The Flexibility of Working for DaDaABC as an Online Teacher

The Flexibility of Working for DaDaABC as an Online Teacher

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The nature of teaching part-time for DaDaABC with a good hourly rate of pay, allows for a lot of flexibility with your time.

Here is a video of me talking about the subject if you prefer video content:

Whilst teaching online for DaDaABC with an average weekly schedule of 15 hours a week, you find yourself with plenty of time to work on projects on the side.

Click the image below for a full breakdown of all the information you need about becoming an online ESL teacher with DaDaABC:

Flexibility of working for DaDaABC

Some Real-Life Examples of the Flexibility of Working for DaDaABC

I have spoken to various teachers who pursue creative projects on the side of their designated teaching hours, such as – filmmakers, tutors, musicians, writers and even a football commentator.

Here is a guide on how you can write and publish a book whilst earning money teaching:

Flexibility of DaDaABC

It is also very popular amongst parents wanting to stay at home with their young children – after all, children are quite the demanding project!

I attended a salsa class the other week and bumped into a fellow DaDaABC teacher (I know, pretty random!) and she was telling me how she loves teaching for DaDa. This isn't just due to how much fun the job is, but because she has aspirations to set up a translation business on the side.

And you can even teach alongside a blistering career as a salsa dancer! (But I assure you, I'm not quite at that stage…yet).

Flexibility of Working for DaDaABC

How I Actually Make the Most of the Flexibility of Working for DaDaABC

The site that you are reading right now, I built up alongside my contracted online teaching hours. If I was still working a regular 9-5 job, it would have taken me a lot longer to build up this dedicated site to DaDaABC.

Now I have plenty of time to help make DaDaABC teacher's lives as easy as possible with DigiNo!

Living in the UK, I finish teaching at 1pm. I then have a quick spot of lunch and then the day is mine to work on class activity idea posts or video content such as ManyCam Tips and Tricks for DaDaABC Teachers, which you can watch below:

I also have the time to work on various other side projects in my digital nomad lifestyle thanks to DaDaABC.

You can read about one of my favourites by clicking the image below:

Flexibility of working for DaDaABC

So if you have a burning desire to work on your side projects and want to experience the flexibility of working for DaDaABC as an online English teacher, then click the image below to apply:

Flexibility of working for DaDaABC


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