DaDaABC Class Activity: ManyCam ‘Super Mario’ Game

After a few classes in a row with your DaDaABC regular students, you may find yourself sometimes repeating material and lacking ideas…I know I do!

That’s why I constantly try and create class activities and fun ESL games for my students to enjoy.

And the ‘Super Mario’ ManyCam Game acts as both a class activity and a fun ESL game for the end of class at the same time!

‘Super Mario’ is an Italian plumber created by Nintendo and is basically an icon of the gaming world…if you didn’t already know.

He is a globally recognised character, that’s why I thought it would be perfect for the Chinese students as they instantly recognise him and gets them excited to play.

Here is a video of me explaining the game:


Click the link below to download the PNG images to play ‘Super Mario’ using ManyCam:

And to download ManyCam, click the banner below:

The Rules of the ManyCam ‘Super Mario’ Game

After you have downloaded the images and added them to ManyCam by following the instructions in the video below:

…then it is time to wow your students with this great game!

It follows a question based format where you can test your student’s English knowledge. You can start with easy questions such as ‘How do you spell apple?’

If they get this right, then Mario moves up one block in the step.

Once they reach the ‘Question Mark’ block, then it is the student’s turn to ask you a question. I have written before about the importance of student’s asking you questions.

If they get a question wrong at any point. You can move Bowser to knock Mario back a block…or to the beginning (depends how evil you are!)

The idea is to get Mario all the way to the star, and subsequently reward your student with a hard-earned star.

I then like to put up the image of Bowser crying afterwards, just to stick it to him and make the student’s victory even sweeter!

DaDaABC Class Activity 'Super Mario' ManyCam Game

Because this game requires the student to dig deep into their knowledge of  English and the DaDaABC courseware, I tend to use it as a class activity, rather than a warm-down game.

Examples of Questions for the ManyCam ‘Super Mario’ Game

I make the most of the pre-existing objects in ManyCam. So for example, you can select a ‘basketball’ object and ask them ‘What sport is this from?’

For when you want to make the questions harder, simply ask for more detail, for instance, I will select the three coloured pencils object and ask them ‘What are these? What colour are they? And how many?’

As a final question, I like to ask for a list of answers, for instance, I will select a school bag object and ask, ‘What are 5 items you would take to school?’

So have a browse through the objects in ManyCam and you’ll soon be thinking of questions you can base around them!

I hope you and your students enjoy this game. Top tip: You don’t have to put on the Mario voice as he jumps from block to block…but you know you want to!

If you’d like to play the ‘Super Mario’ game in your DaDaABC classroom, then download ManyCam through the image below: