Travelling Whilst Teaching English Online with DaDaABC

Jobs whilst travelling

I remember when I first started teaching for DaDaABC after a few weeks of searching for jobs you can do whilst travelling.

I was initially looking at teaching ESL in classrooms across Asia when I came across the search term ‘digital nomad jobs’.

This really started to blow my mind as I sat in my stuffy office half way through a 9-5 shift.

My copy of 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss fresh in my mind from the morning, I began to dive into Google exploring ways I could become location independent whilst earning money from my laptop.

To my amazement I discovered I could teach English online from my laptop, almost anywhere in the world…provided there was a good internet connection.

I soon started to realise that this was a legitimate job you can do whilst travelling.

And that was that. Now I teach English for DaDaABC and I can pick up my laptop and go anywhere in the world…something that I dreamed about when staring out the window of an office building.

But it’s not all as idyllic as the picture below depicts:

jobs whilst travelling

Click the image above to read more about becoming a DaDaABC teacher.

So what are some crucial things you need to know about travelling whilst working for DaDaABC?

I’ll give you the reality of the situation right now!

Is it actually possible to travel whilst working for DaDaABC?

Absolutely. However, if you wish to keep your job whilst travelling, the points below will come in handy…

You are obligated to let DaDaABC know whenever you change your location.

With the nature of the job, DaDaABC require a guarantee that your internet connection is up to scratch.

Click the image below to find out the minimum internet speed requirements to work for DaDaABC:

jobs whilst travelling

With this in mind, you might be thinking – ‘How can I possibly travel if I have to ensure a good internet speed in every location and constantly let DaDaABC know?’

Very true. But I will explain the best formula for travelling whilst teaching online. Stick with me.

It is not incredibly viable to teach in places such as cafes, hostels and hotel lobbies…trust me.

This is for numerous reasons:

  • Shared public wifi does not equate to great speeds.
  • It is pretty unrealistic to use TPR and be animated with a puppet in a public place without being told to leave.
  • It is a headache to constantly find places to teach on the move within your contracted hours.

And more importantly…

With DaDaABC, you are required to use broadband and not WiFi or 4G.

This is put in place, purely as they are not a reliable connection.

So you might think that you could just get an unlimited data plan on your phone with 4G and set up an internet hotspot for your laptop.

This could mean that you could set up your classroom anywhere with your own personal WiFi.

However, when I explored this option I started to research how much data teaching with DaDaABC uses. As you may know, ‘unlimited data’ isn’t exactly limited as there is a data cap.

How much mobile data does teaching with DaDaABC use?

So I wanted to know if the teaching would exceed the high amount of data you get in an unlimited package. To estimate this, I looked up how much data a Skype video conversation uses…as this is a similar experience to the DaDaClass app.

So a rough estimation of how much data a video call uses is 0.94 MB/min.

I found this estimation from this article.

So let’s say, that on a regular teaching day with DaDaABC you have 3 hours of teaching time which = 180 minutes. So this is around 170 MBs. Times this by 5 days a week and it is 846.

So basically you will be using around 4GB of data a month. However, DaDaClass more than likely exceeds the data usage of Skype, so your 4GB data plan would not be enough, but unlimited would be fine…technically.

Too bad you’re not allowed to use 4G whilst teaching for DaDaABC!

So what actually is the best way to travel whilst teaching for DaDaABC?

In my opinion, with all the things I mentioned above, it is better to have a solid base for your classroom.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get a mortgage on a place. The best way to do it is to go to a top digital nomad spot where cost of living and rent is low. Get a short term contract and then travel around on days you’re not teaching.

Here is a list of the best Digital Nomad locations.

As the rent is low and the internet connection speed is high in these areas such as Chiang Mai in Thailand, you can save extra cash on rent and use it to travel around…as well as have a reliable base for teaching.

If you can’t make it back to your base in time for your teaching days, you can always get an AirBnB for a nice private place with an internet connection…this is a much better option than a hostel.

My final bit of advice is to get the app on your phone, to constantly check places that you think are potential classrooms.

So if you’ve got dreams of travel and want to become an online teacher with DaDaABC, then apply by clicking the image below:

jobs whilst travelling


10 Best Locations For Digital Nomads [3 are in Europe]

10 Best Locations For Digital Nomads | DigiNo

There is no better time to become a Digital Nomad.

Technology is growing and the possibilities to earn passive income from your laptop are becoming frequently more prevalent.

So what are the best locations for a Digital Nomad to set-up shop and live a life of simultaneous work and vacation?

And what exactly is a Digital Nomad?

Here are 10 of the best locations for Digital Nomads (DigiNos):

1) Berlin, Germany – Best Locations For Digital Nomads

Berlin | DigiNo | 10 Best Locations For Digital Nomads


The German capital has become a hub for Europe’s finest up-and-coming start-ups. Berlin attracts an unorthodox breed of creative people which allows for great networking opportunities…especially in the summer, when a whole heap of DigiNo’s flock to the city’s vibrant surroundings.

Cost of living

For a European city, Berlin’s living expenses and food are cheap…which is probably why Berliners have an infectious love for fun! This is notable by the buzz of the city.


A great place to set-up shop, and with other European destinations just a short flight away, you are sure to find a great work-life balance. Last minute flight to Spain, anyone?

But first…

Find yourself a flight to Berlin


2) Chiang Mai, Thailand  Best Locations For Digital Nomads

Chiang Mai | DigiNo | 10 Best Locations For Digital Nomads


Chiang Mai has become popular as a winter location for Digital Nomads. Escape the cold for the Asian sun and as you lock yourself away on your laptop in one of the many cafes and co-working spaces.

Cost of living

The cost of living is incredibly cheap…and when you combine this with the good Wi-Fi, even better weather and friendly locals, it’s no wonder that Thai city has the hightest concentration of DigiNos anywhere in the world.


When you manage to peel yourself away from your laptop, Thailand has wondrous nature for you to experience, and it is incredibly tourist friendly country, so you should find it easy to get around and explore. Great for a someone at the beginning of their Nomad journey.

Find a flight to Chiang Mai


3) Sofia, Bulgaria – Best Locations For Digital Nomads

Sofia | DigiNo | 10 Best Locations For Digital Nomads


Eastern Europe is on the rise. Sofia is the underdog of this list and is the perfect opportunity for a DigiNo on the rise to come and build your empire in a creative metropolis that is reinventing itself.

There is also wonderful co-working culture so you won’t b

e short of other creatives to bounce ideas off of.

Sofia is a safe city and beautiful place with helpful locals. You cannot beat the combination of Southern Europe with a touch of the Balkans to provide a great quality of life.

Cost of living

Cheap rent and low cost of dining in restaurants – so that’s food and shelter sorted!


There is a great party culture to blow off some steam after a long day of key-bashing on your MacBook and making the most of the flourishing internet speed.

Or if partying isn’t your thing, hit the slopes! Sofia is equipped with some of the most awesome skiing areas in the region.

Find a flight to Sofia


4) Bali, Indonesia – Best Locations For Digital Nomads

Bali | DigiNo | 10 Best Locations For Digital Nomads


The high quality of life and low cost of living in Bali has turned it into somewhat of a haven for globe-trotting entrepreneurs. It’s DigiNo community is in a state of growth so it might be time for you to jump on the wave.

Cost of living in Bali

$1000 a month can see you living well in Bali. This cost ultimately depends on where you lay your hat on the island, but I’m sure you’ll agree it is an incredibly affordable price – especially considering all of the perks…


There are plenty of co-working spaces with super-fast internet for all you work needs.

And on your days off, you can explore through the lush natural terrain with glorious sights aided by tropical weather. You can hike and surf or even kickback in a spa.

The holistic vibe of the place is rife in both Ubud and Canggu also, so health-nuts and yogis will be sure to find their own personal zen in Indonesia.

Find a flight to Bali


5) Buenos Aires, Argentina – Best Locations For Digital Nomads

Buenos Aires | DigiNo | 10 Best Locations For Digital Nomads


Buenos Aires is one of the most popular locations for dynamic DigiNos with its flourishing culture. Expect it to be busy between the months of October and April in the city’s cafes and co-working spaces.

Cost of living

Argentina attracts hoards of DigiNos with its affordable costs of living.


Tuck in to a mouth-watering steak to a fuel you for an evening of scintillating tango.

Location independent entrepreneurs should also check out Palermo valley, where the internet startup scene is really taking off!

Find a flight to Buenos Aires


6) Southern Thai Islands, Koh Phangan and Koh Lanta -Best Locations For Digital Nomads

Koh Phangan | DigiNo | 10 Best Locations For Digital Nomads


Koh Phangan (East coast) and Koh Lanta (West Coast) are rife with co-working spaces. However, these spaces stand-out as they are set amongst tropical gardens and white sand beaches…and the internet speed is as hot as the weather!

Cost of living

The cost of living in the southern Thai islands is ultimately dependent on the season, but in general they are low.


Koh Lanta is home to fantastic white beaches, incredible diving spots and friendly vibe throughout the community.

Koh Phangan is all about that relaxed vibe, entrepreneurial scene and infamous nightlife.

You can keep fit on both of the stunning island with plenty of yoga, crossfit and the fresh fruits of nature.

Find a flight to Koh Phangan


7) Ho Chi Minh City (Formerly Saigon), Vietnam – Best Locations For Digital Nomads

Ho Chi Minh City | DigiNo | 10 Best Locations For Digital Nomads


The great weather and frequent use of the English language has helped Vietnam experience a rapid increase in tourism – yet Ho Chi Minh City still remains a top pic for location independent DigiNos.

Cost of living

The internet speeds are soaring in Ho Chi Minh City…but that doesn’t mean the prices are! The affordable cost of living and great networking and business opportunities makes this city a winner.


High season business booms in Chiang Mai are also felt in Ho Chi Minh City!

The networking opportunities are a real bonus with a Digital Nomad communities hosting regular meet-ups in the Vietnamese city.

Find a flight to Ho Chi Minh City


8) Medellín, Colombia – Best Locations For Digital Nomads

Medellin | DigiNo | 10 Best Locations For Digital Nomads


Medellín is new on to the illustrious list of must-live Digital Nomad locations. Colombia is regarded as one of the more creative countries in South America, which explains the current rise in its digital scene.

With this digital innovation, comes a reform in reputation for the once capital of cocaine. The Colombian city is now a safe place with an expansive DigiNo community – basking in the stability of the internet and quality of the working spaces of course!

Cost of living

The cost of living is affordable, the temperature is warm and locals are friendly. You don’t have to break the bank to live amongst vibrancy!


Medellín’s size should ensure that you don’t get lost in your new home. However there are plenty of pass-times for you to get lost in, such as outdoor activities and awesome nightlife venues.

Find a flight to Medellín


 9) Lisbon, Portugal – Best Locations For Digital Nomads

Lisbon | DigiNo | 10 Best Locations For Digital Nomads


Lisbon is fiercely becoming one of the best Digital Nomad capitals in Europe. Fast internet speeds keep the travelling entrepreneurs ticking, and unique co-working spaces allow for inspirational levels of productivity and a flux of networking opportunities.

Cost of living

Despite Lisbon being a Western capital, the cost of living is still affordable, with good deals on housing available.


Lisbon is rich in tradition as well as modern bohemia. You can explore through the hidden paths of the cosmopolitan streets,  witness a stunning sunset shining across the city or join the buzz of the nightlife in the world-class bars and restaurants.

Find a flight to Lisbon


10) San Diego, USA Best Locations For Digital Nomads

San Diego | DigiNo | 10 Best Locations For Digital Nomads


San Diego is essentially the ‘final boss’ of Digital Nomad destinations. It is perfect for escaping the soaring prices of San Francisco, yet still being exposed to the infamous entrepreneurial and creative vibe of California.

You can also expose yourself to the best rated weather in the USA, with sunny weather across summer and winter. This is sure to put a spring in your step as you collaborate with other high-flying entrepreneurs in co-working spaces.

Cost of living

It is much more affordable than San Francisco, but we are obviously no longer in the pricing territories of Chiang Mai or Bali, so not ideal for beginner DigiNos.


Surf spots for all skill levels, along with awesome beaches and thriving bars, San Diego is somewhat of a paradise for a hard-working DigiNos on their days off.

Take advantage of San Francisco and Mexico being in close proximity…and why not pay a visit to Silicon valley for some real entrepreneurial inspiration!

Find a flight to San Diego


If you’re ready to start your life in one of these glorious places, then click the image below to discover the perfect job to get you started on becoming a Digital Nomad:

Become a Digital Nomad | DigiNo