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5 Best ESL Jobs for Non-Native Teachers

It used to be the case that teaching English was only really an option for native speakers. But in this day and age, anyone with a comprehensible understanding of the language is more than capable of teaching it online, or in a classroom abroad. We’ve taken a look at the top 5 companies helping ESL […]

5 Online Teaching Jobs with the Highest Maximum Pay

The pay is often the first thing we glance our eyes to when seeking an online teaching job…I’ll be the first to admit to that! After all, pay is an important factor in determining whether a job is right for you. It can also tell you a lot about the company and how much work […]

5 Online ESL Jobs for Teaching Students 1-on-1

Some teachers ditch the large ESL classrooms for a more personal 1-on-1 tutoring experience. This can be achieved from the comfort of your desk at home with this list of 5 online teaching companies that are structured in a one student per class format. 1. DaDa DaDa offers teachers weekly scheduled classes with regular students. […]

5 Online ESL Jobs for Teaching Students in Groups

If you prefer an online teaching experience with more similarity to a teaching in a physical classroom, then educating a group of online students could be the role for you. Below you will find 5 online teaching positions for teaching groups, rather than tutoring 1-on-1. 1. SayABC Teach groups of four students through SayABC’s platform. […]

4 Online Teaching Jobs for American and Canadian Teachers

The following online teaching companies promise their customers an ‘American-English’ experience. Therefore they seek to hire those with a native North American/Canadian accent. 1. VIPKid VIPKid is the current top dog in the online teaching world. Their notoriety suggest reliability in the structure of their employment. However, a big complaint from VIPKid teachers has often […]

5 Companies For Teaching Adults English Online

Besides the occasional random adult accidentally showing up in a DaDa trial class meant for kids…there are companies catered for teaching adults ESL online. This is great for teachers who prefer more of a conversational English teaching approach. Here are 5 ESL adult teaching job opportunities 1) Cambly With Cambly you are paid by minute […]

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