‘Connect 4’ and ‘Detective Pikachu’ Game (Plus More!) for Teaching Online ESL Students

‘Connect 4’ and ‘Detective Pikachu’ Game (Plus More!) for Teaching Online ESL Students

I am a Teacher for DaDa (DaDaABC). This article is to help new teachers make their classes more fun and engaging using ManyCam. DigiNo helped me design games when I first started and I have found them extremely helpful and enjoyable. 

Here are two ManyCam ESL Games I Use

Connect Four Game

I have created a 4 in a row Connect Four game using Animals (or anything of interest colors, numbers, food, places) for the rows and columns.

This is easily created yourself or found with a simple Google search for premade grids.

How To Play

The students must start from the bottom row and build their way up to connect 4 in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally. It is a classic children’s game most would of played already but introduces object recognition and English pronunciation techniques. 

Goalkeeper Game

My second game is called ‘Goalkeeper'. I have taken ideas from video games such as FIFA.

I have a power bar with a ‘stop-go' sign for the children to stop the ball in the correct power zone.

Next they must choose a side using left or right. Finally I have color coordinated the corners and the student must pick a corner the teacher is not guarding with their hand. 

Superhero or Unicorn Jump!

I have also expanded on DigiNo’s own Mario jump game by incorporating either superheroes jumping on rooftops or a unicorn trying to rescue her friend.

Search for Detective Pikachu

I have also altered Starbomb to be a simple “search for Pikachu game” in various locations. You simply hide the Pikachu character behind the scenery and ask the  students to guess where he is hidden.

ManyCam is a great learning tool and I highly recommend it for students.

Download ManyCam

You can download ManyCam for free, but to make a larger number of games, a paid version will be necessary. Here is an article with more information on the paid versions of ManyCam.

If you like my Designs or want to get started on teaching online with DaDa please use my referral link to apply:

Thanks DigiNo for sharing. Check out DigiNo's beginner's guide to ManyCam below:

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