4 Warm-Up Activities for Teaching English Online with DaDaABC

It’s time to get warmed-up!

Teaching online for DaDaABC can be one of the more fun jobs in the world…if you do it right.

And how do you do it right?

Well firstly, you can read this post here all about DaDaABC if you have no idea what I’m talking about:

Earn Money as an Online ESL Teacher with DaDaABC

And secondly, you have to make sure your online ESL student is in the right mindset to learn.

You can do this by…

Creating the Best Learning Environment for Online English Students with Warm-Up Activities

If athletes don’t warm-up, injuries occur.

If online English teachers for DaDaABC don’t warm-up the student’s minds with an activity, the most optimum amount of learning won’t take place…

…and the student may end up non-attentive and unengaged.

We don’t want that! An engaged student makes for a fun class for both of you.

So here are the best warm-up activities for you to create the best learning environment for your online class!

Animal Guessing Games Using Props! [DaDaABC Warm-Up Activities]

Here is Teacher Nicole with her animal guessing games using animal magnets.

She also inspires more fun and warms-up with flash cards, story books and guessing the missing body parts on Mr Potato Head!

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ManyCam for Guessing Games and Songs! [DaDaABC Warm-Up Activities]

Teacher Nicola uses ManyCam to play animal guessing games and animal-related songs.

ManyCam allows for the teacher to present on screen whilst also playing YouTube videos to the student on their screen. It is a fantastic teaching tool for your online ESL classroom – and Teacher Nicola certainly knows how to use it well!


If you want to bring your warm-up activities to life:

You can download ManyCam here.

Play Ukulele and Sing Your Favourite Food!  [DaDaABC Warm-Up Activities]

Here is Teacher Jason using his ukulele to encourage the kids to sing all about their favourite foods. This gets the online students thinking, singing and laughing!

Click here to discover the top 5 ukulele songs to play to your online ESL students.

Whiteboard Word Searches and Emoji Magnets! [DaDaABC Warm-Up Activities]

Here is teacher Brynah getting the ESL students warmed-up with a simple word search and using Emoji magnets to match an image to an emotion based word.

Click the image below to find the Emoji magnets on Amazon:

Emoji Magnets

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If you want to learn more ways to make your online ESL students easier to teach, click the image below for the 7 Tips For Online ESL Teaching with DaDaABC:

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