Gogokid Review – The Woo Factors and The Meh [PROs & CONs of Teaching for GogoKid]

Gogokid Review – The Woo Factors and The Meh [PROs & CONs of Teaching for GogoKid]


Pay: $14 – $20 per hour
Certificate: Required
Degree Required: Bachelor's
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Here is a PROs & CONs review of the online teaching company Gogokid by a current teacher.

The Woo Factors! (PROs of Gogokid)

Super Flexible – Working for Gogokid

You open slots on a weekly basis (a couple weeks out is ideal) and can open any that you are available. Classes will not be booked within 24 hours. There is no minimum working requirement.

Gogokid Incentives

Gogokid utilizes a credit score system, where you earn points for doing good things, like teaching classes and getting 5 star reviews- even no shows and cancellations count!

When you reach a score of 110 (you start at 100), you get 110% of your base pay and when you reach 120, you get 125% of your base pay. We’ve also been getting some pretty sweet holiday incentives for opening slots.

Gogokid Curriculum

The courseware is fun and bright and features reoccurring characters, which are diverse.

Some of the core classes are a bit random when moving from story/reading to phonics, but does have some built in games on the slides (word finds, matching, mazes) which I really like.

The courseware has a lot of repetition for the younger kids, which is fantastic to me. The upper levels have more of a conversational focus, which I really dig. They are currently in the process of rolling out an interactive platform as well – the K (beginning levels) and trials are live.

Secondary Positions

Gogokid has started to open up some secondary positions!

More on this soon.

The Meh (CONs of Gogokid)

Gogokid Bookings

It’s a new company and there are some bumps in the road. The parents/students book you, so it can be unreliable and/or slow (esp. at first).

Gogokid Credit Score

The credit score pay is calculated on a monthly basis. Your credit score at the end of the month determines the pay for the following month. So if you have a bump in the road (cancellation, IT issue), at the end of the month, it sucks. However, I think of this as a bonus (and most of my other companies have these restrictions for monthly bonuses as well).
Company Communication: GGK uses Freshdesk where teachers send in tickets to communicate. Based on my experiences and others I have read, sometimes this is really fast and efficient and other times rather slow.

Run of the Mill (Basic Requirements of Gogokid)

  • Eligible to work in US & Canada (native speaker)
  • Bachelor’s degree (no exceptions)
  • One year experience with children

Gogokid Working Hours

Hours: 9am-9:30pm BJT

Busy times- M-F 6-9:30 pm BJT and Saturday and Sunday 9 am-9:30 pm.

Gogokid Salary

Base pay

$7-10 per 25 minute class (I think most people are getting $8-9 an hour now; this is based on their demo and experience. Gogokid doesn’t typically negotiate).


As of right now, there is no policy on raises but it has been shared they are working on it.

How To Apply To Gogokid

Ready to apply? Just click the button below:

Apply To Gogokid

– Message me if you have any questions! (teranayn@gmail.com)

Or if you don't meet the Gogokid requirements, there's plenty more fish in the sea. Just click here to find the perfect online teaching job for you.

Check out how Gogokid compares vs VIPKID and VIPKID's competitors by clicking the image below:

Gogokid Review

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