5 Reasons Chiang Mai is a Popular Spot for DaDaABC Teachers

5 Reasons Chiang Mai is a Popular Spot for DaDaABC Teachers

As you may have read in the About DigiNo section of the site, I booked a one-way ticket to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I strived for months to establish an online income and finally struck gold with DaDaABC and teaching English online.

I discovered the idea of creating an online income and becoming location independent after reading 4 Hour Work-Week by Tim Ferriss about ten times.

But why did I choose Chiang Mai? And why am I not the only DaDaABC teacher here? 

These are solid questions. So I'll answer them with 5 reasons why Chiang Mai is a popular spot for DaDaABC teachers.

This article has been constructed after interviews with current DaDaABC teachers living in Chiang Mai…combined with my own reasons why I decided to pick up and move my life there…(by life, I mean laptop.)

1)  Low-cost of living


After spending so many years of my life just about making my rent each month in England…it is an exciting prospect that the rental prices are significantly cheaper in Chiang Mai.

You can rent a place for $250 a month, that would probably cost you triple that or more in the UK or US.

This means that your DaDaABC salary can stretch a lot further than it would in the western world…trust me, I worked every hour under the sun teaching just to meet my rent in the UK!

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That's when I realised that I needed to find an alternative if I wanted to keep on doing the job I loved with DaDaABC…the rice and beans diet is no fun.

And now I've found a place sharing with one other person which will cost me £100 a month in rent. This will then allow me much more expendable income for…


They are all about the cuisine in Chiang Mai! And it actually works out cheaper to eat out for every meal (as things like fruit and veg are more expensive in the supermarkets).

If you eat the street market food, then each meal could even cost you around a $1-2!

I love a bargain…and I hate doing dishes. So that's a winner for me.

And then you can stroll around all the dog cafes for a Thai tea and hang out with all the Shiba Inus!


When on your travels, the best way to receive DaDa pay is with TransferWise.

Click the image below to read more about using TransferWise for receiving DaDaABC pay:

Chiang Mai DaDaABC

I'll be heading up with money split between my TransferWise card, Revolut card and Monzo card, so that I won't have to worry about heading to an exchange desk. I can transfer my GBP or USD into Thai Baht within my apps for these mobile banking cards. Then I just have to withdraw from ATMs over in Thailand or pay by card at places that allow it (to avoid ATM fees).


2) Fast internet

Chiang Mai is host to plenty of co-working spaces and cafes for online creators to tap away on their space grey MacBooks whilst sipping iced coffees.

So a fast internet speed is a must!

And it is also essential for teaching online with DaDaABC. The minimum internet speed to teach is 10mbps download speed and 2mbps upload speed.

Click the image below to read more about the DaDaABC minimum internet speed:

Chiang Mai

3) Great quality of life

With an online income from DaDaABC that then gets converted to Thai Baht, currency, you will find yourself being able to afford a much better quality of life.

And Chiang Mai is the perfect place for that with it's array of food, scenery and activities, such as cooking classes, zip-lining and elephant sanctuary.

Click here to check out my top living locations for teachers article. Chiang Mai is included!

Considering teaching for DaDaABC is only 3 hours a day, then teachers will have plenty of time to enjoy their lives!

After all, that's what life is all about!

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4) Networking opportunities

Online teaching is one of the more unconventional ways to make money. Making money online is something that is becoming more and more essential as we continue to step into the future.

Chiang Mai is a hub for online business creators and digital nomads. This allows for fantastic networking opportunities if you are also looking to boost your online income.

And now that you more spare time outside of teaching English online due to lower cost of living, then you have more freedom to explore other projects!

An example of an online income avenue is one I've mentioned previously that I am into – cryptocurrency. You just have to head to meetup.com to find loads of groups in Chiang Mai meeting to discuss cryptocurrency among many other things!

Click the article below to read more about how I use Bitcoin to supplement my DaDaABC income:

Chiang Mai DaDaABC

5) Great base for travel

Working online for DaDaABC allows you to become location independent…which is a great excuse to see the world!

And as I mentioned previously, you low rent in Chiang Mai means you won't feel as guilty for using it as a temporary classroom instead of a home.

It's not like you are living in London and paying so much money a month. You wanna use every square foot of that badboy 24/7 to make your outgoings worthwhile!

So now that you have your temporary, reliable classroom in Chiang Mai, you have the rest of Thailand and Asia to go and explore and see the sights. I got myself a Lonely Planet Travel Guide to figure out all the spots I wanted to hit!

So if you would like to read more about the best way to travel whilst working for DaDaABC, click the image below:

Chiang Mai DaDaABC


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