How to Get Rid of the Accent When Learning a New Language

How to Get Rid of the Accent When Learning a New Language

Learning a new language can be fun and fulfilling. However, the correct pronunciation and accent tend to be challenging for many learners. This is because some sounds vary from your native language. Moreover, there’s more to learning a new language, including understanding the correct intonation, tone, rhythm, and stress. 

Mispronunciation and a strong accent can be embarrassing and may adversely affect your confidence in speaking a new language. Fortunately, you can learn how to get rid of an accent. This article will discuss how to change your accent. 

Learn the Basics of the New Language

Though getting rid of an accent is challenging, learning the basics of the new language can help you improve your pronunciation. Instead of focusing on completely losing your native accent, aim at learning a new one. Learning the basics will allow you to speak and pronounce the new language better. Moreover, people will understand you better, and you will gain confidence.

An excellent place to begin is to look at the common sounds of the new language. Identify these sounds, study them, and practice regularly. You can also search various online resources, such as YouTube, for natives teaching how to pronounce words in their native language.  

Dictionaries are also a good place to learn the basics. In addition to providing the definition, they also give the proper pronunciation, usage, and etymologies. Some online dictionaries also offer sound files that allow learners to listen to native speakers. Dictionaries make some of the best self-learning resources on how to change your accent. 

Learning the basics of a new language first can help you avoid common lousy speech habits. For instance, Word Reference is a free online dictionary that provides native recordings of how to pronounce words. Such a tool can help you improve your accent early in learning a foreign language. 

How to Get Rid of the Accent When Learning a New Language

Listen to Native Speakers

Listening to native speakers is one of the best ways of learning how to pronounce new words. Hearing how they pronounce words provides a familiarity with the intonation patterns, sounds, and rhythm. But what do you do if there are no native speakers around you?

The Internet offers plenty of content that will expose you to the language you are trying to learn. You can download podcasts, listen to music, and watch movies. Listening to a new language passively can help get rid of your accent speaking. For instance, Netflix has a lot of content that can help you change your accent. 

However, some content could be geo-blocked in your location. If this is the case, knowing how to Netflix unblock will be the best way to access unlimited content. Look for the best VPN to watch Netflix and install it on your Smart TV, PC, or smartphone. The VeePN VPN will unblock movies online and give you access to unlimited content. 

One good way is to look at reviews online that will help familiarize yourself with it before starting to use it.  

Practice What Your Hear

Learning a new accent is more than just listening to native speakers; you must practice what they say. Repeat after your teacher, after the podcast, or characters of the film you are watching. It would also be beneficial to watch movies with subtitles on. If you're listening to a song, try to sing along. 

Try to sound as original as possible. Have someone check your pronunciation, like a native speaker or your language teacher. You can also try different techniques, such as language shadowing, which involves repeating sounds. Moreover, this technique is ideal even for independent learners who want to improve their pronunciation.  

Don't be afraid to say things out loud, even by yourself. This makes you your new partner, and it works. Watch how the trainer's mouth moves and try mimicking them in front of a mirror. Alternatively, try reading books written in the new language out loud. Try repeating phrases from films like Friends, The Office, and The Big Bang Theory.

Talk With Native Speakers

Though listening and practicing are essential, talking teaches you how to get rid of an accent. Take every opportunity to speak in the new language. Being active will help you to pronounce sounds faster. After all, you learned your first language by listening to what people said and repeating after them.

Find a friend who you can talk to regularly. If you don’t have native speakers nearby, find friends through online platforms. If possible, find someone who wants to learn your language and teach each other. Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions or request corrections. You can also use platforms such as AmazingTalker or italki

Record Yourself

There’s no better way to identify and correct your weaknesses than listening to your recording. Please make a video of yourself speaking in a foreign language and analyze it deeply. Look at the position of your mouth and tongue and how they move as you pronounce different sounds. Then, compare with how native speakers speak. 

The video will help you identify what sounds challenge you. However, this requires effort, and you must be critical of yourself. After determining your challenges, practice the same sentences and re-record them. Comparing the two videos and seeing the progress will motivate you. 


Getting rid of your accent requires time and effort. You will need to listen attentively as natives speak and practice regularly. Watching films and listening to podcasts help significantly. Invest in the best VPN to watch Netflix and unlock unlimited content. This content will help you learn how to change your accent. More importantly, follow the above tips.

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