DaDaABC Interview Process FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

DaDaABC Interview Process FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions]

A lot of people seem to get really nervous about the DaDaABC interview process.

This often leads to a lot of questions popping up about what will actually be involved in the process.

So this article will endeavour to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the DaDaABC interview and application process.

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DaDaABC Interview Process FAQ

So let's begin answering those FAQs!

Can you tell me what to expect from the DaDaABC interview?

You will be having a video chat, just like any other interview…just through screens.

And much like any other interview, you'll be trying to communicate your value to the role and the company.

An interview technique is the STAR technique. Situation, Task, Action, Result

S – Teaching in a classroom.

T – To get the class singing the ABCs.

A – To demonstrate the ABC song.

R – Getting the whole class singing the ABCs.

So this is a great way to prepare for interviews is write out lots of ways to prove that your experience from the past can help you tackle a relevant situation within teaching online for DaDaABC.


But this doesn't just have to be with teaching experience, could be from any real life experience.

Because you want to be proving that you're a fun teacher

so any activities you're involved in, like sports teams or bands.

So use the STAR technique to explana circumstance then make it relevant to online teaching and demonstrate your value through this method.

It's just like a regular interview. Smile. Be  professional. All that jazz!

I've also talked about the interview process in the post below. Just click on the banner to read more:

DaDaABC interview process FAQ

What is the DaDaABC training like?

You'll go through some slides explaining how to use the platform and some basic teaching tips, such as TPR and CCQ.

Click the banner below to read about TPR:

DaDaABC Interview Process FAQ

You will then have a mini demo with your trainer/mentor pretending to be a child in a classroom environment.

Or, you will be booked for a demo class with an actual student. But before this you will have a chance to play around with the platform to get comfortable.

So it is all very thorough! You shouldn't be left wanting for more information…but if you are, that's exactly what is for, to fill in all the blanks!

Feel free to use the search bar on the right to answer any questions you might have.

How can I prepare for my DaDaABC interview?

Practice the STAR technique, get yourself a blue shirt. Get yourself a background, make sure you're looking presentable.

Wearing the light blue t-shirt, you've shown you've done your research.

Get some props!

What are your go-to props?

For sure, get some puppets!

They are great for breaking the ice with shy students. Showing that you've got the props already prepared will really impress your employers.

Here's a link to the DigiNo Shop for you to find the best props to use.

I really like to use a ukulele. I find music to be a wonderful teaching tool. It's good to find props that are related to your skillset and your interests.

If you enjoy using the props, then the student will get more enjoyment out of them as well!

Here's a link to my 10 Essential Items for DaDaABC:

DaDaABC Interview Process FAQ

How is your DaDaABC pay determined?

Your pay is determined by how well you do in your demo class. So brush up on your props, TPR and CCQ.

I really want you to get the best wage possible so I'm trying to get you as prepared as possible. It's important to just relax and have fun in your demo class.

If you have fun, then so will the student! Student engagement will give you a great chance and getting a high wage.

Here is an article on how much DaDaABC pay:

DaDaABC Interview Process FAQ

How should I act for my DaDaABC interview and demo class?

Just be just be happy be smiley.
Don't be too shy.  Don't be too reserved
Be professional, of course for your interview.
But for your demo class, you want to be really lively.
You wanna let your inhibitions go. Think of it like you are a children's TV presenter or like a bit of a clown.
Because if you're really reserved with the student or a mentor pretending to be a student, then then the student is not going to feel like opening up as well.
And you want the student to be lively and engaged in the class as it will make your class so much more effortless!
So that means that you have to be animated with your expression!  Sing your
heart out! Because the world is a mirror of yourself. 
No one wants to smile at the guy looking down at his feet walking across the street…and he wouldn't even notice if they were smiling at him anyway!
DaDaABC Interview Process FAQ
So just walk around smiling, and the world will smile back at you.
And that just the same kind of mentality you've got have for teaching English online with DaDaABC!

So if you'd like to apply to become a DaDaABC teacher, click the banner below to start your application:

DaDaABC interview process FAQ


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