Class Types with DaDa (DaDaABC) – What is a VIP Trial?

Class Types with DaDa (DaDaABC) – What is a VIP Trial?

Teaching English online has several different types of classes.

Each one has a particular length and a special specification of student.

This article is here to fill you in on the different types of DaDaABC classes.

So let's go!

Formal Class

With DaDaABC, you get regular students that you will see on a week-by-week basis. These types of classes are called ‘Formal Classes' as they are a formality. They are 30 minutes in length.

These are awesome as you really get a chance to build a rapport with your regular student.

And as you are seeing them every week, you get to see their English skills develop before your very eyes!

To read more about the benefits of regular students with DaDaABC, click the image below:

DaDaABC Class Types


Interest Class

Interest classes are also 30 minutes long. They are with students that have taken an interest in you based on your profile. 

This means they are sampling your class to see if they want you as their regular teacher…or you are simply an online supply teacher as their regular teacher cannot do the class.

These are more often than not with a high ability student, so it's a great opportunity to have a lot of free-talk with the student.

Apply to DaDa!

The end-goal of DaDa is to have a fluent conversation with your students…so these classes are perfect for using your rapport building questions…and of course, to get them laughing and to get them talking!

For more on building rapport, click on the image below:

DaDaABC Class types

Trial Class

Trial classes are 14 minutes in length and are for students trialling the DaDa experience for the first time!

These classes are normally with lower ability and younger students, so it's very high energy. You want to be using a lot of TPR, props and just generally being animated!

You will also get a bonus when your trial student signs up to DaDa after your class…so there is extra incentive to be as fun as you can in this class! So let's get paid to have fun!

Apply to DaDa!

As this is the first experience of DaDa for the student, you'll want to give a good impression of the company! So make sure you have correct uniform, some props and a decent background!

You can find all of this and more at the DigiNo Shop below:

dadaabc class types

VIP Trial Class

VIP Trials are also 14 minutes and are with students who have already enrolled in DaDa, so you won't get the conversion bonus for this one!

Think of this one like a half-length interest class.

Final thoughts…

So there you go! Now you know all the class types of DaDa. Hopefully this will clear up the confusion and you can start planning how to approach each of these individual class types.

A great way to start is to study DigiNo' ‘2 Minute Rule'. You check it out by clicking the image below:

Class Types DaDaABC



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