GOGOKID New Bonus for Applicants in October 2020

GOGOKID New Bonus for Applicants in October 2020

Gogokid have added a new incentive bonus for applicants. Which is a big indicator that they are looking for a lot of teachers.

Here is their explanation of the bonus:

“NEWS! We are offering exciting extra incentives for candidates in Oct.

It's probably the best time to apply

[Candidate Offer Incentive] – Up to $30!

For any qualified candidate completing the recorded demo within 48hrs after signing up, we offer $5.

AND – For any qualified candidate who completes the interview and signs the contract in Oct., as well as opens at least 30 slots within their first 30 days, we offer an extra $25.

NOTE: Incentives will only be paid to qualified candidates after completing their 1st As Scheduled class with GOGOKID.”

This means that…

You get an extra $30 bonus when starting the job (as quickly as possible).

So to apply now click the apply button below:


Pay: $14 – $20 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree Required: Bachelor's
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They have also streamlined their application process:


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