Homework Assignment Ideas For DaDaABC Online English Teachers

Homework Assignment Ideas For DaDaABC Online English Teachers

If you are often sat scratching your head trying to come up with DaDaABC homework assignment ideas for your online English student, then worry no more!

Here is a list of possible homework examples to keep your student improving and excited to share their progress in your next class together.

1) Pronunciation and Phonics – DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas

One that I mainly do is to take note of all of the words the student mispronounced throughout the class in the chat box, then after class, paste these words into the teacher report.

Then proceed to instruct them to break these words down into phonics for their homework.

For example, let's say the student mispronounced ‘apple',  I would write it out like this:


2) Proper Nouns and Sentences – DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas

You can instruct the student to write a sentence using a proper noun that you learned in that class and advise them to make sure to use correct capitalisation.

3) Ask Mum and Dad About Their Job – DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas

You can set your DaDaABC student a task to ask their mum or dad about their job and tell them to be ready to tell you all about it for the next class.

4) Practice the Words for the Next Class – DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas

Tell your student to read the courseware ahead of the next class and to practice the key words ready for the next class.

5) Make a List of Objects That Are The Same Colour – DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas

Find out your student's favourite colour and ask them to find 5 things that are all that colour!

 6) Practice the Words Learned Today – DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas

You can also simply ask your online English student to practice the key words that were learned in the courseware that day.

7) Practice the Greeting Conversation – DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas

Ask your student to practice their answer for regular questions in the greeting conversation, such as ‘What classes did you have today at school?'

8) Questions to Ask Teacher – DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas

Ask your DaDaABC student to think of three questions they would like to ask you. Instruct them to ask them at random times throughout the next class.

9) Find an English Book To Read Out Loud – DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas

Ask your student to find an English book they have that they really like and tell them to find a passage that they would want to read out loud to you next time.

Whenever I have set this, the student is always really excited to share a book they love.

10) Link Your Student to Educational Resources – DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas

You can send an educational resource link to your student and ask them to memorise some of the verses if it is a song, or to generally practice what the resource teaches them, such as phonics or spelling.

Below is a list of resources:

‘We all go travelling by' song:


Food and drink game:


A story to read:


A story to read:


An interactive comic with pronunciation:


A game to practice their English:


And There You Have 10 DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas!

So there is ten ideas for you to help you worry less about what to set for homework!

Just keep it relevant to what they are currently studying and appropriate to their ability level and everything will be fine.

If you have any more ideas for homework assignments, please feel free to share them with the DigiNo community in the comments below!

And you can also click the image below to read about a DaDaABC lesson plan activity involving a fun animation:

Lesson Plan For DaDaABC | DaDaABC Homework Assignment Ideas


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