Booking Time Off with DaDaABC

Booking Time Off with DaDaABC

For the recent trip to Thailand, I booked some time off or ‘asked for leave' with DaDaABC.

Travelling with DaDaABC is something you don't need to book time off for, considering you can teach anywhere!

But we all need a little break every now and then; be it for a big move, a doctors appointment, or a couple days on the sofa.

How do I book time off with DaDaABC?

Just go into DaDaClass on your schedule tab and there will be an ‘Ask for leave' button.

Then you simply select the period of which you wish to take off. You then need to provide a reason and upload some evidence.

Your evidence could be a screenshot of any kind email or proof that explains your intended absence.

And there you go!


What are the rules for booking time off with DaDaABC?

One thing to keep in mind is that if you take more than two days off in a month, you will be charged 10% of your wages.

This is because you are an independent contractor with the company and this is to accommodate refund fees for classes that you have missed.

So be mindful of that when you want some time off but it's not urgent.

It's not ideal to lose 10%, but it's just the way it is!


Travelling with DaDaABC

Alternatively, you can check out my Travelling with DaDaABC article to discover the best way to work whilst travelling so you won't have to book any time off.

Click the image below to check it out:

booking time off with dadaabc

Obviously the two day rule makes it quite difficult to have any kind of long holiday or vacation, so that's why the method above is your best bet!

I personally took the two days off for times when I was on a long haul flight in between countries.

I don't think the other passengers on the plane would be too thrilled to your animated reading of the ‘Teeny Tiny Woman'.

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Final thoughts…

So once you have your two days off to transition between countries and get settled, you can then start setting up your travelling with DaDaABC method – trying your best not to incur the 10% charge along the way.

Now you can get started on seeing all there is to see in the world! Whilst nipping away every now and then to teach.

To discover the 5 reasons online teaching are flocking to Chiang Mai, in Thailand, then click the image below:

booking time off with DaDaABC


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