How Learning A New Language Can Boost Your Income

<strong>How Learning A New Language Can Boost Your Income</strong>

Most schools throw in a foreign language or two, especially business-related and hospitality courses. That's because these students will most likely interact with people from all over the world in their careers. However, learning more languages is necessary for students and anyone who wants to expand their horizons. 

A new language can have a significant impact on your life. It allows you to connect with people from various backgrounds, some of whom may open doors for you in the future. It not only grows you as an individual but also in your career. In case you’re wondering how learning a new language on platform like italki can boost your income, here are a few pointers:

1. Boosts Your Employability

You’ve been applying for the same job every year whenever there’s an opening, but you’ve never been shortlisted. Well, maybe you’ve been going about it wrong, or perhaps you need an added advantage to get the job.

You can even try your luck by learning one or two languages. Employers want to hire people who can make their way through the modern economy, and the only way to develop these skills is by learning new languages. Here’s how learning foreign languages can help you boost your employability:

  • More job opportunities: understanding more than one language will open doors to various job opportunities you couldn’t get before. Businesses want to invest in one person who can handle several projects rather than different people for each project.   
  • Stand out from other applicants: Many people apply for the same job whenever there’s an opening, and recruiters will look for something that sets you apart from the rest of the group. Being multilingual or bilingual can help you stand out when you all have the same job qualifications.

Imagine competing with someone who can speak about five foreign languages while you are still stuck with English. They’re likely to have better skills, and the resumes will capture the recruiters' attention.

For instance, if that dream job you’ve been eyeing operates in Vietnam or has most Vietnamese clients, you’d want to consider learning Vietnamese. It’ll give you the upper hand over other applicants who don’t understand the language.

How Learning A New Language Can Boost Your Income

2. Chances For Career Growth

Second languages don’t only increase your chances of employment but also open doors for career growth. Getting that job and negotiating for a good salary is the starting point. Bilinguists have an added advantage over other employees, which sets them on the right path for promotions and advancement careerwise. Foreign languages allow you to get into and grow in almost all companies with international clients.

3. Earn Income From Different Sources  

With continuous globalization, the economy is bringing diverse communities and cultures worldwide into frequent contact during vacations and when doing business. These people need the help of a multi-linguist or bilingualist to enjoy their holidays or close a business deal in different countries.

That said, second languages will open new doors for you. You can even have more than just one source of income and various ways to make money, all because of your language skills. Here are some of the ways you can use your language skills to increase your income:

  • Become a translator: You can use your language skills to become a freelance translator. Online translating is a good part-time earner since you’ll be attending different meetings online for global organizations.   
  • Score standardized tests: Another way to generate income using your second language is by scoring standardized tests. It’s easy to get such jobs as many tutors are outsourcing them.  
  • Become a freelance writer: Many contents online, such as blogs, need translating to make them available to people of all genres, and there’s no better way than to use your skill to earn some extra cash.  
  • Start language tutoring: You can earn extra money from tutoring other people who want to learn the language. The best part is that you don’t have to do it full-time or be physically present. Instead, you can do it online through various platforms like AmazingTalker.  
  • Start a language resource: You could also create learning resources, such as manuals and tests, to help people learn new languages and offer them at a reasonable fee.   

These are just a few jobs you can do on the side to earn more income. You can score other full-time jobs, such as becoming a tour guide or an ambassador.   

4. Increased Salary  

As mentioned, the demand for bilinguists is rising with globalization, and employers will try to maintain team members with several language skills. Speaking several languages gives you access to better pay and higher salaries, and you’d want to learn a second language to have such an advantage.

Speaking a foreign language can add up to 35% to your monthly income. However, this will largely depend on the language and country of employment. For instance, there are more French speakers in America than in Germany, meaning the demand for French will differ in these countries.

5. Enhances Problem-Solving

Learning new languages improves and feeds your brain. It develops and improves your critical thinking skills, allowing you to perform better in your career. Well, it’s because your brain learns new complexities and patterns for problem-solving. Therefore, you’ll be able to tackle all issues that may arise at your place of work. It makes you a reliable asset your employers wouldn’t want to lose.

How Learning A New Language Can Boost Your Income

6. Boost Your Confidence

Another way in which learning a new language boosts your income is that it gives you a chance to push yourself. It gives you the confidence to venture into new businesses and pin your ideas on different meeting boards. You can also form partnerships with people from all nations. And with such resources, there’s no limit to the amount of income you’ll generate.


You’re creating new paths for a successful career when you learn a second language or brush up on one you learned in school. And the best part about it is that you can use many online apps and physical resources. Second languages give you better job opportunities, a chance to improve your career, and access to high salaries. Don’t limit yourself. Take on that Vietnamese or Spanish class today and give yourself a chance to grow. You may even end up teaching your second language in online teach from home jobs

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