BOXFiSH Mobile Internet Teaching [5 Benefits of Phone & Tablet ESL Teaching]

BOXFiSH Mobile Internet Teaching [5 Benefits of Phone & Tablet ESL Teaching]

BOXFiSH are seeking to redefine English Education.

Rather than the traditional online ESL teaching via laptop or desktop computer like DaDa or VIPKID

…BOXFiSH are exclusively mobile! (And are not to be confused with PalFish).

This creates an incredibly flexible experience for both teacher and student.

But why are the specific benefits of the BOXFiSH way of teaching ESL online?

Let's take a look!

5 Benefits of Phone & Tablet ESL Teaching with BOXFiSH


1)  Easy to teach ESL online from anywhere!

Traveling whilst teaching English online gets a lot easier when all you have to think about is pulling your phone or tablet from your bag.

No more seeking the perfect place to set up your temporary classroom. Teach mobile…whilst you are mobile!

DigiNo is all about finding new ways to earn money whilst traveling the world…and BOXFiSH makes the experience a lot more manageable.

2) Phone and Tablets are much cheaper than a laptop

This is a no-brainer. You may have been hoping to apply to teach online for a while, but just can't afford a new laptop to pass the technical specifications…

…but as you can see from my article on the best tablets for online teachers, an iPad is significantly cheaper than a new MacBook Pro!

Check out DigiNo's list of best tablets for online teaching below:


And I'm gonna guess you already have a mobile phone…so then all you need is a headset and you're…well…set!

3) No need to worry about a background setup

No more dealing with finding ways to keep that online teaching background up with tape. Or worrying about creasing up your poster every time you need to change location.

BOXFiSH and mobile online teaching doesn't require a traditional online classroom setup.

That is the beauty of picking up your phone and tablet to teach…it's all about the interaction with the student. That's the most important thing!

4) Much more relaxed environment for conversational teaching

So without these extra worries of a laptop or online classroom…you can focus your energy on…having fun!

It's so important for the students to enjoy their ESL learning experience. And with the mobile way of life being more relaxed, you and your students can just concentrate on enjoying the process of ESL education.


5) Students love being on their mobile device!

A lot of the time, my students have one eye on their laptop webcam and one eye on their phone or tablet.

In this modern day, we're all pretty addicted to our mobile devices…I say, let's roll with it!

That's why it's so beneficial that BOXFiSH adapts to the modern times with mobile teaching…the student wants to be on their phone, so let's make the most of it and teach them English on it.

Final thoughts about BOXFiSH…

BOXFiSH are certainly redefining English education. And we are living in a world which is constantly progressing towards having everything you need in your pocket…including a teacher's source of income…as well as a student's ESL education.

If you'd like to read more about mobile online teaching, then check out Cambly below:



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