The ‘2 Minute Rule’ For Teaching English Online – Make it Fun and Easy!

The ‘2 Minute Rule’ For Teaching English Online – Make it Fun and Easy!

The ‘2 Minute Rule' is a teaching method I use for teaching ESL online.

The process is simple…

Stay on one activity at a time for 2 minutes and constantly keep moving.

For example, courseware, game, courseware, song etc.

The Benefits of the ‘2 Minute Rule'

  • Keeps students engaged on courseware
  • Fun for you
  • Easy to do
  • Structure makes classes a breeze

Not every student is the same, but I find if you stay on courseware for 15 minutes consistently, more often than not, the yawns will start coming out.

The ‘2 Minute Rule' for 14 Minute Trial Classes

So here is set an example of how a 14 minute trial class could go:

So two minutes in 14, is 7 activities, so here's an example:

 Trial Class (14 mins)
2)ManyCam Basketball
4)Ukulele Improv
7)Goodbye Song

Replace any of these with 2 minutes of free conversation depending on the ability of the student.

I always give special preference to free conversation over any activity in between courseware bursts.

The ‘2 Minute Rule' for 30 Minute Formal/Interest Classes

And here is an example of for a 30 minute formal or regular class. This would be 15 activities:

 Formal/Interest Class
(30 mins)
2)Guessing Game Video
4)Ukulele Improv
6)Super Mario Game
7)Super Mario Game
9)'Where Am I?' Game
11)Star Bomb!
12)Star Bomb!
14)'Where's My Head?' Game
15)Goodbye Song

Same as before, you can swap each of these with free conversation.

As you can see, some games take more than 2 minutes like Star Bomb, Mario and Pokemon.

Or you can also use my reward system…

You can add in my reward system of giving a funny alternative to the high-five after giving them a star.

Each high-five is like a ManyCam Game in itself, so you can alternate this between bursts of courseware.

Click the image below to check out my reward system:

2 minute rule

Final Thoughts on the ‘2 Minute Rule'

This is simply just a guide to show you all the resources I've created that you can turn to and keep the student engaged.

And the best thing is…these activities don't drain you of too much energy.

And they will save you mental energy of having to think up new activities all the time.

Of course, with your regular students, this will get repetitive.

And trust me, I am trying to come up with new games and tricks constantly.

However, with your regulars, I suggest aiming for as much free conversation as possible, and use these tricks sparingly.

But with interest classes and trial classes…knock yourself out!

Do the whole shebang!

I used to leap around like a clown in trial classes to keep them entertained. Now I simply let my system of carefully crafted jokes and games do the work for me.

And of course, free conversation is always my best friend.

But how can I get my regular students engaging in free conversation with ease?

Click the image below to read about the next method for making online teaching fun & easy… the Web of Conversation:

2 minute rule

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