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Teacher Mark’s Experience With DaDa Teaching Online

The Following is a review from Teacher Mark of DaDa. Recently I switched from being an in-class teacher to working online for Dada ABC and teaching English to students across China. This was a decision born out of necessity. My story began back in September 2017, when I took the monumental and life-changing leap into […]

Your Honest Appraisal of DaDa?

Here is the latest question answered by an online teacher: Dear Jason, I understand you once worked for DadaABC, may i have your honest appraisal of them? I too am an experienced, certified and qualified Teacher, specialising in TEFL/TESOL/EFL (have taught other subjects previously ‘Music’ ‘RE’ etc..).  Once had my own website, I say ‘once’ […]

DaDa: A Twenty-Something-Globetrotter’s Overall Impression

DaDa(ABC) is one of China’s leading online teaching platform! Need some more information? Keep reading and I will tell you what it’s all about! A Brief Introduction  My name is Niki, a starry-eyed, twenty-something-year-old from Cork, Ireland with insatiable wanderlust and passion for adventures. I’ve been living abroad since 2015 and have been teaching EFL […]

6 Crucial Tips To Avoid Pay Penalties in Online Teaching

When working with any online teaching company, it is a legitimate concern to be afraid of incurring penalties. With some companies, it seems too easy to be penalized, and ultimately it means having pay deducted from a hard earned paycheck. I have been working for the online teaching company DaDa since July of 2018, and […]

DaDa vs Skyeng [Native Hiring vs Non-Native Hiring]

  For native English speakers, the ESL industry is a haven of great opportunities. However, for fluent English speakers from non-native nations, teaching opportunities can be much harder to access.   Companies like DaDa – along with many of the other Chinese teaching companies out there – won’t consider hiring non-native English teachers.   But […]

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