DaDa vs Hujiang – Best Platform in the Online Teaching World?

DaDa vs Hujiang – Best Platform in the Online Teaching World?

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The online teaching sphere is ever expanding and, as a result, new teaching platforms are making their way onto the scene frequently. One of the most talked about teaching platforms right now is Hujiang.


Hujiang bares similarities to DaDa in a lot of ways, but in order to compete, newer teaching companies are introducing innovative new ways to teach and organise schedules in order to draw in the best teachers.


In Hujiang’s case, they offer both adult and child programs for students and flexible schedules for teachers.


But does Hujiang’s model offer teachers a good enough alternative to encourage them to turn away from established companies like DaDa? Let’s delve into the finer details and compare both companies to find out.


DaDaABC vs Hujiang


PROS of Working for DaDa and Hujiang


  • Attractive pay rates (up to $20 per hour)
  • Flexible working location – work from home or anywhere in the world
  • Incentives and bonuses to supplement your wage
  • Prepared lessons to reduce planning time
  • An opportunity to connect with people from other countries and learn about different cultures

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CONS of Working for DaDa and Hujiang


  • Class bookings may be inconsistent
  • Technical issues could cause a reduction in pay
  • Working for foreign companies could cause issues with communication
  • Working from home can sometimes be isolating


Now that we have a general idea of the pros and cons of working for DaDa and Hujiang, let's compare each company's hiring policy, pay rate and class booking system to see which one offers the best all-around package…



Hiring Policy [DaDa vs Hujiang]




DaDa’s teacher requirements are fairly straightforward. To work for DaDa, you must possess:


  • A Bachelor's degree (in any field)
  • A passport from a native English-speaking country.
  • Teaching certification, such as TEFL, TESL, CELTA
  • Criminal background check


These are the basic requirements, but, as with most companies, previous experience in a teaching or childcare capacity is preferred.



In order to teach for Hujiang, you must have the same requirements as DaDa (a Bachelor’s degree and a passport from a native English speaking country) but Hujiang also requires teachers to:


  • Have a good amount of teaching experience (online teaching experience is preferred)
  • Be able to commit at least 10 hours per week during peak times (evening and weekends UTC+8)
  • Possess a teaching certificate related to education or ESL

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In terms of network connection, both companies require a download speed of 10 Mb/s.


Stand-by Time Pay [DaDa vs Hujiang]




DaDa offers one of the most attractive stand-by pay policies in the industry.

How to boost your DaDa hourly rate!

If you aren't booked during your contracted hours, you still get paid half your usual hourly rate.


For classes where the student doesn't show up, teachers are asked to wait in the classroom and will receive full pay.




Hujiang doesn’t state its stand-by policy on the official website but from the information available on ESL teaching forums, it looks as though teachers don't receive standby pay for classes that aren't booked.


However, slots that haven't been booked by students can be changed on request.


Hujiang runs two programmes: an adults program called Hitalk and a K-12 program.


For the K-12 program, teachers receive 100% pay for no-shows. For the adult program, the teacher receives 60% pay if the student doesn't attend.

DaDa vs Hujiang

Cancellation Policy [DaDa vs Hujiang]




DaDa stipulates in their contracts that you need to inform your coordinator of cancellations due to force majeure factors. This includes things like sickness and emergency.


In these cases, DaDa are usually understanding but you may be penalized if it happens often.


DaDa also reduce your monthly pay by 10% if you have more than two days off in a month to discourage teachers from missing too many classes.




Hujiang doesn't outline its exact cancellation policy, but teachers mention that there may be financial penalties for cancellations and information about this is outlined in the teacher's contract.


Due to the flexible nature of the company's booking system, time slots that aren't booked can be canceled and rearranged, making it easy to manage your schedule without having to miss classes.


Hiring Process [DaDa vs Hujiang]




DaDa has a fairly simple and fast hiring process that looks like this:



Step 1: Online Application

Step 2: A short Skype interview with a recruiter

Step 3: A short platform training session to learn about the DaDaClass software

Step 4: A 30-minute demo class with a student

Step 5: Receive an offer, set your schedule, sign your contract and start teaching!

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Hujiang’s hiring process is quite similar to DaDa, but it includes a more rigorous training program. The whole process looks like this:


Step 1: Send CV and Covering letter via Email

Step 2: Interview with the HR department

Step 3: Learn about CCtalk platform and prepare for your demo class

Step 4: Demo class with recruiter acting as the student

Step 5: Receive an offer

Step 6: Take part in paid training (60% of regular hourly rate)

Step 7: Review training with a member of staff to prove your knowledge of the program

Step 8: Start teaching

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Pay [DaDa vs Hujiang]




DaDa offers each teacher a rate based on their experience and performance in the demo class. This rate can range from $15 to $25 and teachers are entitled to request a raise after each 12-month contract.


DaDa also offers various bonuses and incentives such as referral bonuses and trail class conversion bonuses.

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DaDa vs Hujiang




Hujiang runs two programs and the pay rates for each program differ.


For the HiTalk (adults only) program, teachers are paid between $10 and $16 per hour. This rate may seem low, but it's quite competitive as teachers in the adult program are only expected to deliver audio-based lessons.


For the K-12 program, the pay rate ranges from $16 – $20 per hour, making it quite similar to DaDa.


Incentives for referrals are also available.


Class Bookings [DaDa vs Hujiang]




DaDa classes all take place during evenings and weekend in Beijing time, as this is the peak time for students.


The staff are proactive when it comes to booking classes so it doesn’t take long for teachers schedules to become full. Most teachers will teach a lot of their regular students for the full duration of their contract (6 or 12 months).


Most DaDa teachers find that their schedules remain full or nearly-full most of the time with the only exceptions being during Chinese public holidays.




Hujiang allows their teachers to set their schedules 3 weeks in advance and change it regularly, providing they are fulfilling their commitment of at least 10 hours per week.


The majority of Hujiang reviews I've read online are positive in regards to the amount of class booking teachers receive, but a few Glassdoor reviews mention that after recruitment, they struggled to fill their schedule.


These reviews were listed a while back, so this may mean that the company is becoming more popular with students, and the teachers are seeing an increasing number of bookings as a result.


DaDa vs Hujiang… Final Thoughts!


Overall, Hujiang seems to be a good alternative to DaDa for those looking for something a little more flexible.


Both companies seem to have their own merits and Hujiang offers some benefits that aren't available elsewhere.


For teachers that prefer working with adults, or without a camera, Hujiang offers a well-paying program, with extensive training and support.


If you’re keen to work with kids, though, DaDa could be the way to go. It also offers better pay and a more stable schedule.


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