You certainly going to need a laptop to teach English online! Especially if you want to pick up your classroom and travel the world with DaDaABC…which you can find out how to do by clicking the image below:

DaDaABC Essential Items

The laptop I use is a MacBook Pro, because I am an Apple man.

Click the image below if you wish to see DigiNo’s 4 best laptops for teaching English online:

DaDaABC Essential Items

However, if you wish to use a MacBook, we’ll need to talk about ManyCam…

5) ManyCam

ManyCam is the most essential tool in online teaching in my opinion. It is basically a digital prop toolbox! I use it rather than having heap loads of physical props spread out on my desk.

Read this article to discover more about what ManyCam is, or see it in action by watching the video below:

However, carrying on from point #4, it doesn’t work with Mac!

‘But wait, DigiNo, I thought you said you use a MacBook Pro?’

Correct! ManyCam doesn’t work with Mac for DaDaABC…unless you follow these steps below:

DaDaABC Essential Items

Now ManyCam is free to download from here, but you might find the free version quite limiting. So check out the video below where I detail the different versions of ManyCam and which one is best for teaching with DaDaABC:

Click here to download ManyCam!

And here is a little bonus essential tool – ManyCam operates better with a lot of space! So I keep things, like videos I wish to play through it, on a 16GB USB.

6) Puppets

Puppets are a great teaching tool…especially for shy students. It is a great way to open yourself up to your silly side, as well as make a student feel comfortable in the class.

Here are some puppets on the DigiNo Shop:

DaDaABC Essential Items

7) Ukulele

The ukulele is such a great tool for teaching ESL online. It’s just so easy to learn and play, as well as being cheap and easy to carry around.

Here is a video of me teaching you how to play the ‘Goodbye Song’:

Here is a great cheap ukulele I’ve added to the DigiNo shop:

And if you want one on the more expensive side like mine, here is a similar one the Kala ukulele I use:

8) Screensaver

A DaDaABC screensaver using ManyCam is so useful for technical errors when you want a bit of privacy to sort out issues, and for coming into the class early to avoid being late without having to teach as soon as you come in.

Here is the full article on how to make the screensaver:

DaDaABC essential items

9) Thermos Tea Flask

Here’s one that is also great for life in general!

A thermos tea flask will allow you to drink tea without having to run to the kettle in your 2 minute break with DaDaABC.

It also saves you money on electric by only boiling the kettle once a day! Not bad, huh?

Click the image below to find it on Amazon:

10) Chilly’s Bottle

And if you’re a water drinker…which I’m guessing you probably are if you’re alive reading this…then a Chilly bottle is another great tool!

This bottle keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours. So you can have a nice refreshing cold drink when teaching in the summer.

Click the image below to find the Chilly’s Bottles on Amazon:

That’s it for the essential tools! If you would like to read more about how to smash the interview process and get hired by DaDaABC then click the image below:

DaDaABC Essential Items

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