How Much Does DaDaABC Pay Online ESL Teachers?

Let’s be honest…

…money is pretty great.

How much does DaDaABC pay? | DigiNo

It buys you things and it buys you time.

And both are great commodities.

So when you initially apply for a job, there’s no shame in the first question that comes to mind being:

‘What’s the pay like?’

So if you are thinking about applying to become an online ESL teacher with DaDaABC, then you are also probably thinking:

How Much Does DaDaABC Pay?

And if you’re not sure what DaDaABC is, then be sure to click picture below and read the post explaining everything there is to know:

Teach ESL Online From Anywhere in the World | DigiNo

But for this post, let’s focus purely on how much DaDaABC pays you as an online ESL teacher.

So the pay is between $15-$25 per hour.

The actual number for your DaDaABC teacher salary is determined by how well you perform in your demo class.

Demo Class [To Determine Your DaDaABC Teacher Salary]

The demo class is where you teach a child through the online platform before you are officially offered the role (training with the platform will be provided beforehand).

This will not only determine if you are capable of performing the role…but it will also determine your hourly rate of pay and your teacher salary.

For more about the hiring process of DaDaABC, click the link below:

Getting Hired as an Online ESL Teacher with DaDaABC

Or for tips on how to perform well at your demo class and get the best wage possible, click the image below:

DaDaABC teacher salary |7 Tips For Online ESL Teaching [DaDaABC]