DaDa vs ALO7 – Who Are They And How Much Do ALO7 Pay?

DaDa vs ALO7 – Who Are They And How Much Do ALO7 Pay?

If you’ve recently made the decision to become an online English teacher, firstly, great choice – it’s awesome. And secondly, you’re about to be faced with a tough decision – “which ESL company should I choose?”.


There are lots of English teaching companies out there but two of the biggest are DaDa (formerly DaDaABC) and ALO7. These are two of the first company names that prospective online teachers tend to come across.


To help you choose the right option for you, I’ve compiled a list of all you need to know about these two companies: their pay, hiring process, job requirements, booking system, and more.


Before we get into that though, let’s look at some general pros and cons that both companies share:


PROS of working for both DaDa and ALO7


  • You can earn a comfortable living ($15+/hr).
  • You don’t need to commute to work
  • You can boost your income with bonuses
  • You don’t need to plan your own lessons
  • You can take your job on the road and work remotely


CONS of working for both DaDa and ALO7


  • Your paycheck can vary month-to-month
  • You need to be comfortable working from a computer
  • You can feel isolated when working alone
  • You may feel frustrated by the language barrier with management
  • Your schedule is largely determined by Beijing peak times


Hopefully, this gives you a general picture of whether this kind of job is right for you. If it is, read on as we get into the finer details and take an in-depth look at the differences between DaDa and ALO7.



Hiring Policy [DaDa vs ALO7]




The basic DaDa job requirements are:


  • Applicants must hold a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject
  • Applicants must be a native English-speaker from any English-speaking country.
  • Relevant teaching experience
  • TEFL certificate
  • Criminal background check


And some tech requirements:


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DaDa vs ALO7




The ALO7 hiring policy is very similar to DaDa with just a few minor differences.


Basic requirements:


  • Be a Native English speaker from the US, Canada, UK or Australia
  • Hold a Bachelor’s Degree OR be studying for one in college/university


They prefer candidates that also have:



Tech requirements:


  • 4Mbps download speed; 4Mbs upload speed
  • Headset with microphone
  • A decent webcam.


Stand-by Time Pay [DaDa vs ALO7]




Most online teaching companies won’t pay you for stand-by time. DaDa is one of the exceptions that prove the rule, however, as they do offer part-payment for standby hours.


During your contract hours, they’ll pay you 50% of your hourly rate for periods where you’re not teaching. This usually happens often during the first few weeks of your contract but after that, you don’t tend to have many free periods.


They don’t pay you for stand-by time during part-time hours except in cases where you’re scheduled to teach but the student cancels.




ALO7 doesn’t offer any pay for stand-by time as you aren’t given a fixed schedule of contracted hours in the same way that you are with DaDa. All hours work in a similar way to part-time hours. Unless you’re booked for a period, you won’t get paid for it.


Cancellation Policy [DaDa vs ALO7]




DaDa has set policies in place to deter teachers from taking a large amount of time off. Having more than 2 days off a more – authorised or unauthorised – will result in a 10% deduction from that month’s paycheck.


They also have set financial penalties for lateness and unauthorised absences. If you have a genuine technical issue, though, or you can provide proof that your reasons for being late/absent were genuine, they’re usually understanding and might waive the fee.


This policy can be frustrating but it’s standard practice in the ESL industry in China and can be avoided if you’re always punctual.



ALO7 is a lot more lenient than DaDa in this respect.

You can request as many days off as you like with zero financial penalties as long as you request the days off at least 15 days in advance.  Recommended 16 days to accommodate for the time difference between China and wherever the tutor is located).

One teacher reportedly took 2 1/2 weeks off to travel to the Grand Canyon and other local national parks, and did not incur any financial or booking repercussions.


Hiring Process [DaDa vs ALO7]




DaDa’s hiring process is quick, simple, and straightforward. It looks like this:


  1. Apply for a job on the website
  2. Interview with a recruiter for 5-10 minutes over Skype.
  3. Have TPR (total physical response) training and a demo class with a mentor.
  4. Teach a real student in an observed demo class.
  5. If you pass, you’re in.

Click below for the DaDa interview process FAQ:

DaDa vs ALO7




The main difference here is that ALO7 doesn’t require you to do a real demo lesson – only a mock class. ALO7’s hiring process is as follows:


  1. Apply for a job on the website
  2. Have an Interview and a mock class with a recruiter
  3. Complete a self-study period
  4. Sign a contract
  5. Complete an orientation period
  6. Get ready to teach


Pay [DaDa vs ALO7]




DaDa aim to keep their rates competitive with all other online ESL companies and therefore offer a very respectable rate of $15 – $25 per teaching hour.


There’s a big gap in between those figures, I know. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know the exact rate you’ll be offered in advance as it depends on your performance in the demo class, qualifications, and experience.

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You can also add a few dollars here and there through incentives such as trial class conversion bonuses, recruitment bonuses, and more.




ALO7 falls down somewhat when it comes to pay. It’s not that the pay is bad per se, it’s just that it isn’t quite as good as many other online teaching companies.


They offer a basic rate of $7.50 per 25-minute class. If you account for 5 minutes post-class assessment time, this comes out as $15 per hour.

An attendance bonus of 5% is automatically given to all tutors for perfect attendance each month no matter how many classes they teach that month. If a tutor teaches 50 or more classes in one month, the incentive automatically increases to 10%. From there, the incentives increase based on the number of classes a tutor has taught overall. For example, if you teach over 1000 classes, so as long as you teach at least 50 classes per month, you get an 18% incentive bonus.

Additionally, there is a bonus based on the tutor's internal QC score, which is determined by ALO7, not parents. This bonus ranges from 0-7%.

Check out how other online teaching schools compare to this rate:

DaDa vs ALO7

Class Bookings [DaDa vs ALO7]




DaDa books all your classes for you and teachers’ schedules tend to be fully booked after a few weeks. You only teach 1-1 classes and are assigned regular students that you’ll teach each week.


They only operate during Beijing peak hours which are Monday to Friday evenings and all day on Saturday and Sunday.


You must commit to a set schedule at the start of your contract and can book extra part-time hours a week in advance.




All ALO7 class bookings are handled by the partner schools that ALO7 work with, not individual parents. Most classes are available during Beijing peak hours (6:00 pm – 9:00 pm) but it’s also possible to work at any time during non-peak hours. Classes can be both 1-1 and 1-3.


ALO7 has no minimum hour requirements but they do recommend that you commit to 6 hours per week. You’re in control of your schedule but must make any amendments 30 days in advance.


It’s hit and miss as to how many classes get booked. Some teachers have fully-booked schedules whilst others say they struggle to fill half their slots.

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DaDa vs ALO7… Final Thoughts!


That’s really all there is to say on DaDa and ALO7. If you managed to stay awake long enough to get through all that information, you probably have enough to make up your mind! If not, here are some final things to think about.


There are benefits to both companies and the best option for you will really come down to your priorities. Existing ALO7 teachers seem to be happy with the support they’re given, the platform, and the courseware, but are less happy about the booking system and pay.


DaDa teachers, on the other hand, are generally happy with the pay and booking system but sometimes feel that there is room for improvement with the support and platform.


If you’ve decided that DaDa is the company for you, click the button below to start your application:

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Or check out more comparison articles for different online schools by clicking the image below:

DaDa vs ALO7


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