Apply to Hujiang – Become an Online English Teacher

Apply to Hujiang – Become an Online English Teacher

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Teaching English online with Hujiang can allow you to work from your laptop in the comfort of your own home whilst earning money.

  1. Native English teachers from USA, Canada, UK,  Australia, New Zealand (South Africans not currently accepted).
  2. Have head set, and good internet with 10 mbps for both upload and download speed
  3. Can teach at least 10 hours per week during M-F 6pm-10pm, Sat,Sun 9am-10pm

Hujiang runs two programs, one is HiTalk (teaching adults) and the other is the K-12 program for teaching children.

You will use Hujiang's learning resources to teach either age group and making the learning of English enjoyable for the student.

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The pay rates for each program differ.

For the HiTalk (adults only) program – $10-$16 per hour.

For the K-12 program – $16 – $20 per hour.

Receive your pay for Hujiang through Payoneer.

Hujiang not the right fit? No problem…

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