Coinbase Learn and Earn – Coinbase versus Coinbase Pro (Coinbase Alternative)

Coinbase Overview

Coinbase is a Bitcoin and Altcoin exchange and one of the biggest and most trusted cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

Coinbase is one of the easiest entry-points into crypto due to its simplistic interface allowing you to buy and sell crypto at the touch of a button.

However, one of its main appeals is for those who are new to crypto and not looking to spend any money to test the waters is Coinbase Learn and Earn.

Coinbase Learn and Earn

What is Coinbase Learn and Earn?

On Coinbase you can take a simple quizzes answering questions about a featured cryptocurrencies in exchange for getting paid.

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How to ‘Learn and Earn' on Coinbase

There will be short videos or slides that provide the answer and then you simply have the select the right answers from multiple choice quizzes. You will then be credited with around $1-$3 worth of the cryptocurrency for each answer.

These small amounts really do add up when you consider there are multiple questions for each cryptocurrency, multiple quizzes, as well as new quizzes being added in the ongoing future.

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You can get started by creating a free Coinbase account here and receive $10 in free Bitcoin once you buy or sell $100 in cryptocurrency. After you finish the sign up process (should take around 48 hours), you will then be able to participate in Coinbase Learn and Earn.

How often does Coinbase offer Learn and Earn?

There is no set time-frame for new quizzes being added, but they are offered on a regular basis.

Coinbase Quiz Answers

There really is no need to try and look up the answers for the questions before hand as the comprehension material provided is very straightforward. Also, if you get the answer wrong you can keep trying until you get it right.

What to do with Coinbase Learn and Earn earnings?

Once you have received your Learn and Earn rewards there are many possible options of what to do with them. These options are listed below (none of this is financial advice but merely a list for education purposes to highlight the potential options within cryptocurrency).

  1. Keep the cryptocurrencies you received in your Coinbase account and watch them rise and fall in value
  2. Exchange for your fiat currency and withdraw to your bank account from Coinbase
  3. Trade them for Bitcoin (the biggest and most popular cryptocurrency) on Coinbase
  4. Earn compound interest by lending out your crypto on Coinbase earning up to 5% APY Yield
  5. Exchange to CRO, send to, get a Midnight Blue Crypto Card and earn 1% cashback on purchases.
  6. Send the CRO to the DeFi Wallet to stake and earn 12-13% APY Yield, or explore even higher yields through yield farming on VVS Finance
  7. Use the 1% Card cashback, Coinbase Earn rewards, DeFi Wallet Staking Pool or VVS Finance yield farms and mining earnings to begin saving up for the staking amounts for:
  • Ruby Steel Crypto Card
  • Jade Green Crypto Card
  • Icy White Crypto Card
  • Obsidian Crypto Card

Coinbase FAQ

Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset that can rise in value as well as drop in value. The contents of this page and website is not financial advice – it is for educational and entertainment purposes only. You are responsible for your own financial decisions.

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