How To Never Be Late For Your DaDaABC Class [Requires ManyCam]

With the new DaDaClass update being without a timer in between classes, this made it very difficult to make sure you enter the class the right time.

You don’t want to be too early, and you don’t want to be late and miss out on the attendance bonus (or reward points).

So here is a method for ensuring that you are never late for your DaDaABC class.

Please note: The new update now has a timer, but this method is still a great tool for other reasons I will explain in this article.

Use ManyCam To Create a DaDaABC Screensaver

Here is my video on the method if you would prefer to watch it in action:

Using ManyCam you can select a blank screen after right clicking on one of the activations. Then on top of the blank screen you can add a DaDaABC image.

Here’s the one I use:

How To Never Be Late For Your DaDaABC Class

If you want to use it too, then simply right click it and select ‘Save Image As’.

Now you need to convert it into the right format for ManyCam and add it into the virtual webcam software. Below is a video where I show how to do this simple process:

Now that you have it in ManyCam, just click on it from your ‘Effects’ panel and it should appear on top of your blank screen.

Click the banner below to download ManyCam for your classroom!

Now you can simply transition to this before you enter each class. This means you can enter the class during your 2 minute break and the student will see the screensaver and not think that the class has started yet.

I also enter 5 minutes early doing this method for my first class.

Now I can really make the most of my 2 minute breaks and take a half a sip of tea without frantically checking a timer on my phone.

Other Great Uses For The ManyCam DaDaABC Screensaver

I also transition to the screensaver for when the student hasn’t turned up for class. This allows me to block out the camera whilst I have a break…I mean prepare for my next class!

If there are technical difficulties, I transition to the screensaver, rather than me and the student just making funny faces at each other whilst I frantically try and adjust my settings.

Finally, I transition to it at the end of class so that I can say goodbye to the student and not embarrassingly linger for about 5 seconds whilst I click away at tabs trying to set the bookmark.

Always remember to transition to it the screensaver at the end of class, otherwise you will come to your class early whilst visible in the camera…which pretty much defeats the object!

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How To Never Be Late For Your DaDaABC Class