DaDaABC Reviews [Frequent Positives and Negatives from Glassdoor]

DaDaABC Reviews

If you have clicked on this post, I imagine you are seeking out DaDaABC reviews as you are considering applying to become an online English teacher.

It’s a fine consideration, but you don’t have to take my word for it.

Let’s take a look at some of the points that arise in reviews from people already currently working for DaDaABC:

Frequent Positives from DaDaABC Reviews

The two main recurring positives from Glassdoor DaDaABC reviews are:

1) The comfort of working from home.

Being able to roll out of bed and straight into the office is quite a perk. Your commute to work could potentially be two steps from your bed to your desk (I personally take a detour to the kettle).

Many have written reviews claiming to wear pyjamas on their bottom halves as they teach…if that’s not comfort, I don’t know what is.

2) The benefits of teaching DaDaABC regular students

When teaching online for DaDaABC, you get to teach the same students on a week-by-week basis. The benefit of this is the opportunity to build a connection with your students, making teaching a lot more fun!

Click the image below for more benefits of regular students with DaDaABC:

DaDaABC Reviews

3) The platform is very easy to use.

DaDaABC’s teaching platform DaDaClass is a great system that makes intercontinental education seem like an absolute breeze.

Not only does the platform provide video conferencing and a visible curriculum, but also teaching tools and a clear reporting system to map progression of students.

4) Part-time hours – you can apply for hours outside of your contract time.

The flexibility of working for DaDaABC cannot be mentioned as a positive enough. If you don’t want to commit to a whole weeks worth of regular hours, you can simply apply in advance to teach on each day of the week.

So you can potentially work three days a week and a make it five days a week when it best suits you for example.

The read more about the flexibility of working for DaDaABC, click the image below:

DaDaABC Reviews

5) They provide easy to follow curriculum.

The DaDaABC courseware and curriculum is present on the screen as you teach. This is amazingly beneficial to online teachers as it means that you don’t have to do very much preparation for each class at all.

Click the image below for more benefits of the DaDaABC courseware:

DaDaABC Reviews

Frequent Negatives from DaDaABC Reviews

The two main recurring negatives from Glassdoor DaDaABC reviews are:

1)  Early morning hours.

Your working hours is ultimately dependent on where in the world you live and how your timezone relates to Beijing time.

For example, contracted weekday teaching hours run between 6pm and 9pm (Beijing time) which currently converts into UK time as 10am-1pm – which isn’t a bad lie-in!

2) 2 minute break in-between students.

Within your three hour teaching slot, you will have two minutes in between each class presuming you are fully booked. This two minute break generally feels like ten seconds.

It is barely enough time to do anything that constitutes a ‘break’ and essentially exists to stop you being late for your next class.

3) Part-time slots are not guarantee to be booked.

Part-time hours, as mentioned above, are not guaranteed money as the student may cancel last-minute. If this were to happen in your contracted hours, you would receive half-pay, however, in part-time hours, you are only paid for the time you are teaching.

4) There is almost no cons that I can think of.

This is genuinely a frequent comment in Glassdoor reviews, which goes a long way to explain DaDa’s 4.3/5 stars on the website.

Click the image below to apply to be a DaDaABC teacher:

DaDaABC Reviews

5) Living in the central time zone of USA.

As I mentioned with point 1, your hours are dependent on your location. Therefore if you live in the central time zone of USA, you will find yourself starting your teaching shift at 4am.

My Personal DaDaABC Review

If you would like to hear my person opinion of working for DaDaABC, then click the image below to see my PROs and CONs list:

DaDaABC Reviews


‘Pokemon’ Game Using ManyCam For DaDaABC

'Pokemon' Game Using ManyCam For DaDaABC

Whilst teaching English online to your DaDaABC student, you may have caught yourself thinking, ‘This is really fun, but it needs more Pokemon.’

No? Just me, I guess.

Well either way…here is the ‘Pokemon’ ManyCam ESL game for DaDaABC:

The ‘Pokemon’ game requires ManyCam, which you can download by clicking the banner below:

If you would like to make this ESL game yourself, then you can download the images converted into ManyCam format from the link below:

And follow the video below on how to add these images into ManyCam.

So Why Did I Make a Pokemon ESL Game?

Pokemon continues to be incredibly popular since its first release. There is something about the vast variety of colourful animal-like creatures that captures the attention of children…and adults alike.

So just like with my ‘Super Mario’ game, I thought I’d utilise the attention-keeping charisma of mainstream games and cartoons and make a Pokemon game.

As you may already know, my main perogative whilst teaching DaDaABC, is always to focus on keeping the student engaged with fun and educational ESL games and activities.

So if you would like to see the rules of the ‘Pokemon’ ManyCam game written out rather than watching the video above, then your wish is my command…

How to Play the Pokemon ManyCam ESL Game

  • You begin by asking your student to select one of the three Pokeballs which contains Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander.
  • This then becomes their Pokemon.
  • A wild Pikachu then appears after you click on Pikachu from your effects panel.
  • Then select the three hearts to appear Pikachu’s health.
  • Proceed to ask your student three English related questions (this can be general vocabulary knowledge, or an exercise of pronunciation by asking a question such as ‘How are you?’ and gauging the pronunciation of their response.
  • A satisfactory answer causes their Pokemon to attack Pikachu causing it to lose one heart.
  • When Pikachu is down to no hearts, you can then throw a Pokeball to try and catch it (use one of the Pokeballs that initially covered the three starter Pokemon).
  • One Pikachu is captured, then reward a star for extra dramatic effect.

And that is the game.

Pokemon ESL game

This Pokemon ESL game isn’t just fun…but educational too!

I created this ESL game as an alternative way of practicing my student’s pronunciation (which seems to be a frequent area that needs work).

I wanted to create an alternative way as I felt constant reading exercise’s weren’t engaging some of the students. Some students seemed to be unable to read two sentences in a row of a story without getting distracted.

However, when Pikachu is on the screen, the cute little electric mouse always seems to have a magnetic grasp of the attention of children.

This game rewards correct pronunciation with the prospect of capturing their very own Pikachu. Gotta catch em all! The marketing of Pokemon certainly had me hooked as a kid…so why not use its powers for positive ESL progression?

So get practicing on your best Bulbasaur and Pikachu impressions, and get ready to say…

…Pokemon ManyCam game…I choose you!

If you would like to discover more ManyCam tips and tricks to help keep your DaDaABC students engaged in class, then click the image below:

ESL games

DaDaABC’s Partnerships Within Online Education

DaDaABC courseware

Ever wondered where all the courseware magically comes from when you are sat teaching online for DaDaABC?

Admittedly, I never thought about it, I was just grateful it was there providing a solid base for my lesson structure.

However, once I started researching each of the partnerships that provide the curriculum for DaDaABC, I was fascinated by how impressive the list is.

It seems us online teachers have got very little to worry about when it comes to the material we are given to teach to our students.

So in this post I will run through a few examples of DaDaABC’s partnerships.

National Geographic Learning

National Geographic are a ‘world leader in geography, cartography and exploration’. It is a magazine that educates readers in the subject of all things geographic.

And National Geographic Learning is their educational expansion that provides global learning programs for English language teaching and much more.

DaDaABC partnerships

I think you’ll agree…a very good partnership to have!


A strand of National Geographic Learning. Reach develops vocabulary, language, writing, reading and content for students.

Through their content, they aspire to layer essential skills to lift students towards independent learning.

DaDaABC partnerships


Pearson is a learning and education company with specific expertise in educational assessment and courseware. Their mission is to help people open up opportunities in their life through learning.

PTE Young Learners

A division of Pearson focusing on younger learners and assessing their abilities and development through testing, such as scenario-based tests.


Highlights is a monthly magazine aimed at children which has expanded into providing books and gifts. Their mission is to publish content that can help children develop their potential through the joy of learning.

DaDaABC Partnerships

Penguin Random House

The globally known publishing company of Penguin Random House is responsible for connecting authors with readers through publishing thousands of loved books all over the world.

DaDaABC partnerships

DaDaABC’s partnership with them ensures a high quality level of reading material for the online ESL students.

American TESOL Institute

The American TESOL Institute provides certification for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

DaDaABC is the first online education company in mainland China to partner with the American TESOL Institute, displaying the mission they have for their teachers to succeed as well as their students.

Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

Being partnered with ‘the largest foreign languages publisher and university press in China’ ensures a healthy supply of educational material for the DaDaABC curriculum.

And the Best Partnership of all?

…you can even form a partnership with DaDaABC by becoming an online English teacher today!

Click the image below for all the information you need on applying:


DaDaABC partnerships

4 Benefits of the DaDaABC Courseware

DaDaABC Reviews

When teaching English online for DaDaABC, your lesson plan (courseware) is present on the screen.

This creates a great environment for the teacher to lead the lesson based on readily available stories or comprehension and grammar based activities.

So what are the benefits of this revelational way of teaching?

Here is a video for those that prefer video content:

And here are the 4 benefits of the DaDaABC courseware and curriculum:

1 .  Less Preparation Before Each Class For Teachers

I say revelational because it allows me not to do much preparation before class.

I would have to spend a fair amount of time to recreate the same kind of material that the DaDaABC courseware provides.

It’s no secret that one of the main drawbacks of being a physical classroom teacher is the amount of preparation that is required for each class. As the expression goes – ‘Fail to prepare; prepare to fail.’

However, with DaDaABC providing the lesson material  before class and having it present on the screen for the duration, this has left me without having to do very much preparation at all.

Especially, if you have been working from home teaching English online for DaDaABC for a while, you will begin to see a lot of the same courseware. This means you won’t even have to read through it before class.

My preparation is now simply, ensuring that my planned ManyCam games, videos or props are relevant to the general topic of the courseware for that day.

Which leads me on to the next benefit…

2. More Energy To Focus On Making The Class Fun!

The comforting knowledge that the courseware is already providing a solid lesson plan, allows for teachers to focus their energy on fun.

Most of my preparation includes keeping my ManyCam games fresh by constantly creating new ones such as the ‘Super Mario’ game in the video below:

Click the banner below to download ManyCam for your online classroom:

With the comforting knowledge of the courseware providing a firm base for the class, I can then freely grab my ukulele and sing a fun ESL song, when I notice the student start to disengage.

Or I can simply engage in free conversation and improve the connection and language ability of my regular students.

3. The Curriculum is of Great Quality Thanks to DaDaABC’s Partnerships

Whilst teaching, I am so confident in the online ESL tutoring courseware providing a solid base for the class. This confidence is due to DaDaABC’s impressive list of partnerships that provide the material.

These partnerships include:

Click the image below to read more about each of these partnerships:

DaDaABC courseware

These impressive partnerships displays how reliable the curriculum is for DaDaABC. True care has been taken to form these partnerships to ensure the best possible educational experience for the students.

It is very clear that the lesson material is not simply made up on the spot, but is carefully crafted to create a natural progression in the student’s educational journey.

Which leads me on to the final benefit…

4. The Courseware Provides a Consistent Progression for the Students

After reviewing a previous class of one of my student’s recently, I was amazed at the improvement of their English in just a matter of a few weeks.

Now I could be vain and put it all down to the work of their amazing teacher, but…that would mean my head would no longer fit within my webcam frame of the classroom.

I believe it is also due to the gradual and consistent progression of the difficulty of the courseware material. The student’s move between the alphabet to grammatical form almost seamlessly.

Even I fail to notice the progression.  For example, I have found myself explaining action verbs to a student who was listening to me mimicking farm animal noises just a few weeks previous.

Of course, this is testament to the wonderful and (sometimes) eager to learn students of DaDaABC who make teaching an absolute joy (sometimes).

But the DaDaABC courseware and curriculum is certainly my sturdy and reliable ship that I sail through calm seas…

…sorry for the terrible analogy, I just finished teaching the ‘Boats, Boats, Boats’ story from the courseware.

Click the image below if you would like to read about a class activity I use when I’m not focusing on the courseware:

DaDaABC courseware

DaDaABC Class Activity: ManyCam ‘Super Mario’ Game

DaDaABC Class Activity 'Super Mario' ManyCam Game

After a few classes in a row with your DaDaABC regular students, you may find yourself sometimes repeating material and lacking ideas…I know I do!

That’s why I constantly try and create class activities and fun ESL games for my students to enjoy.

And the ‘Super Mario’ ManyCam Game acts as both a class activity and a fun ESL game for the end of class at the same time!

‘Super Mario’ is an Italian plumber created by Nintendo and is basically an icon of the gaming world…if you didn’t already know.

He is a globally recognised character, that’s why I thought it would be perfect for the Chinese students as they instantly recognise him and gets them excited to play.

Here is a video of me explaining the game:


Click the link below to download the PNG images to play ‘Super Mario’ using ManyCam:

And to download ManyCam, click the banner below:

The Rules of the ManyCam ‘Super Mario’ Game

After you have downloaded the images and added them to ManyCam by following the instructions in the video below:

…then it is time to wow your students with this great game!

It follows a question based format where you can test your student’s English knowledge. You can start with easy questions such as ‘How do you spell apple?’

If they get this right, then Mario moves up one block in the step.

Once they reach the ‘Question Mark’ block, then it is the student’s turn to ask you a question. I have written before about the importance of student’s asking you questions.

If they get a question wrong at any point. You can move Bowser to knock Mario back a block…or to the beginning (depends how evil you are!)

The idea is to get Mario all the way to the star, and subsequently reward your student with a hard-earned star.

I then like to put up the image of Bowser crying afterwards, just to stick it to him and make the student’s victory even sweeter!

DaDaABC Class Activity 'Super Mario' ManyCam Game

Because this game requires the student to dig deep into their knowledge of  English and the DaDaABC courseware, I tend to use it as a class activity, rather than a warm-down game.

Examples of Questions for the ManyCam ‘Super Mario’ Game

I make the most of the pre-existing objects in ManyCam. So for example, you can select a ‘basketball’ object and ask them ‘What sport is this from?’

For when you want to make the questions harder, simply ask for more detail, for instance, I will select the three coloured pencils object and ask them ‘What are these? What colour are they? And how many?’

As a final question, I like to ask for a list of answers, for instance, I will select a school bag object and ask, ‘What are 5 items you would take to school?’

So have a browse through the objects in ManyCam and you’ll soon be thinking of questions you can base around them!

I hope you and your students enjoy this game. Top tip: You don’t have to put on the Mario voice as he jumps from block to block…but you know you want to!

If you’d like to play the ‘Super Mario’ game in your DaDaABC classroom, then download ManyCam through the image below:

How To Never Be Late For Your DaDaABC Class [Requires ManyCam]

How To Never Be Late For Your DaDaABC Class

With the new DaDaClass update being without a timer in between classes, this made it very difficult to make sure you enter the class the right time.

You don’t want to be too early, and you don’t want to be late and miss out on the attendance bonus (or reward points).

So here is a method for ensuring that you are never late for your DaDaABC class.

Please note: The new update now has a timer, but this method is still a great tool for other reasons I will explain in this article.

Use ManyCam To Create a DaDaABC Screensaver

Here is my video on the method if you would prefer to watch it in action:

Using ManyCam you can select a blank screen after right clicking on one of the activations. Then on top of the blank screen you can add a DaDaABC image.

Here’s the one I use:

How To Never Be Late For Your DaDaABC Class

If you want to use it too, then simply right click it and select ‘Save Image As’.

Now you need to convert it into the right format for ManyCam and add it into the virtual webcam software. Below is a video where I show how to do this simple process:

Now that you have it in ManyCam, just click on it from your ‘Effects’ panel and it should appear on top of your blank screen.

Click the banner below to download ManyCam for your classroom!

Now you can simply transition to this before you enter each class. This means you can enter the class during your 2 minute break and the student will see the screensaver and not think that the class has started yet.

I also enter 5 minutes early doing this method for my first class.

Now I can really make the most of my 2 minute breaks and take a half a sip of tea without frantically checking a timer on my phone.

Other Great Uses For The ManyCam DaDaABC Screensaver

I also transition to the screensaver for when the student hasn’t turned up for class. This allows me to block out the camera whilst I have a break…I mean prepare for my next class!

If there are technical difficulties, I transition to the screensaver, rather than me and the student just making funny faces at each other whilst I frantically try and adjust my settings.

Finally, I transition to it at the end of class so that I can say goodbye to the student and not embarrassingly linger for about 5 seconds whilst I click away at tabs trying to set the bookmark.

Always remember to transition to it the screensaver at the end of class, otherwise you will come to your class early whilst visible in the camera…which pretty much defeats the object!

If you would like to read some more ManyCam Tips and Tricks, then click the image below:

How To Never Be Late For Your DaDaABC Class

10 Ways To Get The DaDaABC Referral Bonus

The DaDaABC Recommendation Record Guide

There are plenty of opportunities to earn bonuses workings as an online teacher for DaDaABC.

The referral bonus is the one of the more lucrative ones. Basically how it works is, if you refer someone to teach for DaDaABC, you will receive a bonus if they get the job and keep it for more than a month.

Click the image below for a full detailed guide on how the referral bonus works:

But what are the best ways to actually get the DaDaABC referral bonus?

Glad you asked. Here’s 10 methods for you:

1.  Reddit [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

Reddit is known as the ‘Front page of the internet’. It is essentially thousands of forums known as ‘sub-reddits’ where people discuss every topic under the sun.

Why is this relevant?

Well there are plenty of sub-reddits for people seeking work and you can post your referral link as well as a description of the job in an incredibly engaged community. This will generate a lot of traffic to your link!

But there are strict rules on Reddit known as ‘Reddiquette’, so be sure to always read the sub-reddit guidelines before posting.

2. Quora [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

Quora is a question and answer platform where people ask questions to the public on any topic under the sun and then…you guessed it, people answer them.

So someone could ask ‘How do I bake the perfect brownies?’ and suddenly there will be dozens of incredibly detailed answers flooding in from people across the internet.

Why is this relevant?

I personally have written answers to questions such as ‘How do I make money online?’ or ‘How can I become an ESL teacher?’

I then wrote a detailed answer describing DaDaABC and put my referral link at the end inviting them to apply for the company if they match the criteria.

If you pick the right question, then you can find yourself with hundreds of thousands of views on your referral link!

3. Facebook Groups [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

DaDaABC Teaching Fun isn’t the only thriving FaceBook community of course. There are endless amounts of groups on FaceBook which you can join and become a part of the discussion.

Once you have truly become a valued member of the community, then you can start posting your link in groups such centred on ESL teaching or simply groups for people looking for home-based jobs.

4. ESL Job Boards [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

There are countless ESL websites out there that have their own job boards which you can create a job advertisement for. One of the free ones is ESL Authority.

You simply create a listing for the DaDaABC job, describe the requirements and post your referral link at the end. Your listing will then have to be approved by the site.

And bingo! You get some great exposure for your link from people specifically looking for a teaching role.

5. Facebook Ads [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

Facebook advertisements involve spending a bit of money, so there is a risk involved.

You go to the ads section on the FaceBook home page and create an advertisement for DaDaABC with an image and a brief bit of copy to entice people to applying for the job. This image when clicked on will have your referral link attached to it of course.

You then set the targeted traffic, or people you want the ad to specifically reach, based on location, age, interests etc.

This ad will then appear on thousands of people’s news feed on FaceBook for the time set. If you get this right it is very effective, but it is the one I advice the least as you can end up losing money.

6. LinkedIn [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

LinkedIn is essentially the Facebook of the professional world. If you connect with the right people you can find yourself with various great job opportunities.

And if you find yourself connecting with a person who is currently looking for work and meets all the criteria of a DaDaABC teacher, pop them over your referral link and inform them of all the wonders of teaching online for DaDa.

7. Twitter [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

By using hashtags on Twitter you can find discussions that are trending such as #WorldTeachersDay for example.

Tweet your referral link with a relevant hashtag, as well as describing the job and you could find a few names popping up on your Recommendation Record.

8. Pinterest [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

Pinterest is like a search engine with images. People browse through pictures of all their favourite topics.

So if you can make a great looking image using Canva, that entices people to apply for DaDaABC, then people may click on your image which will have your referral link attached to it.

Here’s an example of an image I’ve used on Pinterest:

10 Ways To Get The DaDaABC Referral Bonus

9. YouTube [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

You may have seen some of the videos I, and other DaDa teachers have uploaded to YouTube such as this one below:

If you make a great video advertising valuable information about working as an online English teacher for the company, you can then put your referral link in the description for people to apply!

People who are watching a video on how to become a DaDaABC teacher are presumably already considering applying for the job, therefore are more likely to apply through your link.

10. Write for DigiNo [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

Saving the best for last (I’m not biased at all). You can write all about your experience for working for DaDaABC on this very site as a guest post!

Why would you do this? Good question!

DigiNo receives thousands of visitors a month…and not just DaDa teachers looking for class activity ideas. Most of the traffic comes from organic search on Google of people looking to apply for DaDaABC.

If you want to write a post for DigiNo, you can put your referral link within the post on the site and boost your chances of getting the referral bonus!

Click the image below to visit the ‘Write For Us’ page:

Write For Us

The DaDaABC Recommendation Record Guide

The DaDaABC Recommendation Record Guide

In DaDaClass you will find the ‘Recommendation Record’. If you are using the new version it is under the ‘Personal’ tab, or in the older version it is under ‘My Recommendation Record’.

Here you will find your referral link which is unique to you. This link will take you to the DaDaABC website ready for whoever clicked on it to apply to teach for the online education company

So How Does The DaDaABC Recommendation Work?

If this person then applies using your link, their name will then appear on your Recommendation Record.

I cannot post a screenshot of the Record, but I will try and lay it out as best I can and then describe to you the process of an applicant applying to you getting your bonus, or ‘Recommendation Fee’.

As you may already know, DaDaABC teachers get a generous bonus for referring new teachers!

So the record is laid out like this:

Name | Teacher ID | Application Time | Application Status | Contracted Time | Recommendation Fee

Now I will go into detail about each of the sections of the record.


The applicant’s name.

Teacher ID

This will be blank at first, but if a number appears, this means that the applicants application has passed through to the next stage.

Application Time

The time the applicant applied.

Application Status

This will read one of the following:

Applied: This means their application has yet to be reviewed.

Pending: Their application has been reviewed.

Contracted: The applicant has been successful in their application and been signed to the company.

Resigned/Unsigned: The applicant has made it through to the later stages, but have decided to resign or have been unsigned by DaDaABC

Please note: ‘Resigned/Unsigned’ will only appear once the applicant has been contracted. Most applicants will remain as ‘Pending’ even if their interview or application has been turned down.

So if one of your applicants has been ‘Pending’ for a number of months, even if they have a Teacher ID, it most likely means that they were unsuccessful.

Contracted Time

This is the time that the applicant signed the contract. This is important as the bonus will be released a month after they have been in the job from this contracted time.

That’s right, the applicant must be in the job for more than a month for you to get the bonus. The bonus will then come with your wage the month afterwards.

So if the contracted time reads November, then providing the stayed in the job for a month, you would receive the bonus in your January wage.

Recommendation Fee

This will read 0 rmb until the applicant is contracted. It will then change to the bonus amount when they are contracted (I cannot disclose the exact amount but this information is available in DaDaClass for DaDaABC teachers).

Please note: The fee will remain visible when the ‘Application Status’ switches from ‘Contracted’ to ‘Resigned/Unsigned’. However, this does not mean that you will receive the fee as the applicant is no longer in the job and thus invalidates the ‘must be in the job for a month’ stipulation.

So there is everything I know about the DaDaABC Recommendation Record.

If you would like to find out 10 ways to boost your chances of getting the referral bonus, then click the image below:

The DaDaABC Recommendation Record Guide

The Flexibility of Working for DaDaABC as an Online Teacher

DaDaABC Reviews

The nature of teaching part-time for DaDaABC with a good hourly rate of pay, allows for a lot of flexibility with your time.

Here is a video of me talking about the subject if you prefer video content:

Whilst teaching online for DaDaABC with an average weekly schedule of 15 hours a week, you find yourself with plenty of time to work on projects on the side.

Click the image below for a full breakdown of all the information you need about becoming an online ESL teacher with DaDaABC:

Flexibility of working for DaDaABC

Some Real-Life Examples of the Flexibility of Working for DaDaABC

I have spoken to various teachers who pursue creative projects on the side of their designated teaching hours, such as – filmmakers, tutors, musicians, writers and even a football commentator.

It is also very popular amongst parents wanting to stay at home with their young children – after all, children are quite the demanding project!

I attended a salsa class the other week and bumped into a fellow DaDaABC teacher (I know, pretty random!) and she was telling me how she loves teaching for DaDa. This isn’t just due to how much fun the job is, but because she has aspirations to set up a translation business on the side.

And you can even teach alongside a blistering career as a salsa dancer! (But I assure you, I’m not quite at that stage…yet).

Flexibility of Working for DaDaABC

How I Actually Make the Most of the Flexibility of Working for DaDaABC

The site that you are reading right now, I built up alongside my contracted online teaching hours. If I was still working a regular 9-5 job, it would have taken me a lot longer to build up this dedicated site to DaDaABC.

Now I have plenty of time to help make DaDaABC teacher’s lives as easy as possible with DigiNo!

Living in the UK, I finish teaching at 1pm. I then have a quick spot of lunch and then the day is mine to work on class activity idea posts or video content such as ManyCam Tips and Tricks for DaDaABC Teachers, which you can watch below:

So if you have a burning desire to work on your side projects and want to experience the flexibility of working for DaDaABC as an online English teacher, then click the image below to apply:

Flexibility of working for DaDaABC

ManyCam ‘Simon Says’ Game For Teaching ESL Online

ManyCam 'Simon Says'

‘Simon Says’ is an absolute classic game for ESL teaching.

But with ManyCam, it just got an upgrade!

This version of the game where you instruct student’s to copy your movements after saying ‘Simon Says’ is perfect for keeping DaDaABC students engaged mid-class…or can be used as a warm-up or warm-down game as well!

Here is a video demonstrating how you can play ‘Simon Says’ using the virtual webcam software, ManyCam:

Click the banner below to download ManyCam for your online classroom:

 How Does ‘ManyCam Simon Says’ Work?

So it begins as the game would normally be played – ‘Simon says run, Simon says touch your nose’…

…but you can then spice it up a bit by using ManyCam effects, such as growing a moustache or even face masks like a cat…or Donald Trump.

‘Simon says grow a moustache!’

‘Simon says be a cat!’ etc

The end result of this, is simply to get the student to laugh, or to get them to wake up a little bit more for class.

Asking them to grow a moustache is all just part of the fun (I don’t actually expect them to grow a real moustache instantly…I’ll give them about ten years for that).

Read more about using ManyCam for your DaDaABC classroom here!

How To Get More Fun Out of ‘ManyCam Simon Says’

You can then tell them to shave their moustache. This can then be a funny little game of shaving your ManyCam moustache off, but then making it constantly reappear after you have done it…always gets a laugh or two!

And now your student is full of life and energy once again, ready to work their way through the courseware.

What Are The Benefits of ‘ManyCam Simon Says’?

The benefits of this ManyCam version of ‘Simon Says’ is that you don’t have to constantly think of actions you can do for them to repeat. So you won’t have to dance around like a maniac to keep them engaged…

…just click the button to put a top hat on your head and that will do the leg work for you!

If you would like to download ManyCam for your online classroom, then simply click on the image below: