Which is the Best Digital Marketing Course? (HINT – A Cheap or Free One)

Which is the Best Digital Marketing Course? (HINT – A Cheap or Free One)

The best digital marketing course is the one that costs you very little money and gives you actionable information.

In my time creating DigiNo, I have never bought a course that promises so much, in exchange for hundreds of dollars.

It never made sense to me that these courses market to people looking to make money (so are mostly broke) and yet charge huge price tags.

There are probably some courses out there that are worth the money, but I was never in a financial position to be taking such a risk…if I was, I'd be making a digital marketing course myself!

“So how can I find a cheap digital marketing course?”

Everything I've learned to help me create niche websites and earn passive income, has been primarily through reading books and…courses on Skillshare.


Skillshare is an online course platform with thousands of useful courses – a lot of which are digital marketing.

The best bit is…

…you can start a 2 month free trial and get access to all of these videos! And after the free trial, it is only $10 a month.

So you can learn digital marketing for free in 2 months…or carry on your education for $10 a month…completely up to you.

Examples of Skillshare Digital Marketing Courses

Here are some Skillshare classes I took….

I couldn't believe my luck when I saw a course by the digital marketing maestro Seth Godin:

The Modern Marketing Workshop – Seth Godin – Skillshare

Click the image to check it out on Skillshare. But you will need to sign up to the free 2 month trial first.

Best Digital Marketing Course

This will give you the fundamentals of digital marketing.

And then you can go deeper and discover the sources where you can make money using your digital marketing skills:

Passive Income Sources: Where I make money online from over 10 sources – Skillshare

Best Digital Marketing Course
Click the image to view the course and get 2 months free of Skillshare. 

You can also learn some vital social media skills from Gary Vaynerchuk himself:

Context is Key: Social Media Strategy in a Busy Online World – Gary Vaynerchuk – Skillshare

Best digital marketing course
Click the image of Gary to view the course and get 2 months free of Skillshare. 
And I've even created my own:

Create and Automate Profitable Niche Websites

best digital marketing course

Final thoughts…

There are digital marketing courses out there that will cost you hundreds or thousands and you may not learn a thing, however Skillshare is as little as $10 a month after the two month free trial.

And for this you can learn from masters in the game. Skillshare has upped my skills dramatically. I don’t intend to spend a penny on any other digital marketing course to be honest.

Try it for yourself for 2 months absolutely free:

Best Digital Marketing Course

Join Skillshare

Skillshare Teacher

And if you feel like you have knowledge to share, you can even become a Skillshare teacher yourself.
Click the image below to see how much Skillshare teachers can make:
Best digital marketing Course

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