4 Benefits of the DaDaABC Courseware

When teaching English online for DaDaABC, your lesson plan (courseware) is present on the screen.

This creates a great environment for the teacher to lead the lesson based on readily available stories or comprehension and grammar based activities.

So what are the benefits of this revelational way of teaching?

Here is a video for those that prefer video content:

And here are the 4 benefits of the DaDaABC courseware and curriculum:

1 .  Less Preparation Before Each Class For Teachers

I say revelational because it allows me not to do much preparation before class.

I would have to spend a fair amount of time to recreate the same kind of material that the DaDaABC courseware provides.

It’s no secret that one of the main drawbacks of being a physical classroom teacher is the amount of preparation that is required for each class. As the expression goes – ‘Fail to prepare; prepare to fail.’

However, with DaDaABC providing the lesson material  before class and having it present on the screen for the duration, this has left me without having to do very much preparation at all.

Especially, if you have been working from home teaching English online for DaDaABC for a while, you will begin to see a lot of the same courseware. This means you won’t even have to read through it before class.

My preparation is now simply, ensuring that my planned ManyCam games, videos or props are relevant to the general topic of the courseware for that day.

Which leads me on to the next benefit…

2. More Energy To Focus On Making The Class Fun!

The comforting knowledge that the courseware is already providing a solid lesson plan, allows for teachers to focus their energy on fun.

Most of my preparation includes keeping my ManyCam games fresh by constantly creating new ones such as the ‘Super Mario’ game in the video below:

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With the comforting knowledge of the courseware providing a firm base for the class, I can then freely grab my ukulele and sing a fun ESL song, when I notice the student start to disengage.

Or I can simply engage in free conversation and improve the connection and language ability of my regular students.

3. The Curriculum is of Great Quality Thanks to DaDaABC’s Partnerships

Whilst teaching, I am so confident in the online ESL tutoring courseware providing a solid base for the class. This confidence is due to DaDaABC’s impressive list of partnerships that provide the material.

These partnerships include:

Click the image below to read more about each of these partnerships:

DaDaABC courseware

These impressive partnerships displays how reliable the curriculum is for DaDaABC. True care has been taken to form these partnerships to ensure the best possible educational experience for the students.

It is very clear that the lesson material is not simply made up on the spot, but is carefully crafted to create a natural progression in the student’s educational journey.

Which leads me on to the final benefit…

4. The Courseware Provides a Consistent Progression for the Students

After reviewing a previous class of one of my student’s recently, I was amazed at the improvement of their English in just a matter of a few weeks.

Now I could be vain and put it all down to the work of their amazing teacher, but…that would mean my head would no longer fit within my webcam frame of the classroom.

I believe it is also due to the gradual and consistent progression of the difficulty of the courseware material. The student’s move between the alphabet to grammatical form almost seamlessly.

Even I fail to notice the progression.  For example, I have found myself explaining action verbs to a student who was listening to me mimicking farm animal noises just a few weeks previous.

Of course, this is testament to the wonderful and (sometimes) eager to learn students of DaDaABC who make teaching an absolute joy (sometimes).

But the DaDaABC courseware and curriculum is certainly my sturdy and reliable ship that I sail through calm seas…

…sorry for the terrible analogy, I just finished teaching the ‘Boats, Boats, Boats’ story from the courseware.

Click the image below if you would like to read about a class activity I use when I’m not focusing on the courseware:

DaDaABC courseware