Are VIPKid & Gogokid on a Hiring Freeze?

Are VIPKid & Gogokid on a Hiring Freeze?


Pay: $15 – $22 per hour
Certificate: Required
Education: Bachelor's
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What are VIPKid & Gogokid?

VIPKid & Gogokid are both companies based in China where teachers can teach English online to Chinese students in China. They are similar to each other in that they provide 25 minute lessons on their platform to students in China ages 4-12.

Both companies hire North Americans with Bachelor degrees and they require a neutral North American accent.  They are well known in the online ESL teaching world and have been growing steadily since their inception. 

For both companies, parents book classes for their children and choose a teacher on the platform. They have provided opportunities for thousands of teachers to work at home, create a flexible schedule and create income while working at home or while traveling.

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Are VIPKid & Gogokid on a Hiring Freeze?

While some companies in the online ESL teaching market are on a hiring freeze, VIPKid & Gogokid, as of May 2020, are not one of them. They are hiring teachers but not actively running any hiring campaigns. This means that teachers can still apply, be interviewed and have their documents processed after passing the application stages, but their onboarding and first few weeks might see a slow start.

Teachers are being onboarded everyday and getting started with teaching online and making money from home! 

You might ask if VIPKid & Gogokid have hired too many teachers because it doesn’t take much to see online reviews and facebook posts complaining about low bookings, too many teachers and an oversaturated market.  While it is true that some teachers are struggling with bookings, this is not the case across the board.

Many teachers are able to work successfully and make great money on these and other platforms. Let’s not forget that you are an independent contractor and VIPKid and Gogokid don’t make any guarantees for bookings. It comes down to hard work, consistency and a positive and optimistic attitude!

How do I get hired to VIPKid & Gogokid?

You can easily create an application with either company and begin the process. VIPKid has a straightforward process of doing a short demo via your phone called the Smart Demo Lesson, followed by completing a live 10-minute Mock class.

You have unlimited opportunities to pass the Mock. Then you are on the final stages where you create a profile, upload your documents and complete a background check.

Gogokid has a very similar process, whereby you will complete a live or recorded interview (note: it is difficult to schedule an interview so be patient!), followed by a Mock lesson.

VIPKid tends to have an easier and faster hiring process than Gogokid overall but it varies from person to person.

What are the hiring requirements?

For both companies, they require:

  • Completed bachelors degree in any field
  • US or Canadian citizenship
  • 1+ years teaching-related experience
  • TESOL / TEFL certificate

Has Covid-19 caused low bookings in VIPKid & Gogokid?

Bookings are not low across the board.  In actual fact, Covid-19 has caused an increase in overall bookings with both companies because more students are at home taking classes. However, if you are wondering why some people are talking about low bookings, here are some potential answers that might help explain the situation.

Increase in applicants

VIPKid & Gogokid have recently hired a lot of teachers due to the global pandemic and more people are working from home than ever before. Many have lost their regular source of income, lost their jobs or been forced to take pay cuts.

Teaching ESL online has always been an attractive job for so many but it is surging in popularity these days. Also, many people who may have started their application months or even years ago are revisiting the opportunity. 

Current teachers opening more slots

There are also simply more teachers who are at home and are therefore opening more slots. Think of brick & mortar teachers who only teach part-time; many of them are adding hours to their schedule.  Many online teachers who only taught part-time for VIPKid and Gogokid are adding on the hours where they can. As well, many VIPKid teachers are applying to Gogokid (& others) to diversify their income and fill in their schedule when their normal slots aren’t booking.

Chinese students are not consistent with booking classes

Another variable is that the students booking our classes are very inconsistent. Some are returning to school, some are taking a break from their online ESL classes and some are taking more classes! Students are not only taking classes during peak times anymore. 

We know that there are classes being booked by parents overall but there are also more slots being opened because more people are at home wanting to teach ESL online.  Bookings are not low for everyone. Some teachers are finding bookings have increased and the demand for their classes is higher than before. 


Pay: $14 – $20 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree Required: Bachelor's
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Why Are VIPKid & Gogokid Applicants Processing Slowly?

There are a number of reasons why VIPKid & Gogokid applicants are processing slower than normal. 

China staff are working at home

Firstly, head office staff at both companies are working at home and there are less people processing documents, interviewing candidates and systems are processing slower than normal.

Balancing supply and demand

Secondly, companies want to make sure that the students will be there for their new teachers. They are not just pushing out thousands of teachers everyday without ensuring the students are also going to be able to match the increase in teachers. 

Abnormally high applications

Finally, we see that the demand for interview and mock time slots are making it difficult for teachers to schedule their demo classes. We are in a slight abnormal situation and the above situations may change as time goes on. 

What Can Online ESL Teachers do while waiting?

There are lots of things that applicants can do while waiting for their demo’s to schedule, and for their documents to clear in the final stages, or while they wait for bookings.

Learn & Grow!

One of the best things that you can do as an online ESL teacher is to grow and develop in your understanding of teaching online and how to become a better teacher.

There are workshops available to you with both companies as a new teacher that you should take advantage of. There are training videos and support materials that you can read and absorb while you are waiting for your application to process or while you are waiting for your classes to book.

Take advantage of the resources and support that is available to you during this time! Watch videos of other teachers teaching and providing tips and tricks that will help you become an even better teacher yourself.

Apply to Other Online ESL Companies

The great thing about online teaching is that you can work for multiple companies because you are an independent contractor. While you are in the process for one company, consider applying to other companies.

There are companies that focus on different areas of the world, focus on teaching adults and have different booking strategies (parent-booked vs company-booked).  It is important to diversify your income and don’t rely on only one source of income in your online esl business. 

Focus On What You Can Control

Can you control what other companies decide to do? In most cases, definitely not! You can control what you do with your time, and how you make decisions. Focus on the things you can control, like:

Be focusing on what you can control, you will feel more in control of situations that you may normally not feel in control of!

Can I Teach ESL Online During a Pandemic?

Of course you can! This is one of the best jobs to have during a global pandemic, or a time when people are forced to work from home. There isn’t a better opportunity out there than online ESL teaching to create some income at home doing a fun job that you will enjoy. 

What’s stopping you from getting started?

Apply today and get help and support to get your applications passed and understand how to pass your Demo and Mock class.

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