4 Best Broadband Internet Providers In The USA For Online Teachers

4 Best Broadband Internet Providers In The USA For Online Teachers

Become an Online Teacher!

One of the most crucial aspects of teaching online?

A secure internet connection!

Choosing the best internet service provider for you depends on which part of the USA that you live in and…what you want to do online.

Most of the country has covered by the top internet service providers so you should be sure of what your requirements are in order to choose which the best broadband internet provider is for you.

Not sure?

If you’re not sure which providers are the best for you, consider the coverage, the average speed of the connection (most offer a minimum of 25 Mbps) and how their customer service reviews stack up!

The DaDa online teaching minimum internet speed requirement is 10 mbps download speed and 2 mbps upload speed so you should also bear that in mind when choosing an internet plan with your ISP.

Let's take a hearty look at the 4 best broadband internet providers for USA online teachers…


1. XFINITY from Comcast

Best Broadband for USA Teachers

When it comes to raw speed, Comcast provides up to 2,000 Mbps consistently in majority of the USA.

No matter where you are, they have a cable network that is among the largest 2G providers in the United States. While the price may be high, the speed is dependable for online teaching, video streaming and anything else you could possibly want to do on the Internet. You also get a high data cap of 1 TB witch is extremely generous.

My verdict on Xfinity…it's pretty pricey. And not really in the budget for an online teacher – even with a high hourly rate.

But don't worry! Here's some cheaper options…

2. AT&T

Best Broadband for USA Teachers

With ownership of a huge portion of the American internet backbone, AT&T can provide up to 1,000 Mbps, the fastest DSL speeds in most parts of the country! And if you live in a big city, chances are you will get gigabit speeds for your browsing pleasure.

In terms of customer service, AT&T has one the highest ratings in the US and has scored 5/5 on many customer service surveys. You get dependable customer service, amazing speeds for online teaching, ManyCam streaming and one of the widest coverages in the country.

Click Here for AT&T Pricing Plan!


3. Verizon


Best Broadband for USA Teachers

Verizon’s fiber optic service ranges in speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps but with the latest FCC report showing that speeds are actually 10% faster than reported!

This is perfect for video streams, live conferencing and online teaching with ManyCam games. Verizon offers two-year contracts so not so much flexibility, but their plans come with many perks to offset the duration of the contract.

Customer service is excellent and despite the price, offers good value for money.

Click to see Verizon Prices!


4. HughesNet


Best Broadband for USA Teachers

This is a satellite internet provider and so coverage is nationwide, virtually available no matter where you live.

With speeds of 25 Mbps for all their plans, there’s enough speed for online teaching, ManyCam, video streaming, or anything else you may need.

HughesNet has better plans than other satellite internet providers and is excellent value for money. The included free data zone between 2am and 8am also means that you can schedule your overseas online classes and save money on internet.

HughesNet rates above average on customer satisfaction but make up for this with an Express Repair service that ensures 24/7 technical support whenever you need it.

Check Prices for HughesNet!


So through those choices, hopefully you will find the right provider to keep your classroom connection reliable and secure!

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Best Broadband for USA Teachers


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