DaDa Removing Stand-by Time Pay? Teach More? Changing Contracts?

Update – May 2019 I wanted to write What’s going on? DaDa teachers received an email stating how “DaDa will subtract the contract period for some or all of your unbound students’ time”. Here’s a video trying to make sense of all this: DaDa Removing Standby-Time Pay? So it seems that if you do not […]

Can You Make a Career Out of Online ESL Teaching?

Can you turn online ESL into a career? Can you make enough money for online teaching to be a career rather than just a part-time thing? This question is answered in the video and transcript below: AskDigiNo Question with my answers in italics Hi Jason, Firstly I’d like to thank you for the usefulness of […]

DaDa Hiring Freeze (When Will DaDa Start Hiring Teachers Again? Answer Inside!)

There have been some changes at DaDa. The company is under new management and this has affected teachers, mentors and applicants. Keep reading, as I will provide alternative opportunities for hopeful teachers…as well as disillusioned current DaDa teachers. But first, let me explain. Here are some recent changes that has led me to create this […]

DaDa Mentor – How I became one [and how you could too!]

Apply to DaDa Here! How do I become a DaDa Mentor? I’m always getting asked this question. So I thought I’d write a little something to tell you how I did it myself. But first… What is a DaDa Mentor? This is a position in DaDa online teaching where you give coaching sessions to teaching […]

DaDa New Leave Policy Explained [How This Affects Teachers]

I woke up this morning to discover a new ‘Time-off/Leave Policy’. It is one that is causing a bit of confusion and uproar (rightfully so). So seeing as I reported the old policy in a previous article, I thought I’d do my best to clarify this one. So let’s take a look at the new […]

Unemployed Graduate? 5 Reasons DaDa is the Perfect Job for You

Apply to DaDa! Time to be honest. When I graduated university, I thought it was all going to be easy. And yeah, you guessed it…I was wrong. I spent six months unemployed. I was officially a depressed unemployed graduate I was depressed because I was trying so hard. If I was sat around watching YouTube […]

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