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10 Engaging Riddles for Teachers (with Answers) – Challenge Your Students

Introduction to Riddles for Teachers Unlocking the potential of young minds often requires more than lectures and textbooks. Riddles are a timeless tool that spark curiosity and nurture critical thinking in the classroom or even online classroom with Twenix, or other online platforms. They are not just puzzles to solve; they are gateways to learning […]

Riddle: I Glow But I’m Not a Bulb!💡

Watch the video below for the answer: Ever sat on a porch during a warm summer evening and watched tiny lights dance around? That’s the essence of today’s riddle. Let’s delve deeper into its layers and discover how it can be a potent tool for teaching English. ‘I glow but I’m not a bulb’ Riddle […]

10 Funny Riddles (with Answers!) Will You Crack a Smile?

If you’re looking for funny riddles (with answers), you’re in the right place. A simple scroll below will lead you to ten humorous riddles, designed to put a smile on your face, or your friends and family when you re-tell them. Or if you’re a teacher or work in teach from home jobs, you may […]

5 Rhyming Riddles (With Answers) – Can You Solve Them All?

Scroll below to find a list of 5 Rhyming Riddles, whether you’re here just for fun, or seeking ideas as a teacher. We know it can be difficult to keep lessons fresh when you’re teaching multiple classes a week in teach from home jobs. It’s easy to feel like you’re running on steam, or like the […]

Chicken, Fox and Grain Riddle (Solution Using Original Images)

The old ‘Chicken, Fox and Grain’ riddle goes a little something like this… The farmer needs to get across the river, but he can only take thing at a time with him in the boat. However, he has a fox, a chicken and a bag of grain. If he takes the grain first and leaves […]

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