How Can Virtual Apps Benefit Students and Their Education?

Technology has come a long way in the past few years, and one area that has benefited is education. Virtual apps are now being used to help students learn in new and innovative ways. There are many benefits to using virtual apps in the classroom, and listed below are just a few of them. Immersive […]

4 Best Puppets for Online English Teachers

The use of puppets or plush toys like We Bare Bears merch in online teaching makes learning fun across all ages. Puppetry as a teaching aid for educators offers teachers one of the most inexpensive and helpful online teaching tools. There are numerous benefits of using puppets in teaching. They include: Children will be able […]

4 Benefits of a Standing Desk for Working Online

As an online teacher, there is a good chance that you will be sitting down a lot since you do not have a traditional classroom to walk around in. Also, when streaming online English classes, you have to stay in a position to prevent distractions and poor quality of the feed. This extensive sitting has […]

Osprey Farpoint 40 Review (The Digital Nomad Backpack)

As a traveling online teacher or digital nomad, there are usually a lot of supplies that you would have to carry around like your laptop, online teaching tools and other accessories with you at all times. This means that you need to have a bag that is large enough to carry everything you need and […]

Top 3 Mechanical Keyboards to Improve Your Productivity

As an online teacher or a someone making income online, you’re probably on your computer every single day (or, if you’re on a laptop, check out the best laptops for online teachers). When you’re in the zone and getting some really good work done, it’s the absolute worst when your keyboard keys get stuck or […]

5 Best Ethernet Cables for Teaching Online (Cat 8 Ethernet Cable?)

Table of Contents Why Use an Ethernet Cable for Teaching Online? What is a Cat 8 Ethernet Cable? How Will an Ethernet Cable Improve My Teaching? 5 Best Ethernet Cables for Teaching Online  Why Use an Ethernet Cable for Teaching Online? Do you remember a few years back when ‘fiber optics’ was the new future […]

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