DaDaABC Reviews [Frequent Positives and Negatives from Glassdoor]

DaDaABC Reviews [Frequent Positives and Negatives from Glassdoor]

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If you have clicked on this post, I imagine you are seeking out DaDaABC reviews as you are considering applying to become an online English teacher.

It's a fine consideration, but you don't have to take my word for it.

Let's take a look at some of the points that arise in reviews from people already currently working for DaDaABC:

Frequent Positives from DaDaABC Reviews

The two main recurring positives from Glassdoor DaDaABC reviews are:

1) The comfort of working from home.

Being able to roll out of bed and straight into the office is quite a perk. Your commute to work could potentially be two steps from your bed to your desk (I personally take a detour to the kettle).

Many have written reviews claiming to wear pyjamas on their bottom halves as they teach…if that's not comfort, I don't know what is.

2) The benefits of teaching DaDaABC regular students

When teaching online for DaDaABC, you get to teach the same students on a week-by-week basis. The benefit of this is the opportunity to build a connection with your students, making teaching a lot more fun!

Click the image below for more benefits of regular students with DaDaABC:

DaDaABC Reviews

3) The platform is very easy to use.

DaDaABC's teaching platform DaDaClass is a great system that makes intercontinental education seem like an absolute breeze.

Not only does the platform provide video conferencing and a visible curriculum, but also teaching tools and a clear reporting system to map progression of students.

Click the image below to discover the best way to get hired by DaDaABC:

DaDaABC Reviews

4) Part-time hours – you can apply for hours outside of your contract time.

The flexibility of working for DaDaABC cannot be mentioned as a positive enough. If you don't want to commit to a whole weeks worth of regular hours, you can simply apply in advance to teach on each day of the week.

So you can potentially work three days a week and a make it five days a week when it best suits you for example.

The read more about Part-time hours with DaDaABC, click the image below:

DaDaABC reviews

5) They provide easy to follow curriculum.

The DaDaABC courseware and curriculum is present on the screen as you teach. This is amazingly beneficial to online teachers as it means that you don't have to do very much preparation for each class at all.

Click the image below for more benefits of the DaDaABC courseware:

DaDaABC Reviews

Frequent Negatives from DaDaABC Reviews

The two main recurring negatives from Glassdoor DaDaABC reviews are:

1)  Early morning hours.

Your working hours is ultimately dependent on where in the world you live and how your timezone relates to Beijing time.

For example, contracted weekday teaching hours run between 6pm and 9pm (Beijing time) which currently converts into UK time as 10am-1pm – which isn't a bad lie-in!

2) 2 minute break in-between students.

Within your three hour teaching slot, you will have two minutes in between each class presuming you are fully booked. This two minute break generally feels like ten seconds.

It is barely enough time to do anything that constitutes a ‘break' and essentially exists to stop you being late for your next class.

3) Part-time slots are not guarantee to be booked.

Part-time hours, as mentioned above, are not guaranteed money as the student may cancel last-minute. If this were to happen in your contracted hours, you would receive half-pay, however, in part-time hours, you are only paid for the time you are teaching.

4) There is almost no cons that I can think of.

This is genuinely a frequent comment in Glassdoor reviews, which goes a long way to explain DaDa's 4.3/5 stars on the website.

Click the image below to apply to be a DaDaABC teacher:

DaDaABC Reviews

5) Living in the central time zone of USA.

As I mentioned with point 1, your hours are dependent on your location. Therefore if you live in the central time zone of USA, you will find yourself starting your teaching shift at 4am.

Click the image below to read the differences between working for DaDaABC and its competitor VIPKID:

DaDaABC reviews

My Personal DaDaABC Review

If you would like to hear my person opinion of working for DaDaABC, then click the image below to see my PROs and CONs list:

DaDaABC Reviews



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