ALO7 Overview – Online ESL Teaching Company

ALO7 Overview – Online ESL Teaching Company

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ALO7 Job Description

This is an exciting opportunity to work in an online teaching environment, being given access to your very own virtual classroom. 

You can teach from all across the world with nothing more than a desktop PC or laptop.

No teaching experience required – you will be given the curriculum and shown how to lead the class by an academic team, as well as being provided with your own Tutor Support System made up of your own personal team.

You will be teaching children between the ages of 5 and 18, in one-on-one sessions, one-on-three classes or in small groups, and only between 25 and 50 minutes.

You will be expected to observe Beijing Standard Time, holding classes between 6pm and 10pm, Monday to Sunday.

It will pay between $15 and $22 per hour in US currency. 

ALO7 Requirements


It’s important that students not be thrown off by accents they’re not familiar with. For this reason, applicants should possess one of the following accents:

  • Native North American
  • Native UK
  • Native Australian
  • Native New Zealand


  • College Graduate
  • Bachelor Degree or above

ALO7 Teaching Platform

ALO7 makes use of both ZOOM as well as its own virtual classroom platform AOC.

Teaching Hours

Peak tutoring hours fall between 6pm and 9pm Beijing Time.

It is recommended that you make time for at least 12 classes a week, this being a total of 6 hours a week. 

Hours are available in two distinct models:

Model A – Classes booked by schools

In this model, a tutor may do as few as 6 hours a week or as much as 28 hours a week, with the possibility to do even more.

Once booked, classes tend to repeat on a weekly basis – particularly those of a one-on-one or one-on-three nature.

Model B – One-to-One Tutoring

These hours are usually during peak hours, but a greater range of one-to-one classes are available outside of peak hours as compared to the previous Model.

These classes are more random, having been booked by parents directly. This means that it fits their schedule better, but might require some time management from you.

The demand is not controlled by ALO7. It is purely market-driven. Some tutors don’t get classes for a few weeks, whereas others book almost immediately. Make yourself as marketable as possible. 

Class Booking Factors

Peak hours are between 6-9pm Beijing time (with a particular spike between 7-9).

The following factors will greatly increase your chances of receiving bookings:

  • having at least 12 slots available for classes during peak times
  • finishing classes – this builds a reputation and shows you’re reliable, as well as increasing your chance of getting the same student next week
  • advertising your qualifications 
  • having an appropriate accent 

But, the following will drastically damage your chances of receiving bookings:

  • having 2 or more ‘no shows’ in your record
  • putting in for a long leave of absence, or several leaves of absence within the near future
  • receiving complaints, from partner schools or from students/parents
  • having returned from leave for less than a month

About you 

If you’re considering applying for this position, you should meet the following criteria:

  • Born and raised in the US, Canada, UK or Australia – and in possession of a passport from one of these countries. Failing that, a birth certificate will be considered.
  • A bachelor’s degree or proof of enrolment in a four-year college program
  • Evidence of having worked with a TEFL/TESOL environment before, or evidence of ESL certification
  • Experience with tutoring is preferred
  • An enjoyment of working with children, particularly through a digital medium
  • A willingness to maintain open slots during peak hours

Computer Requirements

As the work will be carried out online, you will be expected to meet certain technological specifications:

ALO7 Pay

  • The pay will range between $15 and $22 USD per hour. 
  • Each 25 minute class paying $7.50.
  • 50 minute lessons pay $15 an hour.

There is also an additional ‘Incentive Pay’ for classes which is subject to change. The current rate is up 5% to 13.3%, with projected incentives to rise 5% to 25%.

The pay will be monthly, on or before the 15th of each month for all classes taught during the previous month.

Direct Deposit is the preferred form of payment, with VEEM serving as the primary method. 

PayPal is available as a secondary payment method, but will charge a 2% fee. This is PayPal’s exchange rate and is not negotiable with AlO7.

Teacher Evaluation Criteria

All tutors will have a cumulative Quality Control Score (QC). This will be determined by the school’s Rubrics and will determine a tutors overall tutoring qualities.

Scores are cumulative specifically because a tutor’s skills cannot be determined by one or two classes. Whether those classes are successful or challenging, they will not give an accurate view of a tutor’s abilities. Consequently, scores are cumulative. 

The schools will randomly select at least one class a week, and rate the tutors performance in this class.

The following nine criteria will determine your QC score:

  • Academic Outcomes
  • Learning Culture
  • Instruction
  • Positive Feedback
  • Corrective Feedback
  • Tutor’s Tone
  • TPR
  • Equal Attention
  • Engagement 

Each criteria is marked from 1 to 5, and the QC score is determined from the average of these scores.

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