10 VIPKID Demo Tips – How To Pass Your Interview (Nancy Taylor)

10 VIPKID Demo Tips – How To Pass Your Interview (Nancy Taylor)

Hello everyone! My name is Nancy Taylor, and I help teachers through the application process and more at VIPKid. I'm a teacher, Interviewer & top referrer. I'd love to help you out!

I have a video with tips to pass your demo with an outline below to help you be successful.

These tips apply to all online ESL teachers, so I hope that they help you in your instruction and classroom atmosphere. Remember to choose to be happy! You can also email me if you have questions or need help with anything! I'd love to be your go to! nancytaylor6262@gmail.com

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VIPKID Demo Tips:

1) Happy & Lots of Energy

Be sure to smile! That is your greatest tool!

2) Speak slower

Remember that this lesson is a level 2.  The child is about 5 years of age with 6 months of English learning.

3) Simple Language

Stick to the objectives and avoid adding fillers such as, “On the next slide.” or “Now we are going to.”

4) Have Props

Some recommended props include: a whiteboard and marker, flashcards, a puppet, play food/toys/animals, a reward system & realia (Objects around the house that apply to the specific lesson). 

5) TPR

Total Physical Response is your ability to show with actions and facial expressions what the words mean as well as helping the child with directions. You also want the student to be doing the actions as they state the words for those kinaesthetic learners.

Educational TPR

When you state, “Monkey” you act like a monkey. This is educational TPR.

Instructional TPR

When you ask, “What is your name?” you would do question arms and then gesture towards the child as you hold up your name or point to a name tag for “name.” This is instructional TPR. 

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6) Model

Be sure to show not just say. Model your expectations for activities, full sentences, and any grammar or pronunciation errors.  

7) Student Output

You want the student to be speaking 50-70% of the time in class. Get them talking instead of you talking the majority of the time! 

8) Synthetic Phonics

You want to avoid the “uh” sound at the end of letters when blending. See the video at the top of page for an example.

9) Set-up

You want:

10) Have FUN!

Be silly and get the child to laugh and smile. Learning a language should be fun!! 

nancy taylor

Good luck!! You got this:)

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