DaDaABC vs VIPKID [Which Company is Best To Teach For?]

DaDaABC reviews

DaDaABC vs VIPKID is always a natural comparison when people are searching for the best online English teaching company to apply for.

In this guide we will look at the pros and cons of both DaDaABC and VIPKID, and try to come to a conclusion.

In the interest of remaining completely unbiased (seeing as I am a DaDaABC teacher) I have enlisted the opinions of VIPKID teachers to help create this comparison guide.

So let’s ring the bell and begin!

Frequent pros and cons of each company are very much similar when it comes to Glassdoor reviews.

Here are some of the general points for both companies:

PROS of Working for DaDaABC and VIPKID

  • The freedom of working from home

  • Flexible schedule of working either part-time or full-time hours

CONS of Working for DaDaABC and VIPKID

  • Early morning teaching times dependent on location

  • Technical issues

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Due to these pros and cons being so similar, I have taken my research further to an ex VIPKID teacher who made the switch to DaDaABC, as well as a current VIPKID teacher.

I wanted to find some crucial key differences between the two companies.

So below, find the 6 main crucial differences in the comparison of DaDaABC vs VIPKID:

Hiring Policy


DaDaABC’s policy is that of any descent, as long as they are native English speakers.

You should also have a Bachelor’s degree, teaching experience and a good internet connection.

Click the image below to read more about DaDaABC’s hiring policy:




The main key difference here is VIPKID hires only those that are native English speakers with a North American accent.

I suppose you could potentially practice a North American accent in your room for a few days before applying, but I’m unsure of the policy on that!

Stand-by Time Pay [DaDaABC vs VIPKID]


DaDaABC has a policy of paying teacher half-pay for class cancellations, i.e. teachers are only paid full-pay for when they are teaching, and not stand-by time during their contracted hours.

Now half-pay sound like a bad thing, but this policy of DaDa’s is actually a positive when in direct comparison with VIPKID…


VIPKID teachers are only paid for when they are teaching and there are no policies of half-pay when it comes to cancellations or stand-by time.

Half pay is better than no pay at all…that’s what I always say.

Cancellation Policy [DaDaABC vs VIPKID]


If a DaDaABC teacher cancels too many classes there will be a deduction penalty in their pay. This can seem pretty harsh, but when considering that you are hired as an independent contractor, it’s understandable.

However, VIPKID’s policy is not as lenient…


There is a strict cancellation policy – if you cancel 6 classes in 6 months, then your contract is cancelled and you’re out.

This can seem pretty extreme, but it is testament to how competitive the field is, and the level of importance VIPKID puts on reliability in teachers.

Hiring Process [DaDaABC vs VIPKID]


I talk through the hiring process for DaDaABC in the video below:

The basic process of this is:

  • Application
  • Interview
  • Mentoring session and demo class with mentor (pretending to be a student)
  • Demo class with real student
  • Offered position
  • Fill out a profile
  • Training videos


The process is quite similar to that of DaDaABC, so I won’t write it out again.

However, it is said to be more of a rigorous process by former VIPKID employees who then made the switch to DaDaABC.



DaDaABC offers a higher flat rate than VIPKID, but the bonuses are harder to obtain. This rate is between $15-$25 per hour.

You can read more information about how much DaDaABC pays by clicking the banner below:


There are also several bonuses to be earned. One of which is the the referral bonus which you can read about here.


Based on your performance in your interview, you will be offered an amount between $7-$9 (per class, not hourly rate – classes are half an hour sessions).

Now this does seem significantly less than DaDaABC, but the bonuses are a lot easier to achieve in VIPKID.

An example of some of the bonuses you can achieve:

  • $1 for showing up for the full time
  • If you teach 30 classes in a month you can earn an extra $0.50 per class
  • If you teach 45 classes in a month, you can earn an extra $1 per class.

So this brings you closer to an estimated figure of around $18-$22 an hour if you achieve all of the bonuses. Which is still less than DaDaABC’s highest potential flat hourly rate.

Class Bookings [DaDaABC vs VIPKID]


DaDaABC books the classes for you, which is beneficial due to the teacher not having to worry about things such as booking rates, bad reviews and being in competition with other teachers.

You also get regular students with DaDaABC, which you see on a weekly basis, allowing you to build a connection with them…and it also provides a great likelihood of a consistent stream of full-time pay.

Here is a quote about regular students from a former VIPKID teacher who left to join DaDaABC:
‘Being that dada gives regulars, teachers are able to see their students growth. For instance, I have two students that are now speaking and conversing in full sentences about their day and how they feel. 
One of my students, is now able to use my morning and goodbye song. She’s able to sing it all by herself. 
I love seeing the growth and knowing that my teaching style is effective.’
And to even things out, here is a quote from a current VIPKID teacher:
‘VIPKID offers a positive and supportive work environment. The online IT support teams is always available to assist you and ensure a seamless classroom experience for teacher and student.’


With VIPKID, it operates more like the part-time hours for DaDaABC, as opposed to regular students.

You are most likely to get bookings during the peak hours (6pm-9pm Beijing time).

However, you are not always guaranteed bookings if you choose to work in peak time. This puts you in competition with the other VIPKID teachers to get your slots filled during peak hours.

A VIPKID teacher notes, that the competition is so fierce, it can often take weeks before you are fully booked when first starting out.

And an important note is, if your student cancels within 24 hours, you still get paid for the session. However, if they cancel outside of 24 hours then you don’t get paid.

This is different to DaDaABC, where a cancelled student always equates to half-pay if it is during your contracted hours…and no pay if it happens during your part-time hours.

So the thing to remember with DaDaABC is – you only get your full pay for the time that you are teaching…but with VIPKID, you can get your full pay whilst not teaching potentially…BUT your full pay with DaDaABC will be more once you take away the VIPKID bonuses…

…phew, this comparison business is taking its toll on me. One second, I’m just going to take a rest on a DigiNo signature beach image before I go to the final thoughts…


…that’s better.

DaDaABC vs VIPKID…Final Thoughts!

It seems that the two are very similar when it comes to reviews. If we ignore things like time differences causing early risers over in the USA, then it comes down to the main points I analysed.

It seems as if there is a higher potential to earn more money at VIPKID with the much easier to attain bonuses and booking structure.

However, class bookings aren’t as guaranteed like DaDaABC and are very competitive. DaDaABC also has the opportunity to book extra hours alongside your regular students.

So it seems to purely come down to the fact that VIPKID has a very strict cancellation and hiring policy (North American accents).

And DaDaABC’s offering of regular students seems to be popular among teachers who have relished creating connections in the learning environment.

But…I’m not going to go ahead and say DaDaABC wins on a DaDaABC dedicated site…so I’ll leave it up to you decide based on what you’ve read so far!

Click the image below if you would like to apply to become an online teacher with DaDaABC:


10 Ways To Get The DaDaABC Referral Bonus

The DaDaABC Recommendation Record Guide

There are plenty of opportunities to earn bonuses workings as an online teacher for DaDaABC.

The referral bonus is the one of the more lucrative ones. Basically how it works is, if you refer someone to teach for DaDaABC, you will receive a bonus if they get the job and keep it for more than a month.

Click the image below for a full detailed guide on how the referral bonus works:

But what are the best ways to actually get the DaDaABC referral bonus?

Glad you asked. Here’s 10 methods for you:

1.  Reddit [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

Reddit is known as the ‘Front page of the internet’. It is essentially thousands of forums known as ‘sub-reddits’ where people discuss every topic under the sun.

Why is this relevant?

Well there are plenty of sub-reddits for people seeking work and you can post your referral link as well as a description of the job in an incredibly engaged community. This will generate a lot of traffic to your link!

But there are strict rules on Reddit known as ‘Reddiquette’, so be sure to always read the sub-reddit guidelines before posting.

2. Quora [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

Quora is a question and answer platform where people ask questions to the public on any topic under the sun and then…you guessed it, people answer them.

So someone could ask ‘How do I bake the perfect brownies?’ and suddenly there will be dozens of incredibly detailed answers flooding in from people across the internet.

Why is this relevant?

I personally have written answers to questions such as ‘How do I make money online?’ or ‘How can I become an ESL teacher?’

I then wrote a detailed answer describing DaDaABC and put my referral link at the end inviting them to apply for the company if they match the criteria.

If you pick the right question, then you can find yourself with hundreds of thousands of views on your referral link!

3. Facebook Groups [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

DaDaABC Teaching Fun isn’t the only thriving FaceBook community of course. There are endless amounts of groups on FaceBook which you can join and become a part of the discussion.

Once you have truly become a valued member of the community, then you can start posting your link in groups such centred on ESL teaching or simply groups for people looking for home-based jobs.

4. ESL Job Boards [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

There are countless ESL websites out there that have their own job boards which you can create a job advertisement for. One of the free ones is ESL Authority.

You simply create a listing for the DaDaABC job, describe the requirements and post your referral link at the end. Your listing will then have to be approved by the site.

And bingo! You get some great exposure for your link from people specifically looking for a teaching role.

5. Facebook Ads [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

Facebook advertisements involve spending a bit of money, so there is a risk involved.

You go to the ads section on the FaceBook home page and create an advertisement for DaDaABC with an image and a brief bit of copy to entice people to applying for the job. This image when clicked on will have your referral link attached to it of course.

You then set the targeted traffic, or people you want the ad to specifically reach, based on location, age, interests etc.

This ad will then appear on thousands of people’s news feed on FaceBook for the time set. If you get this right it is very effective, but it is the one I advice the least as you can end up losing money.

6. LinkedIn [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

LinkedIn is essentially the Facebook of the professional world. If you connect with the right people you can find yourself with various great job opportunities.

And if you find yourself connecting with a person who is currently looking for work and meets all the criteria of a DaDaABC teacher, pop them over your referral link and inform them of all the wonders of teaching online for DaDa.

7. Twitter [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

By using hashtags on Twitter you can find discussions that are trending such as #WorldTeachersDay for example.

Tweet your referral link with a relevant hashtag, as well as describing the job and you could find a few names popping up on your Recommendation Record.

8. Pinterest [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

Pinterest is like a search engine with images. People browse through pictures of all their favourite topics.

So if you can make a great looking image using Canva, that entices people to apply for DaDaABC, then people may click on your image which will have your referral link attached to it.

Here’s an example of an image I’ve used on Pinterest:

10 Ways To Get The DaDaABC Referral Bonus

9. YouTube [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

You may have seen some of the videos I, and other DaDa teachers have uploaded to YouTube such as this one below:

If you make a great video advertising valuable information about working as an online English teacher for the company, you can then put your referral link in the description for people to apply!

People who are watching a video on how to become a DaDaABC teacher are presumably already considering applying for the job, therefore are more likely to apply through your link.

10. Write for DigiNo [DaDaABC Referral Bonus]

Saving the best for last (I’m not biased at all). You can write all about your experience for working for DaDaABC on this very site as a guest post!

Why would you do this? Good question!

DigiNo receives thousands of visitors a month…and not just DaDa teachers looking for class activity ideas. Most of the traffic comes from organic search on Google of people looking to apply for DaDaABC.

If you want to write a post for DigiNo, you can put your referral link within the post on the site and boost your chances of getting the referral bonus!

Click the image below to visit the ‘Write For Us’ page:

Write For Us

The DaDaABC Recommendation Record Guide

The DaDaABC Recommendation Record Guide

In DaDaClass you will find the ‘Recommendation Record’. If you are using the new version it is under the ‘Personal’ tab, or in the older version it is under ‘My Recommendation Record’.

Here you will find your referral link which is unique to you. This link will take you to the DaDaABC website ready for whoever clicked on it to apply to teach for the online education company

So How Does The DaDaABC Recommendation Work?

If this person then applies using your link, their name will then appear on your Recommendation Record.

I cannot post a screenshot of the Record, but I will try and lay it out as best I can and then describe to you the process of an applicant applying to you getting your bonus, or ‘Recommendation Fee’.

As you may already know, DaDaABC teachers get a generous bonus for referring new teachers!

So the record is laid out like this:

Name | Teacher ID | Application Time | Application Status | Contracted Time | Recommendation Fee

Now I will go into detail about each of the sections of the record.


The applicant’s name.

Teacher ID

This will be blank at first, but if a number appears, this means that the applicants application has passed through to the next stage.

Application Time

The time the applicant applied.

Application Status

This will read one of the following:

Applied: This means their application has yet to be reviewed.

Pending: Their application has been reviewed.

Contracted: The applicant has been successful in their application and been signed to the company.

Resigned/Unsigned: The applicant has made it through to the later stages, but have decided to resign or have been unsigned by DaDaABC

Please note: ‘Resigned/Unsigned’ will only appear once the applicant has been contracted. Most applicants will remain as ‘Pending’ even if their interview or application has been turned down.

So if one of your applicants has been ‘Pending’ for a number of months, even if they have a Teacher ID, it most likely means that they were unsuccessful.

Contracted Time

This is the time that the applicant signed the contract. This is important as the bonus will be released a month after they have been in the job from this contracted time.

That’s right, the applicant must be in the job for more than a month for you to get the bonus. The bonus will then come with your wage the month afterwards.

So if the contracted time reads November, then providing the stayed in the job for a month, you would receive the bonus in your January wage.

Recommendation Fee

This will read 0 rmb until the applicant is contracted. It will then change to the bonus amount when they are contracted (I cannot disclose the exact amount but this information is available in DaDaClass for DaDaABC teachers).

Please note: The fee will remain visible when the ‘Application Status’ switches from ‘Contracted’ to ‘Resigned/Unsigned’. However, this does not mean that you will receive the fee as the applicant is no longer in the job and thus invalidates the ‘must be in the job for a month’ stipulation.

So there is everything I know about the DaDaABC Recommendation Record.

If you would like to find out 10 ways to boost your chances of getting the referral bonus, then click the image below:

The DaDaABC Recommendation Record Guide