1v1 Classes at Magic Ears? Bookings Expected to Soar

1v1 Classes at Magic Ears? Bookings Expected to Soar

Good News for Current and Hopeful Magic Ears Teachers

Current Teachers

i have some exciting news to share with you Magic Ears is launching a new 1v1 class. One student for one teacher, rather than four students for one teacher! This launched on August 1st and they're expecting booking rates to soar!

How will it work?

The new 1v1 classes will have the same booking model as Magic Ears current classes. That means you're not going to have to make an introduction video and market yourself to the parents like you have to do with some other companies.

Magic Ears anticipates that these new classes will increase your booking rate even more so current teachers should start opening those slots.

At this point you won't be able to open slots specifically for the 1v4 or the 1v1 classes but instead classes will be assigned based on the normal booking system and carrot amounts. The 1v1 class content will follow the current 1v4 curriculum and Magic Ears are in the process of creating a cheat sheet for all teachers to help them thrive in the new classes.

Good News for Hopeful Magic Ears Teachers

This change also means a Magic Ears are hiring in numbers to find teachers for all the students. Four students once needed one teacher…but now four students need four teachers! Meaning lots of booking available for new and current teachers.

Check if you can apply to Magic Ears by clicking the button below:


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