6 Ways To Fill Spare Time After The Assessment Test [DaDaABC]

6 Ways To Fill Spare Time After The Assessment Test [DaDaABC]

We've all been there in our time teaching for DaDaABC. 30 minutes for the assessment test; the student completes it in 10.

With no courseware to full back on, is a 20 minute game of hangman the only option? Well it might have been until suddenly the pen disappeared from my options.

So that's why I came up with this list of of ways to make the most of the spare time after the assessment test:

1)  Review The Questions The Student Got Wrong (And Help Plan Your After-Class Report)

By going through these questions, the DaDaABC student can learn from their mistakes and you can go into detail as to why their answer was incorrect.

You can also make note of this in the chat box to help you fill out your class report.

For example, if they got a lot of the comprehension questions wrong, then you can put an example of the question they got wrong in the chat for later. Copy and paste this into your report and set it again for them as homework so they can perfect it.

For more Homework Assignment Ideas for teaching English online with DaDaABC, click the image below:

Assessment Test DaDaABC | DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas

2) Engage in Free-Chat or Use the ‘3 Question's' Class Activity

If your student is more advanced and quite the chatterbox, then you don't have too much to worry about when it comes to using the time to engage them in free chat.

However, if your student isn't quite that advanced, then simply use the ‘3 Questions' class activity! You can read all about this method by clicking the image below:

Assessment Test DaDaABC| Class Activity Idea For DaDaABC - '3 Questions'

3) Use Any of DigiNo's ManyCam Games or Tips and Tricks

I really cannot imagine a world without using ManyCam in my DaDaABC online classroom anymore.

I was always quite anxious about the Assessment Test  before I downloaded an endless supply of digital props at my fingertips. Now I know, I can quite comfortably keep my students entertained and engaged using ManyCam, without dancing around like an idiot for 20 minutes.

Here are a few video examples of games and tricks for you to use with ManyCam:

You can get ManyCam for your online classroom by clicking on the image below:

4) Sing Some Fun ESL Songs Together

If you have a musical instrument, or my personal recommendation…a ukulele, then you can engage in a good ol' hearty sing-song with your online student.

I always find music and ESL to go perfectly together. It is the perfect blend of educational and fun!

Click the image below to discover 5 great ukulele songs to play with your DaDaABC student:

Assessment Test DaDaABC - '3 Questions'| Top 5 Ukulele Songs To Play To Your Online ESL Students

5) Use Flash cards To Substitute The Courseware

Flash cards are a great tool to have in your belt. They are essentially courseware in your pocket.

You can use them to brush up on your student's vocabulary, or even use them as conversation topics.

Here are some great flash cards on the DigiNo Shop:

Playskool Flash Cards


6) Play an ESL Video Through ManyCam

I always like to use ManyCam to play educational YouTube videos through if there is time after the assessment test as a reward for a job well done.

There is always an opportunity to make an activity out of it if you choose the right kind of video.

Click the image below to read about one of the ‘Mr Bean' videos I use as a class activity:

Assessment Test DaDaABC | Lesson Plan For DaDaABC

And there's few ways to help fill the spare time after the DaDaABC Assessment Test !

I hope this has been helpful. Now there is no need to fear that you and your online ESL student will be left twiddling your thumbs after they finish the test in record time!

If you have any ideas for activities to do after the DaDaABC Assessment Test, feel free to share them with the DigiNo community in the comments below!

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