Best Skype Headset (What is the Best Headset for Skype?)

Best Skype Headset (What is the Best Headset for Skype?)

A headset for Skype communications needs to have 4 things:

  • A dynamic microphone
  • Microsoft compatibility
  • Smart Sensor Technology (Efficiency for answering calls)
  • Comfort

So I have used research from my best headsets for online teachers to ascertain the best Skype headset.

This can be used for office headset use, as well as online teaching and any other live video chat Skype scenarios.

Best Headset for Skype

Without further ado, here it is:

Plantronics Blackwire 500 C520-M [Best Skype Headset]

This USB, Binaural and Microsoft-Certified Headphone is highly recommended from Amazon, as well as Amazon reviewers from verified purchases.


Best Skype Headset



So let's look at the 4 essentials for a Skype headset and see how the Plantronics Blackwire 500 C520-M fits the bill.

1. A Dynamic Microphone

As one of the best USB headsets, it provides dynamic controls on the USB connection for volume, muting and call answering.

This limits your computer or mouse key fiddling to perform simple microphone or earphone adjustments.

2. Microsoft Compatibility

With Skype being the go-to communication tool in a lot of office spaces that exclusively use Windows operating systems, Microsoft compatibility is a must. 

That's why this headset being Microsoft certified is a vote for it's connectivity with Windows machines.

Great comfort for those long teaching shifts and here's the best part…

Smart Sensor Technology

You can answer Skype calls effortlessly by placing the headset on your head. This is great for busy professionals who have to bounce between tasks and Skype calls. This smart sensor technology puts a stop to the headache of getting frantically preparing the headset to avoid missing an important call.


The padded surface area of headset ear-cups is designed for long periods of use. This ensures that you can keep the headset upon your ears for long periods to answer or make frequent calls.

Plantronics Blackwire – Best Headset for Skype

This Skype headset certainly fits the ball. Check out some of the reviews for yourself on Amazon by clicking the image below:
Best Skype Headset
Check Reviews

For more essential professional equipment for productivity, click the image below:

Best Skype Headset

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