ManyCam ‘Star Bomb!’ Game For DaDaABC

‘Star Bomb!’ is a fantastic ESL numbers game for when you find yourself overusing Hangman and TicTacToe with your DaDaABC online students.

The rules of ‘Star Bomb!’ are simple. But first, you’ll need to download ManyCam to make the game possible.

Click here to read all about ManyCam.

The Rules of ‘Star Bomb!’

There are 13 numbered cards in a circle. Under these cards are bombs, a star, hearts, Hello Kitty and Spiderman.

The process of the game is for the student to select a number to reveal what is underneath.

The aim of the game is for the student to find the star before finding all 3 bombs.

Simple as that!

Here is a video to see it in action:

‘Star Bomb!’ Version 1

However, sometimes the student may find the star too early.

So I’ve created two alternative sets of rules for the ESL number game ‘Star Bomb!’

You can see these two versions in the videos below:

‘Star Bomb!’ Version 2

‘Star Bomb!’ Version 3

So you see that the possibilities are endless. You can just keep on customising the game and making up your own rules as you go.

You’ll need ManyCam to play the game, so you can download the software from the image below:

esl number game

Now here’s how to set this ESL Number game up…

And here you can download the images you need to create ‘Star Bomb!’

And here’s how to load the images into ManyCam…


And if you wish to learn how to create some images yourself for ESL games yourself…

And that is that. I hope you have fun playing ‘Star Bomb!’

It is always a great game to throw at the end of your class with DaDaABC.

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ESL number game


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