Bitcoin and DaDaABC

Bitcoin and DaDaABC

I often get asked if I teach English online for DaDaABC as my main job…and yes I do!

And I only teach three days a week. Allowing me plenty of time to devote to my other income sources.

People also always ask me what I do to supplement my DaDaABC income…well the answer is…a couple things.

This website you are on is one of them. Here’s an article about how you can set up a website similar to this one.

I have also written a children’s novel, and I have made classes on Skillshare.

But one of my favourite sources side income is trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that has taken the world by storm. And people are making a lot of money by trading this alternative currency.

Bitcoin is a way of exchanging value without having to involve the middle man of banks. It is a person-to-person exchange which continues to gain popularity…which reflects in the value of Bitcoin which continues to grow!

Bitcoin | DigiNo

So how can you make money trading Bitcoin?

So let’s pretend the value of 1 Bitcoin is $4000. You then purchase this Bitcoin for $4000. After several months, the market has dictated that 1 Bitcoin is now worth $8000. You now sell your Bitcoin for dollars and have made $4000 on your initial investment.

Obviously the world of trading cryptocurrency goes a lot deeper than that.

But that is it at its core. It’s all about buying low and selling high! This is obviously not a guaranteed way to make an income, but I find it to be an awesome side project alongside teaching for DaDaABC.

Where to buy Bitcoin?

If you’re wondering how to get Bitcoin, first, you’ll want to get yourself a Bitcoin wallet online. I suggest using Exodus.

You can then purchase Bitcoin from a cryptocurrency exchange. A great one to start off with is Coinbase.

And if you sign up to it using this link, then you’ll get $10 worth of free Bitcoin…and so will I! Which is awesome.

Coinbase is great to start with as it is so simple to use.

How to use Coinbase

After setting up your account and getting your identification verified. You will need to send an international payment to Coinbase. This will be the money that you wish to exchange for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and DaDaABC

Now you can either simply exchange your money once it appears in Coinbase for Bitcoin, or you can use GDAX (this is an exchange owned by Coinbase, which is slightly more complex to use, but it has cheaper fees!)


Think of Coinbase like the nice cover of a phone and GDAX is the circuit boards and electrics on the inside.

GDAX will allow you to set more complex orders, such as an order to buy only once Bitcoin drops below a certain value.

You can also send your Bitcoin to your Exodus Wallet for free to keep safe. However, if you send from Coinbase to Exodus, it will cost a fee. That’s why I felt it was important to mention GDAX.


If you wish to trade for a wider array of cryptocurrencies that Coinbase and GDAX don’t offer, you can use an exchange called Binance.

I don’t want to get too technical, as I only wish to give an overview due to this not being a cryptocurrency website. However, I wanted to mention it as online teachers are often generally interested in other ways to make money online.

Bitcoin and DaDaABC

Click the image above to apply to be an online teacher for DaDaABC

Why do I trade Bitcoin alongside teaching for DaDaABC?

As you may have seen from the video and article I made of Travelling with DaDaABC, which you can find below, I wanted to find a way to travel whilst earning money.

DaDaABC provided this way of life. And the flexible lifestyle of working for DaDaABC has allowed me to try out other projects on the side, such as trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and DaDaABC

DaDaABC has provided me with a digital nomad lifestyle of working from my laptop, from anywhere I want in the world. So now I am determined to explore all the other ways to make money online and share it will all of my readers!

Here is the link again if you’d like to check out Coinbase and get $10 of free Bitcoin when you make a purchase.

Hopefully trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will continue to help me live the flexible lifestyle that DaDaABC has provided. [I’m not financial adviser, just a DigiNo sharing his fascination with cryptocurrency]

Click the image below if you would like read more about how to travel with DaDaABC:

Bitcoin and DaDaABC



5 Best Headsets for Online English Teachers

5 Best Headsets For Online Teachers

As an online teacher, something that takes you to an expert level is when your teaching tools are sound and efficient in handling your sessions.

Therefore, you need not only focus on yourself and skills, your teaching equipment must be considered.

Unfortunately, the reality does not pick most educators, they neglect the part of investing into the purchasing of quality equipment. One of these investments that should never be trampled on is the purchase of a headset.

A Great Impact

Purchasing a quality headset will definitively have great impact on your students, more to it is that you will also be seen as current, relevant and not viewed as outdated and ancient. A headset will allow you to be heard clearly and maintain focus.

Unfortunately, not all headsets are designed well to carry out all the functions your need for teaching English online.

Therefore, there are a wide array of headsets that offers both great functions with low-cost online.

And that’s exactly why I’ve taken the time to present to you 5 of the best headsets for teaching English online.

1) Logitech USB H110 Stereo Headset [Best Headsets for Online English Teachers]

Logitech USB H110 headset is great low-budget, and fully packed with high functionality. This headset has a universal serial bus jack and has a wide compatibility with any computer an online teacher is picking for teaching. Apart from that, the use does not involve an extensive training or software installation, also packed with it is a long chord with about 6-foot long. This offer you free movement as an online teacher to enable you impact your knowledge effectively; because you can stand, sit and pick items for referencing.

Click the image below to check the prices on Amazon (affiliate link): 

Best headsets for online english teachers


2) Plantronics PLN AUDIO 478 [Best Headsets for Online English Teachers]

This is another super headset that an online teacher can choose. For teachers who are travellers, they can conveniently fold them for safe keeping. PLN AUDIO 478 has an in-line remote that is fixed to the cord of the headset, this is done to grant users ability to adjust volumes for lessons. And it also works with Windows and Mac smoothly with HD sound – Quite impressive.

Click the image below to check the prices on Amazon (affiliate link): 

Best headsets for online english teachers

3) Logitech H390 [Best Headsets for Online English Teachers]

You may have heard about this headset due to its popularity. It is used by online teachers due to the headset’s ability to cancel noise. This offers clear communication between teachers and students. Also, the headset has an adjusted headband and earpads for comfortability if it is to be worn all through the day.

This is actually one of the headsets recommended by DaDaABC.

Click the image below to check the prices on Amazon (affiliate link): 

Best Headsets for online english teachers


4) MPow PC Headset [Best Headsets for Online English Teachers]

This headset is greatly versatile. It has a 3.5mm jack with a USB that allows for use on both computer and a tablet or a smartphone. It has noise canceling ability and can be used on both Macs and Windows without any additional configuration. The headset is made of flexible materials and also has a lengthy cable that allows you plenty of mobility when teaching your class.

Click the image below to check the prices on Amazon (affiliate link): 

Best Headsets for Online English Teachers


5) Sony Mdr-Xb950/b [Best Headsets for Online English Teachers]

This extra bass headphone has a nice chord length of about 1.2m with a moderate weight of 245g exempting the cable. This really shows that teaching online will be fun and hence you can have a huge sense of groove due to its playback frequency. Not only are they affordable, the bass levels are excellent as well as the voice production so that you are always heard clearly and loudly by your audience.

These are also the headphones I personally use for teaching English online for DaDaABC!

Click the image below to check the prices on Amazon (affiliate link): 

Best Headsets for Online English Teachers

If you would like to find out more great online teaching tools, then click the image below to discover the best laptops for online teachers:

Best Headsets for online english teachers

Ukulele Improv for Teaching English Online with DaDaABC

Ukulele Improv

Ukulele improv is a fantastic skill for teaching English online…and it’s so easy to do!

Being able to play music and sing like my life depended on it was one of the main appeals of becoming an online teacher with DaDaABC.

I always dreamed of being a professional ukulele player…and now I am!…kind of.

But when you are starting out learning ukulele, you don’t want to overload yourself with too many chords and songs. So here is a method I came up with to make your musical life with DaDaABC as easy as possible!

So what is the ukulele improv method for teaching English online?

You start by of course getting yourself a ukulele. So check out the DigiNo shop for a good one to start with.

Then you’ll want to learn three chords – C F G.

You’ll play these four chords in the sequence – C F G C.

Here is a video where I show you exactly how to do all of this:

90% of the time, this is what I play on the ukulele…

…and I’ve never had any complaints from the students saying, ‘You’re playing the same chord sequence over and over!’

So no need to worry!

So with ukulele improv, say the student is reading the courseware and they aren’t engaged with it…

…You can bring out the ukulele!

Let’s say you are doing something like grammar. You are explaining verbs etc. You can make up a little song instead of explaining it the regular way:

A verb is a doing word,

An adjective describes the noun,

An adverb describes the verb,

We’re quickly walking through a busy town.

(See the video at the top for a demonstration of this).

So you see, I described what each one is and then finished with a sentence using each one as an example.

Or if you don’t think you could think of something like this on the spot, then simply play the ukulele and sing the sentences.

Or every time you see a  poem on the courseware, you can sing it whilst playing the ukulele!

Make sure to use lots of TPR to encourage the students to sing along.

Click the image below to read more about using TPR effectively for DaDaABC:

ukulele improv

It’s all about making it a bit of fun and snapping the student out of their disengagement with the courseware.

I also like to combine ukulele improv with  ManyCam for more fun!


Ukulele improv | DigiNo

For example, you can use ManyCam to put on face mask such as a cat and then sing about being a cat as I do in the top video:

I like fish,

I like milk,

I like mice,

I don’t like dogs.

As you see, you can sing any old thing! If it’s English related, then you are doing your job!

There are loads of possibilities with ManyCam effects. You can sing about fruit, animals, or even being an astronaut!

Check out all the free downloadable effects for ManyCam right here.

If you wish to discover more songs to play on the ukulele to your DaDaABC online students, then click the image below:

Ukulele improv


ManyCam ‘Star Bomb!’ Game For DaDaABC

ManyCam Games

‘Star Bomb!’ is a fantastic ESL numbers game for when you find yourself overusing Hangman and TicTacToe with your DaDaABC online students.

The rules of ‘Star Bomb!’ are simple. But first, you’ll need to download ManyCam to make the game possible.

Click here to read all about ManyCam.

The Rules of ‘Star Bomb!’

There are 13 numbered cards in a circle. Under these cards are bombs, a star, hearts, Hello Kitty and Spiderman.

The process of the game is for the student to select a number to reveal what is underneath.

The aim of the game is for the student to find the star before finding all 3 bombs.

Simple as that!

Here is a video to see it in action:

‘Star Bomb!’ Version 1

However, sometimes the student may find the star too early.

So I’ve created two alternative sets of rules for the ESL number game ‘Star Bomb!’

You can see these two versions in the videos below:

‘Star Bomb!’ Version 2

‘Star Bomb!’ Version 3

So you see that the possibilities are endless. You can just keep on customising the game and making up your own rules as you go.

You’ll need ManyCam to play the game, so you can download the software from the image below:

esl number game

Now here’s how to set this ESL Number game up…

And here you can download the images you need to create ‘Star Bomb!’

And here’s how to load the images into ManyCam…


And if you wish to learn how to create some images yourself for ESL games yourself…

And that is that. I hope you have fun playing ‘Star Bomb!’

It is always a great game to throw at the end of your class with DaDaABC.

Click the image below to discover how to play another ESL game with everyone’s favourite Italian plumber, Mario…

ESL number game


What is ‘ICQ’ and ‘CCQ’ in Teaching?

ICQ & CCQ in Teaching

So what is ICQ? And…what is CCQ? And what have they got to do with teaching?

Let’s get straight to it!

ICQ stands for…

Instruction Checking Question

You’re just checking the student understands what you’ve told them to do.

So for example, if I show them an apple and instruct them to tell me what colour it is…the instruction checking question would simply be:

‘Do you understand?’

Or, I could give them two binary options, such as:

Did I ask you, ‘What colour is the apple?’

Or did I ask you, ‘What shape is the apple?’

And that’s it. An ICQ is simply a question checking that your ESL student has understood the instruction.

Now let’s move on to CCQ!

CCQ stands for…

Concept Checking Question

Now with a CCQ, you want to check the student’s understanding of the concept after they have completed the instruction.

So for example, if you have asked the student to read a sentence about someone’s weekday routine, you can then use a CCQ by asking:

‘What is your routine on weekdays?’

If the student answers this question, then they have definitely understood the concept of ‘routines’ and you’ve done your job as a teacher.

Congratulations! Let’s celebrate.

ICQ and CCQ in teaching

Right, that’s enough fun. Let’s get back to work.

Why is Using CCQ so Important for Teaching English Online for DaDaABC?

When teaching for DaDaABC, the engagement of the student with the class is of great importance.

ICQ and CCQ in teaching

If you were to simply read the course material like a robot to the student, there is no way of knowing that they are engaged.

It could simply be an endless stream of foreign words flooding their way.

So using CCQ (and ICQ also) is the way to check their engagement and understanding…much like TPR.

Click the image below to read about TPR:

ICQ and CCQ in teaching

CCQ and ICQ `are also a wonderful way to keep the interaction flowing in the class. You don’t want to be a lecturer. I always endeavour to get the student talking for 90% of the class compared to my 10%.

This is for sure a tough task, but it’s always good to have something to reach towards. After all, it’s not your English that needs the practice…

So no need to overwork those linguistic muscles!

If you would like to read more about keeping students engaged, be sure to click the image below to read DigiNo’s 7 Online ESL Tips:

ICQ and CCQ for teaching

5 Benefits of Teaching English Online Over Classroom Teaching

5 Benefits of Teaching English Online Over Classroom (1)

There is a lot of global demand for native English-speaking teachers, especially in Asian countries like China and Vietnam. As someone who has teaching experience in the classroom, you might be wondering what the fuss is about with English teachers in Asia. The reason is because they have a large population that is trying to learn English language from a native speaker.

Best part is you don’t even need to be there in person. You can do all the teaching from home online. Here are some of the benefits of teaching online  with DaDaABC compared to a classroom.

1) The Pay is Great!

I must confess that this is one of the things I love the most about teaching online. I am able to earn from so many opportunities online and it doesn’t even affect your regular working hours. You can even earn more than you do in a classroom sometimes. Teaching online allows you to earn more money without the additional transit or expenses. Because you are also not buying any study materials, it pretty much doesn’t cost you extra. Think of it as earning a great salary in China without having to leave the comfort of your home. Isn’t that cool?

Click the image below to find out how much DaDaABC pay:

online teaching over classroom

2) Flexible Schedule

The beauty of teaching online is that you can fit it into your daily schedule no matter what your current routine is. Current students and full-time workers can set their own teaching hours online and without having to make any significant life changes. You can earn more money teaching online without having to quit your regular job or suffer any additional stress on your routine.

Click the image below to read about the Flexibility of working for DaDaABC:

online teaching over classroom

3) Working from Anywhere

All you need to teach English online is a quiet place with good internet connection. That’s all. You can even take an hour from your regular job and teach your online class without having to commute from one classroom to another. Think of all the savings you would be making. If you don’t want to work from home, you can even travel to those countries and have an adventure. You are not tied to any particular place as your opportunities as an online English teacher are endless!

Click the image below to read more about how to Travel with DaDaABC:

online teaching over classroom

4) More ESL Teaching Experience 

Teaching English online is one of the easiest ways to gain ESL teaching experience that will come handy when you’re looking for a job abroad. Your online teaching hours will help you build a solid ESL resume that will help you secure the ESL job of your dreams in a foreign country. Don’t forget that the more ESL experience you have, the more attractive you are as an ESL teacher and the more your negotiating power you have when discussing your contract terms.

5) It’s Easy!

Teaching online is easy because most of your lectures are already prepared for you. All you need to do is just deliver them in your own way. This is much easier than having to prepare a lesson plan as you would in a classroom. It also means it is easier for you to get started as an online teacher compared to securing a job as a classroom teacher.

So if you would like to become an online teacher with DaDaABC, click the image below to apply:

online teaching over classroom

How To Use TPR in Online Teaching [Total Physical Response]

ukulele improv

What is TPR?

It stands for Total Physical Response.

And all this is, is simply over-exaggerated body language. So why is this relevant to online teaching?

Well, communicating with someone who speaks a different language to you is a tricky thing. I know it is very tempting to simply say English words louder…but this doesn’t really help.

Using this over the top body language helps to aid the student’s comprehension of your communication…imagine sign language to a deaf person, and you’re on the right path.

So here are some TPR tips and tricks in the video below:

How Do You Use Total Physical Response?

You would simply point your finger to your eye and say ‘Can you see?’

It’s as simple as that.  You can gesture to your mouth and say ‘Can you say?’

Here is a picture of me doing a typical TPR gesture:

How to use TPR

Act Like a Clown!

Seriously, just let your silly side out. How many opportunities are there in the real world to be as animated as possible with absolute relevancy? So embrace the TPR!

Here are some examples of ways you can use TPR:

  • Pretend to have some binoculars using your hands – ‘Can you see?’
  • Tap your chin and pretend to be puzzled when asking a question.
  • Animate the sentence, for example, explaining an umbrella with the action of opening an umbrella.
  • Imitate animals, like a pig, by holding your nostrils up.

And that’s just to name a few.

Obviously, it depends on the ability of the student, regarding how much TPR you use. For the younger students, try and use as much TPR as possible to keep them engaged.

Final Top TPR Tip!

ManyCam helps as well…you can use a glasses accessory for ‘Can you see?’ type questions. This could come in handy if your arms begin to get tired from all the Total Physical Response action!

If you’d like to learn more tips and tricks for ManyCam, then visit the article below:

How to use TPR

10 Essential Items for Teaching English Online with DaDaABC

best laptops for teachers

Teaching English online with DaDaABC can be as effortless and enjoyable as you want it to be…with the right tools!

There are of course some items that are essential if you want to actually perform the job…and keep it.

And there are also many tools that will make your job a lot easier, as well as make your life a lot more chilled.

So don’t you worry if you’re wondering – ‘What items do I need to be a teacher for DaDaABC?’ I’m going to run through all of these things right now.

Below are DigiNo’s…

10 Essential Items for Teaching English Online with DaDaABC:

1) Background

When teaching for DaDaABC, you’ll need a background to make your classroom look more fun to the student.

(I have a blank background in my YouTube videos because I like the thumbnail backgrounds to be white…can’t be dealing with making transparent images in Photoshop!)

So an example of a good background would be something like a map, animal pictures or even something like an alphabet poster, like this one below:

Click the image to find it on Amazon!

As long as it’s fun and colourful, you should be fine!

2) Uniform

The DaDaABC uniform is a blue t-shirt. Preferably sky blue, but you can get away with royal blue…but not navy.

When it gets a bit colder (I have taught in Scottish winters) you’ll be needing a sky blue jumper…unless you love paying for central heating bills and just want to t-shirt it.

The best thing is, this uniform doesn’t have to have a DaDaABC logo on it, so you can just find any old plain t-shirt and jumper to wear.

Check out the DigiNo shop where I’ve had a look for some cheap and cheerful ones on Amazon so that you don’t have to:

DaDaABC Essential Items

Click the image to go to the shop!

3) Headphones with Microphone

You’ll need a pair of headphones with a microphone attached whilst teaching online. DaDaABC recommends a USB microphone, but I use ones with a mini-jack input and it’s all good!

I personally don’t like having a microphone hanging in front of my face like I’m piloting a helicopter, so I use my Sony headphones with the microphone attached to the wire.

These are great because they are over-ear headphones so you can wear them for class after class and they will always feel comfortable. I can’t be dealing with ear pain from on-ear headphones.

Here they are on Amazon:


4) A Laptop

You certainly going to need a laptop to teach English online! Especially if you want to pick up your classroom and travel the world with DaDaABC…which you can find out how to do by clicking the image below:

DaDaABC Essential Items

The laptop I use is a MacBook Pro, because I am an Apple man.

Click the image below if you wish to see DigiNo’s 4 best laptops for teaching English online:

DaDaABC Essential Items

However, if you wish to use a MacBook, we’ll need to talk about ManyCam…

5) ManyCam

ManyCam is the most essential tool in online teaching in my opinion. It is basically a digital prop toolbox! I use it rather than having heap loads of physical props spread out on my desk.

Read this article to discover more about what ManyCam is, or see it in action by watching the video below:

However, carrying on from point #4, it doesn’t work with Mac!

‘But wait, DigiNo, I thought you said you use a MacBook Pro?’

Correct! ManyCam doesn’t work with Mac for DaDaABC…unless you follow these steps below:

DaDaABC Essential Items

Now ManyCam is free to download from here, but you might find the free version quite limiting. So check out the video below where I detail the different versions of ManyCam and which one is best for teaching with DaDaABC:

Click here to download ManyCam!

And here is a little bonus essential tool – ManyCam operates better with a lot of space! So I keep things, like videos I wish to play through it, on a 16GB USB.

6) Puppets

Puppets are a great teaching tool…especially for shy students. It is a great way to open yourself up to your silly side, as well as make a student feel comfortable in the class.

Here are some puppets on the DigiNo Shop:

DaDaABC Essential Items

7) Ukulele

The ukulele is such a great tool for teaching ESL online. It’s just so easy to learn and play, as well as being cheap and easy to carry around.

Here is a video of me teaching you how to play the ‘Goodbye Song’:

Here is a great cheap ukulele I’ve added to the DigiNo shop:

And if you want one on the more expensive side like mine, here is a similar one the Kala ukulele I use:

8) Screensaver

A DaDaABC screensaver using ManyCam is so useful for technical errors when you want a bit of privacy to sort out issues, and for coming into the class early to avoid being late without having to teach as soon as you come in.

Here is the full article on how to make the screensaver:

DaDaABC essential items

9) Thermos Tea Flask

Here’s one that is also great for life in general!

A thermos tea flask will allow you to drink tea without having to run to the kettle in your 2 minute break with DaDaABC.

It also saves you money on electric by only boiling the kettle once a day! Not bad, huh?

Click the image below to find it on Amazon:

10) Chilly’s Bottle

And if you’re a water drinker…which I’m guessing you probably are if you’re alive reading this…then a Chilly bottle is another great tool!

This bottle keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours. So you can have a nice refreshing cold drink when teaching in the summer.

Click the image below to find the Chilly’s Bottles on Amazon:

That’s it for the essential tools! If you would like to read more about how to smash the interview process and get hired by DaDaABC then click the image below:

DaDaABC Essential Items

Travelling Whilst Teaching English Online with DaDaABC

Bitcoin and DaDaABC

I remember when I first started teaching for DaDaABC after a few weeks of searching for jobs you can do whilst travelling.

I was initially looking at teaching ESL in classrooms across Asia when I came across the search term ‘digital nomad jobs’.

This really started to blow my mind as I sat in my stuffy office half way through a 9-5 shift.

My copy of 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss fresh in my mind from the morning, I began to dive into Google exploring ways I could become location independent whilst earning money from my laptop.

To my amazement I discovered I could teach English online from my laptop, almost anywhere in the world…provided there was a good internet connection.

I soon started to realise that this was a legitimate job you can do whilst travelling.

And that was that. Now I teach English for DaDaABC and I can pick up my laptop and go anywhere in the world…something that I dreamed about when staring out the window of an office building.

But it’s not all as idyllic as the picture below depicts:

jobs whilst travelling

Click the image above to read more about becoming a DaDaABC teacher.

So what are some crucial things you need to know about travelling whilst working for DaDaABC?

I’ll give you the reality of the situation right now!

Is it actually possible to travel whilst working for DaDaABC?

Absolutely. However, if you wish to keep your job whilst travelling, the points below will come in handy…

You are obligated to let DaDaABC know whenever you change your location.

With the nature of the job, DaDaABC require a guarantee that your internet connection is up to scratch.

Click the image below to find out the minimum internet speed requirements to work for DaDaABC:

jobs whilst travelling

With this in mind, you might be thinking – ‘How can I possibly travel if I have to ensure a good internet speed in every location and constantly let DaDaABC know?’

Very true. But I will explain the best formula for travelling whilst teaching online. Stick with me.

It is not incredibly viable to teach in places such as cafes, hostels and hotel lobbies…trust me.

This is for numerous reasons:

  • Shared public wifi does not equate to great speeds.
  • It is pretty unrealistic to use TPR and be animated with a puppet in a public place without being told to leave.
  • It is a headache to constantly find places to teach on the move within your contracted hours.

And more importantly…

With DaDaABC, you are required to use broadband and not WiFi or 4G.

This is put in place, purely as they are not a reliable connection.

So you might think that you could just get an unlimited data plan on your phone with 4G and set up an internet hotspot for your laptop.

This could mean that you could set up your classroom anywhere with your own personal WiFi.

However, when I explored this option I started to research how much data teaching with DaDaABC uses. As you may know, ‘unlimited data’ isn’t exactly limited as there is a data cap.

How much mobile data does teaching with DaDaABC use?

So I wanted to know if the teaching would exceed the high amount of data you get in an unlimited package. To estimate this, I looked up how much data a Skype video conversation uses…as this is a similar experience to the DaDaClass app.

So a rough estimation of how much data a video call uses is 0.94 MB/min.

I found this estimation from this article.

So let’s say, that on a regular teaching day with DaDaABC you have 3 hours of teaching time which = 180 minutes. So this is around 170 MBs. Times this by 5 days a week and it is 846.

So basically you will be using around 4GB of data a month. However, DaDaClass more than likely exceeds the data usage of Skype, so your 4GB data plan would not be enough, but unlimited would be fine…technically.

Too bad you’re not allowed to use 4G whilst teaching for DaDaABC!

So what actually is the best way to travel whilst teaching for DaDaABC?

In my opinion, with all the things I mentioned above, it is better to have a solid base for your classroom.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get a mortgage on a place. The best way to do it is to go to a top digital nomad spot where cost of living and rent is low. Get a short term contract and then travel around on days you’re not teaching.

Here is a list of the best Digital Nomad locations.

As the rent is low and the internet connection speed is high in these areas such as Chiang Mai in Thailand, you can save extra cash on rent and use it to travel around…as well as have a reliable base for teaching.

If you can’t make it back to your base in time for your teaching days, you can always get an AirBnB for a nice private place with an internet connection…this is a much better option than a hostel.

My final bit of advice is to get the app on your phone, to constantly check places that you think are potential classrooms.

So if you’ve got dreams of travel and want to become an online teacher with DaDaABC, then apply by clicking the image below:

jobs whilst travelling

And make sure you get yourself some travel insurance before darting off across the world! Your students need you in one piece!

Here’s a decent one I use:

Travel insurance: simple & flexible

You can buy and claim online, even after you’ve left home. Travel insurance from is available to people from 140 countries. It’s designed for adventurous travellers with cover for overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and a range of adventure sports and activities.

DaDaABC vs VIPKID [Which Company is Best To Teach For?]

DaDaABC reviews

DaDaABC vs VIPKID is always a natural comparison when people are searching for the best online English teaching company to apply for.

In this guide we will look at the pros and cons of both DaDaABC and VIPKID, and try to come to a conclusion.

In the interest of remaining completely unbiased (seeing as I am a DaDaABC teacher) I have enlisted the opinions of VIPKID teachers to help create this comparison guide.

So let’s ring the bell and begin!

Frequent pros and cons of each company are very much similar when it comes to Glassdoor reviews.

Here are some of the general points for both companies:

PROS of Working for DaDaABC and VIPKID

  • The freedom of working from home

  • Flexible schedule of working either part-time or full-time hours

CONS of Working for DaDaABC and VIPKID

  • Early morning teaching times dependent on location

  • Technical issues

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Due to these pros and cons being so similar, I have taken my research further to an ex VIPKID teacher who made the switch to DaDaABC, as well as a current VIPKID teacher.

I wanted to find some crucial key differences between the two companies.

So below, find the 6 main crucial differences in the comparison of DaDaABC vs VIPKID:

Hiring Policy


DaDaABC’s policy is that of any descent, as long as they are native English speakers.

You should also have a Bachelor’s degree, teaching experience and a good internet connection.

Click the image below to read more about DaDaABC’s hiring policy:




The main key difference here is VIPKID hires only those that are native English speakers with a North American accent.

I suppose you could potentially practice a North American accent in your room for a few days before applying, but I’m unsure of the policy on that!

Stand-by Time Pay [DaDaABC vs VIPKID]


DaDaABC has a policy of paying teacher half-pay for class cancellations, i.e. teachers are only paid full-pay for when they are teaching, and not stand-by time during their contracted hours.

Now half-pay sound like a bad thing, but this policy of DaDa’s is actually a positive when in direct comparison with VIPKID…


VIPKID teachers are only paid for when they are teaching and there are no policies of half-pay when it comes to cancellations or stand-by time.

Half pay is better than no pay at all…that’s what I always say.

Cancellation Policy [DaDaABC vs VIPKID]


If a DaDaABC teacher cancels too many classes there will be a deduction penalty in their pay. This can seem pretty harsh, but when considering that you are hired as an independent contractor, it’s understandable.

However, VIPKID’s policy is not as lenient…


There is a strict cancellation policy – if you cancel 6 classes in 6 months, then your contract is cancelled and you’re out.

This can seem pretty extreme, but it is testament to how competitive the field is, and the level of importance VIPKID puts on reliability in teachers.

Hiring Process [DaDaABC vs VIPKID]


I talk through the hiring process for DaDaABC in the video below:

The basic process of this is:

  • Application
  • Interview
  • Mentoring session and demo class with mentor (pretending to be a student)
  • Demo class with real student
  • Offered position
  • Fill out a profile
  • Training videos


The process is quite similar to that of DaDaABC, so I won’t write it out again.

However, it is said to be more of a rigorous process by former VIPKID employees who then made the switch to DaDaABC.



DaDaABC offers a higher flat rate than VIPKID, but the bonuses are harder to obtain. This rate is between $15-$25 per hour.

You can read more information about how much DaDaABC pays by clicking the banner below:


There are also several bonuses to be earned. One of which is the the referral bonus which you can read about here.


Based on your performance in your interview, you will be offered an amount between $7-$9 (per class, not hourly rate – classes are half an hour sessions).

Now this does seem significantly less than DaDaABC, but the bonuses are a lot easier to achieve in VIPKID.

An example of some of the bonuses you can achieve:

  • $1 for showing up for the full time
  • If you teach 30 classes in a month you can earn an extra $0.50 per class
  • If you teach 45 classes in a month, you can earn an extra $1 per class.

So this brings you closer to an estimated figure of around $18-$22 an hour if you achieve all of the bonuses. Which is still less than DaDaABC’s highest potential flat hourly rate.

Class Bookings [DaDaABC vs VIPKID]


DaDaABC books the classes for you, which is beneficial due to the teacher not having to worry about things such as booking rates, bad reviews and being in competition with other teachers.

You also get regular students with DaDaABC, which you see on a weekly basis, allowing you to build a connection with them…and it also provides a great likelihood of a consistent stream of full-time pay.

Here is a quote about regular students from a former VIPKID teacher who left to join DaDaABC:
‘Being that dada gives regulars, teachers are able to see their students growth. For instance, I have two students that are now speaking and conversing in full sentences about their day and how they feel. 
One of my students, is now able to use my morning and goodbye song. She’s able to sing it all by herself. 
I love seeing the growth and knowing that my teaching style is effective.’
And to even things out, here is a quote from a current VIPKID teacher:
‘VIPKID offers a positive and supportive work environment. The online IT support teams is always available to assist you and ensure a seamless classroom experience for teacher and student.’


With VIPKID, it operates more like the part-time hours for DaDaABC, as opposed to regular students.

You are most likely to get bookings during the peak hours (6pm-9pm Beijing time).

However, you are not always guaranteed bookings if you choose to work in peak time. This puts you in competition with the other VIPKID teachers to get your slots filled during peak hours.

A VIPKID teacher notes, that the competition is so fierce, it can often take weeks before you are fully booked when first starting out.

And an important note is, if your student cancels within 24 hours, you still get paid for the session. However, if they cancel outside of 24 hours then you don’t get paid.

This is different to DaDaABC, where a cancelled student always equates to half-pay if it is during your contracted hours…and no pay if it happens during your part-time hours.

So the thing to remember with DaDaABC is – you only get your full pay for the time that you are teaching…but with VIPKID, you can get your full pay whilst not teaching potentially…BUT your full pay with DaDaABC will be more once you take away the VIPKID bonuses…

…phew, this comparison business is taking its toll on me. One second, I’m just going to take a rest on a DigiNo signature beach image before I go to the final thoughts…


…that’s better.

DaDaABC vs VIPKID…Final Thoughts!

It seems that the two are very similar when it comes to reviews. If we ignore things like time differences causing early risers over in the USA, then it comes down to the main points I analysed.

It seems as if there is a higher potential to earn more money at VIPKID with the much easier to attain bonuses and booking structure.

However, class bookings aren’t as guaranteed like DaDaABC and are very competitive. DaDaABC also has the opportunity to book extra hours alongside your regular students.

So it seems to purely come down to the fact that VIPKID has a very strict cancellation and hiring policy (North American accents).

And DaDaABC’s offering of regular students seems to be popular among teachers who have relished creating connections in the learning environment.

But…I’m not going to go ahead and say DaDaABC wins on a DaDaABC dedicated site…so I’ll leave it up to you decide based on what you’ve read so far!

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