Hövding Airbag Bicycle Helmet – Perfect for Travel

Hövding Airbag Bicycle Helmet – Perfect for Travel

Travel isn't just about jumping from plane to plane. Once you are in your location, getting from A-B can be tricky.

That's why renting a bicycle is a popular mode of transport. But it can be dangerous if you don't have the right protection.

So to ensure my safety, I researched the Hövding Airbag Bicycle Helmet.

Höving Airbag Bicycle Helmet

What is a Hövding Helmet?

This is an innovative piece of kit perfect for travellers.

You wear it around your neck if it is a scarf. When it senses collision, it activates the built-in airbag that transforms it into a helmet. Check out the video below to see it in action:

How the Hövding Helmet Works

The airbag has the design of a hood made of strong nylon fabric. It's durability prevents rips when scraping against a pavement. The airbag is designed to protect the head without obstructing the field of vision.

The airbag which is fixed around the cyclists neck provides shock absorption. It inflates using helium from the back of the collar and can withstand multiple impacts within a single incident. It will then slowly deflate after the accident.

It is designed based on accident statistics to endeavour to improve upon the safety of a standard bike helmet.

Höving Airbag Bicycle Helmet

Where to buy a Hövding Airbag Bicycle Helmet

They are currently only available in Europe and Japan, but you can find them on the official website here.

Why the Hövding Helmet is Great for Online Teachers

Due to the flexibility of online English teaching, teachers can travel the world whilst earning money so much easier.

That's why DigiNo is always trying to find travel tools to optimise the experience, for both your online classroom…and for your days off to explore!

So click the image below to check out more top travel tools!

Höving Airbag Bicycle Helmet


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