Will applichat Revolutionize Social Media Recruiting in the Philippines?

Will applichat Revolutionize Social Media Recruiting in the Philippines?

Filipino online ESL companies are leaders in social media recruiting.

51 Talk’s strong employer brand has seen them go from less than 100 to 10,000 teachers in just 6 years. They consistently recruit using Facebook ads, have a page with over 750,000 fans, & are listed on the New York stock exchange.

Yet, while many Filipino other companies are using social media for recruiting, it’s often ineffective. 

Here’s the problem with social media recruiting in the Philippines. We’ll use the example of BPOs – business process outsourcing – which hires Filipinos to do jobs more cost-effectively than US/European work forces.

  • The booming BPO industry is expected to hire over 1 million staff in the next 5 years.
  • BUT advertising on Facebook opens the floodgates to 100s of unqualified applicants: the largest firms reject more than 3,000 per month. Higher-than-average salaries are attractive for many to ignore, and they make applications of hope rather than confidence.
  • The volume leaves applicants frustrated as they receive no feedback, & companies struggle to grow effectively & hire new recruiters to manage the workload. 
  • Many Filipno companies like 51 Talk save money & improve retention through referrals. But still only 2.2% of their applicants were successful.

A new company, applichat, is making some revolutionary changes to the process of social media recruiting in the Philippines. 

They first caught DigiNo’s eye after helping online ESL company First Future reduce hiring costs by 50% & raise interview attendance by 150%.

First Future

Pay: $8 – $16 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree Required: Bachelor's
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First Future

Applichat claim to help BPO companies recruit 50% more without hiring new staff & that 20% of applicants will be successful…so you see, it's not simply a means to help recruitment for online English teacher jobs.

Will they revolutionise social media recruiting in the Philippines? We had a look at applichat’s offering a bit closer to find out.

Helping Companies Hire Cheaper

Applichat automate the screening & pre-qualification of job candidates through a white-labeled recruitment chatbot. This saves HR staff the bother, & enables their re-allocation to other roles which generate more revenue. 

Their use of Facebook for sourcing is certainly appealing, as it doesn’t just target active job seekers, but people already performing in a role too. 

Providing A Better Candidate Experience

We think applichat are very strong in this respect. Generation Z especially are seeking companies who align with their values & provide streamlined opportunities to apply. applichat’s use of Facebook Messenger makes applying simple, through using a platform people are comfortable on.

We think this a good match for the Philippines because:

  • Filipinos spend more time online than any other nationality.
  • More than 90% of Filipino internet users are on Facebook.
  • A large proportion of Filipinos come from Generation Z – their average age of Filipinos is 25 compared to 38 in the USA.

To sum up

We think it’s an awesome idea. 

However, if applichat are to revolutionise social recruiting in the Philippines, they will have to expand in the market. This will require a strong marketing strategy, new hires, & the will within BPO clients to take risks to gain a competitive edge.

We’ll be watching them closely. ?

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