5 Best Shoes for Teachers (A Varied List of Unique Teacher Shoes)

5 Best Shoes for Teachers (A Varied List of Unique Teacher Shoes)

If you're looking for the best shoes for teachers, then you probably already know that a teacher is on their feet from dawn ‘til dusk. Running around, place to place, class to class; it’s enough to burn a hole through even the most dependable of shoe.

Luckily for all you teachers, aspiring lecturers or would-be-educators, we’ve compiled a selection of shoes to keep you on your feet right up until you’re ready to take them off after a day’s hard work.

The shoes in this list are competitively priced unless explicitly stated otherwise, and all chosen with the intention of making your life as easy as possible.

General ‘new shoes’ etiquette applies – wear plasters/band aid, thick socks, look out for blisters – they’re not miracle workers. But they’re as close as we’re going to get in this life.

1) Ipari Hana Xero Shoes

For the Traveling Teacher

best shoes for teachers
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The Ipari Hana Casual Canvas shoe, provided by Xero Shoes, is the ideal shoe for traveling teachers working in teach from home jobs.

Why? Because it is designed for the sole to rest on the ground just as a foot would. You can walk around as if you're wearing zero shoes!

This comfortable footwear, available at a competitive price, is flexible and totally vegan-friendly.

It fits true to size and is a great addition to the wardrobe of a teacher on-the-go.

Here they are on Shark Tank:

Its unique style means it won’t be appropriate in a more formal or ‘professional’ setting, but for those who teach in a laid back atmosphere (like teaching in the comfort of home for Allschool or Preply), this shoe is certainly one to consider.

Here is an online teacher wearing them after walking up a mountain in Scotland…in between online teaching classes:

best shoes for teachers
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2) VANS Unisex Classic Slip-On

For the Casual Teacher

best shoes for teachers
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These shoes are a shade smarter than the Hana Casual Canvas, but still maintaining the comfort that a teacher requires from day-to-day footwear.

These 100% canvas shoes are available at a competitive price. The combination of their comfort lining and rubber sole is ideal for a teacher on their feet all day. They are even ideal for an online teacher for Cambly Kids who wants something easy to slip on after finishing a class and heading out.

As well as being available online, you’ll likely find them in your nearest shoe store too. But as you may not have shoes to walk to the store – here they are on Amazon.

3) Deerstag’s Men’s Williamsburg

For the Professional Teacher

Best shoes for teachers
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These shoes are a step up in terms of formality but without the sacrifice to comfort that comes with a dress shoe.

The shoe is renowned for the comfort it provides its wearer, and its durability will make this your shoe of choice for years to come.

Its cushioned football and synthetic sole make it a highly sought-after shoe for those on their feet from day to day; and their 100% simulated leather means that a vegan-conscious teacher might want to keep this one in mind. And an online teacher for a platform like Amazing Talker may want consider a pair of socks instead as they teach from home.

4) Algeria Women’s Paloma Flat

For the Dedicated Teacher


best shoes for teachers
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This outstanding shoe has stood the test of time, but the price tag might frighten off all but the most serious of buyers.

These 100% leather shoes are comfortable and boast a dedicated fan base, as well as a distinct design and recognisable pattern.

The shoe is designed for near-constant use, with the anticipation that you’ll be up and about for most of your day, unlike those teaching online for platforms like Cambly.

5) Rockport Men’s Northfield Oxford

For the Career Teacher


best shoes for teachers
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The Oxford is the go-to for those looking to impress with their footwear. In a professional environment and Oxford will never serve you wrong – ideal for those teachers whose classroom doesn’t allow them the freedom to dress however they please.

While smarter, this doesn’t mean you should expect a sacrifice to comfort. These shoes brag Hydroshield Waterproof Protection as well as Kinetic Air Circulation Technology.

But with an exceptional shoe comes an exceptional price tag. A teacher just starting out may want to check out the other shoes on this list, or take a look at mobile teaching apps like PalFish.

Final Thoughts on the Best Shoes for Teachers

Hopefully this has helped you discover the best shoes for teachers. And now you can ensure you have the right footwear to step into class in the right way. Or if you hate wearing shoes, check below to teach online and swap the teacher shoes for your comfiest slippers while you work:

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