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4 Best Computer Reading Glasses (with Anti-Glare or Blue-Light Blocking)

Reading glasses for computer work Reading glasses have never been more prevalent at any other point in human history than they are right now. I think that’s probably a fair assessment. You don’t find caveman skeletons in neolithic burial mounds clutching a pair of spectacles. They’ve become a bit of a ‘thing’ over the last […]

Top 10 Coding Websites for Kids

Coding is taking over the world. In this day and age a kid is looking to learn to code just as much as learn English and Mathematics.  Luckily for us, there’s no shortage of websites looking to teach kids how to do just that. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 coding websites for […]

Audible Giving Out Free AudioBooks for Kids (Free Resources For Teachers)

With schools closed, Audible has released free listens of kids stories across six different languages, allowing them to continue learning or to keep their mind busy with fantasy. This is great for teachers with kids, or you may even find a way to use them in your online teaching classes. There are also literary classics […]

5 Free Whiteboard Animation Software Resources

What is it, where is it, and how can I use it when I’m teaching English online? Whiteboard animation software is quickly becoming a real hit with teachers looking to change-up their classes. It’s all the benefits of a real classroom-based whiteboard, but without the downside of having to stay where it is.  You can […]

What's New on ManyCam 7.0?

ManyCam has long been a firm favorite amongst online teachers and it is something that I would highly recommend to all new teachers that are just starting out. The software is super useful and can help teachers to make their lessons more interactive and engaging for young learners.  ManyCam has been around for about 10 […]

Titanium Tea for Tired Teachers (Bulletproof Tea)

I was asked a question on AskDigiNo about the best health supplements to deal with online teaching classes and I immediately thought of Titanium Tea. I am on-again-off-again health nut…but I always seem to drink too much coffee when it comes to teaching classes. But Titanium Tea is a much healthier and effective alternative to […]

Why Use DigiNo to Find an Online Teaching Job?

DigiNo only lists companies in its JobMatch tool that are actually hiring and steers you towards the platforms suited to you! No more guesswork and wasted applications! Try it for yourself...

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