The DaDaABC Recommendation Record Guide

The DaDaABC Recommendation Record Guide

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In DaDaClass you will find the ‘Recommendation Record'. If you are using the new version it is under the ‘Personal' tab, or in the older version it is under ‘My Recommendation Record'.

Here you will find your referral link which is unique to you. This link will take you to the DaDaABC website ready for whoever clicked on it to apply to teach for the online education company

So How Does The DaDaABC Recommendation Work?

If this person then applies using your link, their name will then appear on your Recommendation Record.

I cannot post a screenshot of the Record, but I will try and lay it out as best I can and then describe to you the process of an applicant applying to you getting your bonus, or ‘Recommendation Fee'.

As you may already know, DaDaABC teachers get a generous bonus for referring new teachers!

Click the image below for how I much earned through DaDaABC referrals:

DaDaABC Recommendation Record

So the record is laid out like this:

Name | Teacher ID | Application Time | Application Status | Contracted Time | Recommendation Fee

Now I will go into detail about each of the sections of the record.


The applicant's name.

Teacher ID

This will be blank at first, but if a number appears, this means that the applicants application has passed through to the next stage.

Application Time

The time the applicant applied.

Application Status

This will read one of the following:

Applied: This means their application has yet to be reviewed.

Pending: Their application has been reviewed.

Contracted: The applicant has been successful in their application and been signed to the company.

Resigned/Unsigned: The applicant has made it through to the later stages, but have decided to resign or have been unsigned by DaDaABC

Please note: ‘Resigned/Unsigned' will only appear once the applicant has been contracted. Most applicants will remain as ‘Pending' even if their interview or application has been turned down.

So if one of your applicants has been ‘Pending' for a number of months, even if they have a Teacher ID, it most likely means that they were unsuccessful.

Contracted Time

This is the time that the applicant signed the contract. This is important as the bonus will be released a month after they have been in the job from this contracted time.

That's right, the applicant must be in the job for more than a month for you to get the bonus. The bonus will then come with your wage the month afterwards.

So if the contracted time reads November, then providing the stayed in the job for a month, you would receive the bonus in your January wage.

Recommendation Fee

This will read 0 rmb until the applicant is contracted. It will then change to the bonus amount when they are contracted (I cannot disclose the exact amount but this information is available in DaDaClass for DaDaABC teachers).

Please note: The fee will remain visible when the ‘Application Status' switches from ‘Contracted' to ‘Resigned/Unsigned'. However, this does not mean that you will receive the fee as the applicant is no longer in the job and thus invalidates the ‘must be in the job for a month' stipulation.

So there is everything I know about the DaDaABC Recommendation Record.

If you would like to find out 10 ways to boost your chances of getting the referral bonus, then click the image below:

The DaDaABC Recommendation Record Guide


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