DaDaABC Application ‘Resumé Valet’

DaDaABC Application ‘Resumé Valet’

!Free! Resumé/CV advice service for aspiring online teachers: ‘Resumé Valet'

Chuck us your keys (CV’s) and we’ll do the rest!  Because of our experience and inside knowledge of the application process we strongly suggest you apply to DaDaABC through us and boost your chances with our reviewed resumé/CV application process.


What we do:

DaDaABC resume

  1. Review your resumé/CV, making notes and suggesting edits
  2. Review your profile picture
  3. Templating and formatting for presentation
  4. Filtering with DaDaABC criteria (eligibility to work, education and experience) (Exclusive)
  5. Content match against the most successful resumés/CVs (Exclusive)
  6. Send your application through our inside channel (Exclusive)
  7. And the best thing, it’s all for free!


DaDaABC’s referral recruitment system keeps the lights on here at DigiNo, so we wanted to up our game and offer you a great extra service. We use our exclusive inside knowledge and links to give you the best chance of an interview.

DaDaABC resume application


It doesn’t stop there! While you wait for your interview date we will send you all our exclusive tips and tricks to be better prepared. Your success is our success, it’s the only way we get paid.

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