Audible Giving Out Free AudioBooks for Kids (Free Resources For Teachers)

Audible Giving Out Free AudioBooks for Kids (Free Resources For Teachers)

With schools closed, Audible has released free listens of kids stories across six different languages, allowing them to continue learning or to keep their mind busy with fantasy. This is great for teachers with kids, or you may even find a way to use them in your online teaching classes.

There are also literary classics on there that you may enjoy listening to yourself such as, Moby Dick or Call of the Wild.

You just have to explore the collection, select a title and start streaming from the link below:

You can also get 30 days free from the full Audible collection as well at the affiliate link below:

Other Free Educational Resource for Teachers at Home

Blinkist also has a free trial:

This app condenses books into short written and audio summaries. So you can get the main juice from a book in about 10 minutes! Here is the affiliate link:

More Resources

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