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VIPKID vs First Future – Policies, Pay and Bookings Compared

In the last year or so, the online ESL industry has really taken off, and as such, many more companies are opening up to fill the demand for Chinese students looking to learn English online. Until recently, big players such as VIPKID and DaDa were the go-to choice, but as the demand for online English […]

Classroom Management Plan – Create the Perfect Plan in 5 Steps

As a teacher, your job is to help your students to learn as much as they can in school. A big part of that is setting up an environment that is conducive to learning, which is why having a solid classroom management plan in place is so important. A good classroom management plan can make […]

13 Frugal Living Tips – Stretch Your Online Teacher Salary!

Online teaching is awesome, but let’s face it, it’s doesn’t exactly pay a six-figure income. At best, online teaching platforms pay up to $30 an hour, but the average pay rate is closer to $20. Don’t get me wrong, that’s great— but it’s not going to make you a millionaire overnight. That’s why today, we’re […]

Top 10 VIPKID Competitors (What’s the Best Online Teaching Job?)

VIPKID is one of the most popular online teaching companies, mainly due to their effective marketing strategy and being somewhat of a pioneer in the industry of teaching English online. However, while they’re a very appealing option for those from the US and Canada, VIPKID is just the tip of a very large iceberg that […]

PROS and CONS of Cambly – Earning Per-Minute Teaching Adults Worldwide

Become an Online Tutor with Cambly! When it comes to online English teaching, a lot of the companies out there offer a very similar package.   Companies like DaDa, MagicEars, and SayABC offer teachers an opportunity to work with Chinese children aged 3-15 during Beijing peak hours in exchange for decent pay and a set […]


Everyone is looking for that perfect job. The one where working is a pleasure every day. The one that fits into your schedule perfectly, provides the right amount of flexibility and sends you a healthy paycheck at the end of the month. But as Stephen Hawking once said, “One of the basic rules of the […]

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